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Use Gmail to better manage POP3 accounts on the iPhone iOS devices
If you, like me and others on the Apple discussion boards, find POP3 email on your iPhone touch and go at best (unread but unavailable messages anyone?), try this!
  1. Register a new Gmail account, via the web.
  2. In the Gmail account, go to Settings » accounts » Get mail from other accounts.
  3. Add your POP3 account to Gmail, thus allowing it to regularly check your POP3 messages. Authorize as instructed. Ensure you set the option to leave messages on the server -- this means that your email program can still function as previously, getting all messages from POP3 directly.
  4. Set up the Gmail account on the iPhone as an IMAP server, but when you enter your email address, use your POP3 address instead!
The above allows you to shadow your POP3 email account via the much more reliable IMAP service, without affecting or moving the messages from your POP3 email, which will still be available to your Mac/PC when you next download your mail through your mail app of choice. At last, I can use my service provider's email from my iPhone! Lets hope Apple makes POP3 handling better in v1.1.3.
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A not-so-obvious reason iPhone sync may fail iOS devices
iPhone syncing is tied to the other kinds of synchronizations your Mac may undertake -- like .Mac syncing. If a conflict occurs with the .Mac sync, the "conflict resolver" window will appear, usually accompanied by an orange icon. If you've got your dock hidden, you might not notice that the resolver has activated, since the window doesn't appear in the foreground. As long as that window is open, however, your iPhone sync will appear to hang.

This happened to me this morning, when I plugged my iPhone in. An automatic .Mac sync during the night had found a conflict, and having not noticed it, did a full reset -- which also failed -- of the iPhone before realizing what had happened. Resolve the overall sync issue, or dismiss the resolver window, and iPhone sync will continue normally.
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Alternative 'dot' navigation on the iPhone iOS devices
There are two places I can think of that use "dots" to denote unseen pages or screens on the iPhone: in the Weather widget and in Safari's "pages" mode.

In the Weather widget, you can use horizontal area of the screen where the dots are as an alternative navigation method. While you 'swipe' the panels to move them out of the way, you can swipe the opposite direction in the dots area, swiping 'to' the direction you want to go. Alternately, you can also just tap to the left or right of the dots to move the weather panels in that direction.

I thought that same method might remain consistent in Safari, but it does not. However, in trying to get it to work, I did discover that instead of swiping from one page to another in Safari, tapping on the edge of the screen where you see the edges of other web pages will also allow you to move from one page to another.
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10.5: See Mail Notes on the iPhone through Gmail IMAP iOS devices
Since Leopard's keeps notes associated with a mailbox, if you associate your Notes to your Gmail IMAP account, the Notes folder will then show up in your Folders on the iPhone.

It's not Notes in the, but it gets your Notes onto the iPhone where they might be of some use.
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Create your own ring tones on a stock 1.1.1 iPhone iOS devices
Here's an iPhone tip for installing your own ringtones on 1.1.1 without having to jail break it. The details are in this blog entry, but the basics are as follows...

You'll need iPhuc, Ringtonator, and a text or plist editor. Then...
  1. Prepare your ringtones. I've only tried this with m4a files. Your mileage may vary. First, run your ringtone trough Ringtonator. You should now have both an m4a version, and an m4r version of your ringtone.
  2. Load up iPhuc and add BOTH files (m4a and m4r) files to the /iTunes_Control » Ringtones directory. (using the putfile command).
  3. You need to get the Ringtones.plist file from /iTunes_Control » iTunes using iPhuc and the getfile command. Save a copy of the file in case your make a mistake!

    Then you'll need to edit the plist in the plist editor or your favorite text editor. You need to add two entries to the Ringtones dictionary, one for the m4a file and one for the m4r file. I made up the GUID myself, but I'm sure there's a better way to do this. However, note that the GUID is the same for both the m4a and m4r files. You can also edit the name key. You can see a sample ringtone file at the above linked blog post.

