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Change a note's font in Notes on iPhone 3.0 iOS devices
I just upgraded my 3G iPhone to 3.0 yesterday, turned on Notes syncing in iTunes, restarted and presto, my Notes are now in Great, but they're displayed in Marker Felt.

I went to one of my notes in, selected all the text, brought up the font panel (Command-T) and chose Arial. It gets displayed in in Arial, and guess what? When sync'd back to the iPhone, that note is no longer in Marker Felt -- hurray!

[robg adds: You can even edit the note on the iPhone in the newly-chosen font. For those interested, this hint still works in iPhone OS 3.0 to switch the font of a note while still on the iPhone.]
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Force iPhone 3.0 to correct portrait/landscape orientation iOS devices
The one thing that really bugs me about the iPhone is that every now and then it gets hung in the wrong orientation. I have found, though, that tapping on the screen with iPhone OS 3.0 will reorient the device, no matter what is causing the hangup.

Saves a few seconds of waiting here and there.
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About duplicate contacts and calendars on iPhone 3.0 iOS devices
When I synced my iPhone after the iPhone 3.0 OS upgrade, I wound up with double contacts and calendar entries. Checking every Mac in the house, as well as MobileMe, though, revealed no duplicate entries. They were only on the iPhone. As I dug into the problem on the iPhone, I discovered that these weren't actually true duplicates (i.e. the same event is entered twice on the same calendar), but rather I had two distinct groups of calendars and contacts.

In both apps, when I tapped the Groups button, I saw that there were two groups in each app: On my iPhone and MobileMe Account (or something like that, indicating my MobileMe account). I then started digging around in both the MobileMe and iTunes sync settings. As it turned out, I had the phone set to sync via both iTunes and MobileMe. I've had it set like this forever, but it seems iPhone 3.0 allows you to have both sync types active at once. When you do, you get a group for each.

Once I figured out what was going on, I disabled the Mac sync and left MobilMe sync active. However, I still had two groups on the iPhone, which I didn't want. I tried the obvious solutions to remove the duplicates. I tried syncing via only MobileMe, then only via iTunes, but neither got rid of the duplicate groups. I even tried the "Replace information on this iPhone" options in iTunes, but still had the two group problem.

Finally, I found a brute force solution that seems to have worked. On the iPhone, I deleted my MobileMe account, and then set it up again. When I then turned on MobileMe syncing for calendars and contacts, the iPhone told me there were existing records, and did I want to merge them with these newly-synced records. I said yes for both contacts and calendars, and that was the end of the duplicates!

After all that, I've actually enabled iTunes sync again -- but only for those subscribed calendars that MobileMe sync isn't able to handle. I believe this was the intent of the change in 3.0, and it's a good one ... it just caught me off guard at first, due to my redundant settings.
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Reply with only selected text quoted in Mail on iPhone 3.0 iOS devices
The title pretty much says it all, with a tip of the hat to John Gruber's tweet on the subject:
If you select a portion of an email before replying, only the selected portion is quoted in the reply.
This is how Mail on the Mac behaves, and is a welcome change in the new iPhone 3.0 OS. This tip is not mentioned in the updated iPhone User Guide, which you can download from Apple's iPhone Support Page.
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One way to create YouTube 'QuickLists' on the iPhone iOS devices
I like to chill and view a number of Youtube videos at the end of the day using my iPhone. Until Apple releases iPhone OS 3.0 and updates the YouTube app to let you log in to your account, you can't use QuickLists to mark videos on your Mac for later viewing on the iPhone. So I created a simple workaround.

I have a Mobile Me account which updates my bookmarks regularly. So I created a bookmark folder on my bookmarks bar on my Mac, and simply drag in the YouTube video URLs of those clips I want to watch later.

Later, on my iPhone, I simply open the Safari app and open the updated folder. Rough and ready, but it does the job until the Youtube app gets updated. Happy to hear if others have better solutions to this problem...
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Easily quit running apps on a passcode-locked iPhone iOS devices
If you are running an app (e.g. Pandora, Simplify Music) while your passcode-protected iPhone is locked, you can easily quit the app by tapping the Emergency Call button on the bottom left of the screen.

This saves you the trouble from having to enter in your passcode to quit an app that is running while your iPhone is locked.

Note that this hint only works with the iPhone; it does not work with the iPod touch.
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Easily set domain in iPhone's Contacts and Mail iOS devices
It always struck me as odd that the iPhone never had a .com key for entering e-mail addresses like it does for entering URLs in Mobile Safari. But it turns out it does: hold down the period key when entering an email address in Mail or Contacts, and you'll be presented with a pop-up list of standard domain suffixes.

[robg adds: I can confirm this works on an iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 2.2.1.]
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Use an external microphone with the iPhone iOS devices
I wanted to use an external microphone with my iPhone, so I could record audio from an event. Unfortunately, there aren't any cables that give you a real microphone input jack. Fortunately, I was able to find an unexpected solution: the Mini A/V cable that came with my digital camera!

On one end, it has the three standard RCA plugs found on the front of every TV. On the other end, it's got a four-conductor mini plug that's the same as the iPhone's headphone jack. Just plug the cable into the iPhone's headphone jack, and use the RCA jacks like this:
  • White/Black: Audio out (L)
  • Yellow: Audio Out (R)
  • Red: Mic level input
Now, with the right adapters, you can use professional microphones with your iPhone, or feed it audio from a PC or mixing board! Just remember to add a line level attenuator before you do that, because line level will be waaaay too loud. This comes in very handy with audio recording apps.

Unfortunately, the input is only mono, but it sure beats the internal mic.
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Avoid an iPhone self-updating Smart Playlist bug iOS devices
The current version of the on the iPhone and the iPod touch has a strange bug which prevents updating Smart Playlists based on criteria which change when playing from the playlist.

That sounds a little bit complicated, but there's an often-used and simple example: a playlist based on play count (e.g. Play Count -- equals -- zero). When you play titles from the playlist on the iPhone, they should disappear automatically after playing, which currently isn't the case.

The workaround, as described in this post on Apple's Discussions site, is to create a second Smart Playlist. For the second Smart Playlist, set the criteria to simply this: Playlist -- is -- [the troublesome Smart Playlist]. When you now play titles from this new Smart Playlist, the criteria change properly, and both playlists change accordingly.

[robg adds: I can confirm that my iPhone 3G exhibits this problem -- I have a Play Once smart playlist, and the number of songs in it remains constant even after a given song plays through.]
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Set a reminder to reply to a text message on the iPhone iOS devices
If you get a text message when you're in an application and don't want to leave that app to respond, but you're worried that you'll forget about the text message when you're done, here's a simple solution...

When the text message arrives, push the lock button to lock the iPhone's screen. Then press it again and unlock. You'll still be in the same app, but the text message dialog will be gone. When you exit the app, you'll see the red "1" counter on your SMS icon, reminding you to respond to the text message.
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