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Use the original iPhone dock with New iPhone 4 iOS devices
If you have an original iPhone (the Edge only one), it came with a dock. This dock fits the new iPhone 4 and still charges it and seems to hold it pretty nicely. So if you were looking at buying the new dock and still have one of these older ones around, try it out first.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. Given the difference in thickness between the two units this is a lucky find.]
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iPhone 4: how to place a call on Hold iOS devices
On the iPhone 4, the Hold button found on previous versions' calling screen has been removed to make room for a new button for initiating FaceTime video calls.

Apple has reportedly suggested that using the Mute button is the same, but as noted in the User Guide for devices running iPhone OS 3.1 (on page 50), the Mute function silences the user's own voice in the conversation while continuing to allow them to hear the party on the other end of the line. With the Hold function neither party can hear the other.

Fortunately, if you are looking to make use of the Hold functionality that seemed to have disappeared, a commenter on the TechCrunch piece above notes that simply holding down the Mute button for 2-3 seconds will activate Hold.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Opt out of some iAd data collection iOS devices
I was interested to know if I could disable iAds in iOS 4 and found a related Apple support article.

By going to this site in your mobile browser you can opt out of interest-based ads, i.e. ads which gather analytics about your interests and what iAds you've watched. This does not opt out of the ads, but restricts some of the information that is gathered from them.

You need an iOS 4 device to do this (they're the only ones that get iAds anyway) and you'll need to repeat the process on each device.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one, although I did try it with my Mac and got an error that it wasn't running iOS 4. It's not clear if visiting the site a second time with the same device would reverse the process and opt you back in. I believe iAds are scheduled to launch July 1st.]
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iOS 4 Location Services privacy settings iOS devices
As iOS 4 is being released for upgrading today (you'll need iTunes 9.2 to do so), a lot of new features will be introduced. Many are brand new, but some resemble features introduced with the iPad and iPhone OS 3.2, and are improved beyond that.

One of them is the Location Services Settings, especially with respect to privacy controls.
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Help avoid hitting the limit on the new iPhone data plan iOS devices
This is a lesson that I learned the hard way when using an iPhone overseas with a 200MB data plan. That's the same amount of data offered by the new AT&T $15 scheme. [crarko adds: Which I believe takes effect June 7th. This will obviously affect the iPad with 3G as well.]

You likely know that you'll need to avoid many high-bandwidth activities -- watching video, streaming music -- when you're using a cellular connection if you don't want to max out your plan. Here's a gotcha that isn't immediately evident: updating your apps.

Depending on what apps you have and how many you need to update, you could, as I did, end up consuming 30 or more MBs of data in one gulp. (And since the size of the downloads isn't shown on the App Store update screen, you're not easily able to find out how much bandwidth you're about to consume.)

Better to wait until you're on a WiFi connection to get the latest software updates. If you have the new 2 GB data plan instead, perhaps this will be less of an issue, but still worth tracking.

[crarko adds: Apple needs to do a better job of clearly listing the sizes of these items in the App Store app. I'm pretty sure there is currently a 20 MB size limit on individual (not cumulative) downloads over the cellular connection, but if you have a number of apps that's a lot of updates to add up over the course of a month.]
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Create iPhone backup on multiple computers iOS devices
I travel with a work MacBook and an iPhone, and I'm not home all the time to sync and create backups of my iPhone on my personal MacBook at home. If I'm away from home for a few weeks on business and something happens, I want to be able to recover my emails, my contacts, and text message history without waiting until I travel back home (sometimes a week or two).

After discovering that there was no official way to sync my iPhone to multiple iTunes libraries, I did some searching, and found a workaround. (I did try the method suggested on many sites, such as this one, but I wasn't able to get it to work.)

While poking around, I inadvertently discovered that if you check (or uncheck) Encrypt iPhone Backup (on the iPhone's Summary tab in iTunes) that this forces iTunes to create a new backup of the iPhone (after you are prompted for password) -- even if it's not a phone that is normally synced with that library.

While I suppose that this could have certain security risks, it gives me the ability to force a backup. Of course it's a full backup, so it takes a few minutes, unlike the normal sequential backups that happen with a normal sync.

This is especially handy right now, since I'm away from home and potentially taking my iPhone to have service done (battery problem)...and the first thing they ask you is 'Have you backed up recently?' Should anything bad happen, I want to be sure I'm covered. And now, I think I am!
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One possible fix for remote/mic on the iPhone's headphones iOS devices
I've experienced problems with both my iPhone 3G and my iPhone 3GS, where the remote on my Apple headphones has stopped working. I'd assumed it was an issue with the cable but turns out that this is not the case. I can't take the credit for this info as I found it online after doing some Googling, but it turns out that the

Clearing the fluff (and therefore curing the problem) is easy. Just turn your phone off and gently use a pin inserted into the headphone socket to root around and extract the fluff. Hey -- presto -- your remote (and/or mic) will work again!

I was very surprised at just how much fluff had collected in my headphone socket, and suspect the same may be true for anyone else who regularly carries their phone in their pocket.
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Read alt/title text on iPhone OS devices via bookmarklet iOS devices
If you’re like me, you read a lot of webc omics, and for a lot of web comics, the best joke comes only when you hover your mouse over the image, and a tooltip shows up with the last word. These are sometimes called “alt text” or “title text” jokes, since they are encoded by adding alt="text" title="text" to the img tag’s source code.

This works great on a Mac, but what about when you’re using a iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? With no cursor, there’s no ability to hover over an image. To get around this, I’ve cobbled together a simple bookmarklet.

First install the bookmarklet by dragging the following JavaScript to your toolbar in Safari, then sync your iDevice (assuming you're syncing Safari bookmarks, of course).
After that, all you need to do is visit the web page in question, activate the bookmarklet from your bookmarks in Safari, then click on the image whose alt text or title text you want to read. Fun!

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Create Address Book Smart Groups for the iPhone via an app iOS devices
This is an enhancement to this previous hint, which only syncs contacts with phone numbers to the iPhone (because Smart Address Book groups are not synchronized to the iPhone).

Because people forget to call that script every time they add a new contact with a phone number, this process must be automated. This hint creates a tool that monitors the Address Book file, and calls a command line app every time it changes. This hint was tested on 10.5 and 10.6.
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Move Memos from a Palm device into the iPhone's Notes app iOS devices
I have spent weeks looking for a way to move 340 memos on my old Palm Treo to my new iPhone. I found many solutions that involved uploading to a website, and then downloading to the iPhone, but I didn't like the security risk involved. I also found a lot of agonized pleas for easy solutions that were not answered, from people waiting to upgrade from their old Palm to a new iPhone.

I eventually found a solution using the combination of Missing Sync for Palm OS and PhoneView. This method is free, as you can use demo versions of both programs, but I recommend buying both -- or at least the PhoneView software, as it has a bunch of uses down the road.
  1. Install both programs, then run Mark/Space Notebook, which is included with Missing Sync for Palm OS. Notebook will automatically download all of your Palm Memos into Mark/Space Notebook.
  2. Mark/Space Notebook has an option to export your memos into a folder on your Mac's hard drive. Do that, and the program will create individual text files of each of your Palm Memos.
  3. Launch PhoneView, and click on the Copy to iPhone icon in the toolbar. Navigate to your folder of exported Palm Memos and tell PhoneView to use that folder. Phone View uploaded 340 Palm memos into the Notes app on my iPhone in about 15 seconds.
Some other solutions I've seen involve a bunch of messing around with formatting columns, which would be great if I was a database genius, but I'm not. This method requires two downloads and two clicks -- one in each program -- and you're done in about half an hour.
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