    Put your modified version of your Ringtones.plist file back on your iPhone in the /iTunes_Control/iTunes directory.
That's it. Your ringtone should appear in your ringtones list.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one...]
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Type accented characters on iPhone 1.1.1 iOS devices
I discovered that it is possible to type email, text messages, and enter text in most western languages. Simply tap and hold the button for the letter that most closely resembles the one you'd like to type. While holding the key down, an additional menu will appear where you can select the desired letter or accent.

For instance, to get an , simply tap and hold E and select desired letter with accent from pop-up menu.

[robg adds: This feature was added with the iPhone 1.1.1 update, but as of now, it's not yet documented in the iPhone's user manual (which hasn't been updated for 1.1.1), nor anywhere that I can find on the iPhone support pages or even in the what's new video.]
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Correcting SMS crashing on iPhone iOS devices
Having used the iPhone for some testing, I saw that some SMSes corrupted the database file and the SMS app no longer worked. It would simply quit when I tried to open the SMS. The Apple suggested way to fix this problem would be to reset the iPhone by using the Settings » General » Reset » Erase all Content and Settings. But this would mean that you would have to resync your iPhone again. The easiest way I have found to do this is as follows.
  1. Install iNdependence 1.2.2.
  2. Install AppTap.
  3. Download any Terminal app from within the AppTap installer on the iPhone.
  4. Open the terminal app and enter these commands:
    $ bash
    $ rm Library/SMS/*
    Note that you will lose all your saved SMS messages.
  5. Exit the terminal app.
  6. Restart your iPhone.
Your SMS app should now be as good as new while all your other data is intact.

[robg adds a very important note: This solution will possibly (a) void your warranty, (b) break the EULA, and (c) may have negative consequences with future Apple updates. If you've going to take this route, however, you could actually just use iNdependence to jailbreak the phone, and install dropbear (an SSH clone) at the same time (within iNdependence). Once that's done, you could use ssh (or sftp via Transmit, etc.) to connect to the phone and remove the bad file. Please consider the possible consequences above, however, before trying this solution -- anything that happens to your iPhone would be your responsibility, not anyone else's. Apple's Restor function is by far the safest, if most time consuming, solution.]
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Add songs and videos to iPhone without clearing library iOS devices
If you're on another Mac and want to sync a song/video to your iPhone, iTunes will clear your Music/Video Library. But the iPhone syncs Podcasts separately from the Music/Video Library, which means you can use Atomic Parsley to rewrite some flags on your songs/videos, and iTunes will sync the song/video as Podcasts without touching your Music/Video Library.

So, grab Atomic Parsley, and run it with these modifiers (URL and GUID can't be blank):
... --podcastFlag true --podcastURL '' --podcastGUID '0000'
Now drag your song/video over to iTunes, and it'll show up as a Podcast and sync without touching your Library. Friendly note: The Podcast will show up by Artist metadata or podcastURL. This hint inspired by the methods covered in this one.
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One way out of a mobile Safari crashing loop iOS devices
After an ill-advised (the site is somewhat dysfunctional even in desktop Safari) visit to a local book seller's web site on my iPhone crashed Safari, I found that I could no longer use Safari. Every time I opened it, it would be unresponsive for a few seconds, then crash, taking me back to the iPhone's home screen. Since Safari attempts to re-load the last visited site, it would attempt to reload the book seller's site upon launch and just crash again. Catch-22.

So I opened Mail, went to a message with a URL in the body and clicked that. That caused Safari to launch and open the URL passed by Mail. Problem solved!
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An easier way to set the iPhone's volume level iOS devices
I've been frustrated by the way we change the volume on the iPhone. The side button makes too large of a change, for my taste, with a single tap. But when I try to use the on-screen slider, I find I also have a hard time because my finger covers up the slider knob, so I can't see when I try to make small changes. I've discovered a way around this.

If you put your finger on the slider knob and start to move it, you can then move your finger (keep it in contact with the screen) quite far away -- I move my finger up into the main screen area -- and the slider will still move. Now I can make the small changes I want and watch the slider knob move without my finger blocking my view.
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