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Use iPhone as a speaker phone in the car iOS devices
Something that maybe not everyone has thought about with the iPhone is that the microphone is good enough to use in conjunction with an FM transmitter in the car as a speaker phone. This is a cheap and secure way to drive and speak at the same time.

The quality of the sound for the receiving part may not be the best, but it's good enough and it's better than using a headset. It even stops the music when the phone rings, such as a good installation of a phone kit for a car will do when receiving a call.
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Reduce volume on iPhone/iPod touch games iOS devices
The iPhone app store is great, but some of the apps are poorly designed. One such design flaw can be seen in certain games that have music, but no volume control. This can often be fixed with the physical volume control on the iPhone, but what if you have an iPod touch, and the in-game music is too loud for your tastes?

It turns out that the new volume limit feature is a global setting, not just applicable to iPod music playback Go to Settings » Music » Volume Limit from the home screen, and set it to an agreeable level. This will automatically lower the volume of those pesky games.

You have to set it back when you're done, if you want to have your iPod music louder, of course.
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Connect to a LEAP wireless network with iPhone 2.0 iOS devices
My company uses the LEAP security protocol for its wireless network. The iPhone doesn't list LEAP as a network security option, but the following workaround works with iPhones and iPod Touches that have the 2.0 software update.

Go to your Settings app. Then select Wi-Fi. Next, select Other. Enter the name of your LEAP network. Under Security, select WPA Enterprise. Then enter your username and password. That's it. It works like a charm for my company's wireless network.
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Use MobileMe push on iPhone with alternate From address iOS devices
This hint is for those who have a primary email address, say, and would like to use this email address, but would like the 'push' aspects of their MobileMe account, say It would be useful to be able to send email from a MobileMe account, but have show up by default as the From address. This hint is similar to this previously-posted hint, in that one can set their primary email address to forward a copy to their MobileMe account. However, this previous hint does this, but only by subscribing to their MobileMe account as a standard IMAP account, which would not use push.

For this hint, one also needs an additional Gmail account (which may or may not be the primary email address) -- assume this account is and one would need to subscribe to that within the iPhone as well. Under the Mail settings for the MobileMe account, change the sent mail server to use instead of the MobileMe sent mail server.

Then, in the Gmail settings page on the web, on the Accounts tab, configure it so that your Gmail account can send mail as (This involves gmail sending an email to, confirming that it can send mail as that address). Then after that is added, click on Default next to to make that your default sent mail address.

In this way, when one sends mail from the MobileMe account on the iPhone, even though it displays as the From address, Gmail's mail server will replace with, and the receiver will see that in the From address. When replying, the recipient will reply to that email address as well.

If you would rather not change your Gmail settings to use a default alternate From address, you could get an additional Gmail account that only is used for this purpose. This would also be useful, in that you would not get new mail to this alternate Gmail address, which would affect the unread message count of mail on the iPhone. It would obviously be good to set this Gmail account to refresh manually on the iPhone as well, to save battery life.
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Reformat standard web pages for better iPhone display iOS devices
Mobile Safari on the iPhone does an amazing job displaying web pages. However, I find that in the context of viewing some web pages on the go, that this view isn't necessarily the best way to read some pages. For example, even though the iPhone interface is awesome, I don't really want to waste time zooming and messing with a page to read the actual content. I'd rather just load up a page, read my content, and move on. (Of course, the best solution would be if web designers designed alternate "iPhone-optimized" views that would look great on the iPhone, but only a few mainstream sites do this as of the time of this post.)

I discovered back in my Treo days that Google has a page that translates web pages to "mobile-friendly" versions. I find that loading pages using this URL reduces page load time, and makes them easier to read on the iPhone. So, I created a bookmarklet that allows you to take the current page in Mobile Safari and run it through the Google page to display a mobile optimized version of the site.
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View many document types in Mail on 2.0 iPhones iOS devices
Although a first solution for this problem is already available in the App Store, there are still some shortcomings (no landscape, no iWork docs) apparent in this app. I'm fully convinced we'll see this app in much better shape soon, but until then do this: Simply send the docs via email to yourself.

That's it - you can view a lot of document types in Mail -- even in landscape mode.

[robg adds: Although not included with the hint submission, I believe the program the submitter is referring to is ReaddleDocs. Prior hints on this subject have covered sending documents to yourself as PDFs, using data URLs, and using Safari on a jailbroken iPhone.]
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Listen to music while playing games on iPhone 2.0 iOS devices
Simply start listening to your music, then while listening, start your game. Wait until the music stops and the game's music begins. Now just press the top iPhone button; this will put your phone to sleep. Press your headphone button to start the iPod music, than wake up your phone, slide to activate, and you'll be back to the game while listening to your music.

[robg adds: You can also double-tap the Home button to bring up the iPod controller, assuming you have the phone's preferences configured to do so.]
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One cause of Exchange failure on iPhone/iPod Touch 2.0 iOS devices
My company uses Exchange, and hearing Apple chime on about Exchange support started to get under my skin after my first few unsuccessful attempts at getting it to work.

What I didn't realize is that Apple has SSL enabled by default. And since my company does not use SSL for Exchange, the verification process will always fail despite the Domain, Mail Server, and other settings from the configure new account screen being correct. The solution is to just save the broken settings, and then manually edit the account and disable SSL.

I hope that, in a future revision, Apple fixes the auto-detect settings that Entourage supports, or at least gives access to all settings from the Configure Account screen.
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Update location information on original iPhone iOS devices
You might think you are out of luck when using Location services on your old iPhone, but you aren't! You have to perform an extra step, and you are relying on the original iPhone's tower triangulation method instead of GPS, but it's better than nothing. It, of course, requires the iPhone 2.0 software.

To use location services with your current local location, before you access any program that needs to know your location, go to the Maps program, and use the Find Location icon to get your current location by triangulation. Then, access the program that plans on using location services, and it will use your current location. (If you've used the "OK to use my location" button to access a program from one location, then move to another location and launch a location-aware program, your stored location will reflect your first position until you force it to update using this technique.)

I've had to do this manually every time I wanted to get local information, but it works well for apps like box office when you don't know the local zip code, or CareerBuilder when you just want a general location in order to display local jobs. Just remember to take the location for what it is.
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Send SMS on iPhone for free iOS devices
With AIM available in the iPhone's App Store, you can now send and receive SMS messages without paying for a plan or individual messages. Also, this will be even better when the notification service works on applications sometimes this fall.

First, download AIM onto your iPhone, then start it up. If you want to send a text message to (617) 555-1212, just send a new IM to +16175551212. You should receive a confirmation message from AOL saying your message has been sent, and the user can reply and you'll receive it on your phone as an IM. Hope this hint saves some people a few bucks.

[robg adds: We covered this technique for SMS via iChat a few years back, but I felt it worth mentioning again in the context of the iPhone.]
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