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Change the Notes font in iOS 4.2 iOS devices
For a while, it's bothered people that you couldn't change the fonts in the Notes app in iOS. Now you can, if you have iOS 4.2.

Simply go to Settings app » Notes » Font. Choices are Chalkboard, Helvetica and the default Marker Felt.

[crarko adds: You can also do this, and more, if you sync to a Mac using the method described in this previous hint.]
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print SMS messages from iPhone iOS devices
Need to print SMS messages from your phone? My wife needed evidence for a dispute and it was all in SMS on her phone. After searching the web and getting frustrated with the poor programs and lack of something that works, I chanced upon a workaround.

When viewing the SMS messages, hit edit. You then have the opportunity to select whatever messages are needed. Forward these to your email or wherever you wish. You then have a text transcript in the body of an email that you can cut/copy/paste into Pages/Word/etc. for printing.

[crarko adds: Some other options are copy/paste the text of a message into an AirPrint enabled app on the device or using a program like PhoneView to copy the SMS messages off the device. Perhaps as Apple gets its AirPrint act together it will be enabled in all the bundled apps in some future update.]
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iOS 4.2: Change Note's Font, Style and Color iOS devices
Before the release of iOS 4.2, you may have been disappointed with the default font used in the iPhone's "Notes" app.

iOS 4.2 allows you to choose between three different fonts. If you like using other fonts families, BOLD, ITALIC, underlines, strike-outs AND COLOR in your iPhone Notes, you can.

I have tested this with MobileMe, but not with plain old iTunes syncing.
  1. Create a Note on your iPhone.
  2. Open the Note on your Mac and change the font's family, style, size or color.
  3. There is no step 3!
Admittedly, this is kind of klunky, but it works. P.S. Don't use yellow—it blends right in with the yellow Note paper's color.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Fixing Unknown error 0xE800000A in iOS Sync iOS devices
The upgrade to iTunes 10.1 killed syncing my iPad. An 'Unknown error 0xE800000A' dialog was displayed. Searching Apple support, where the problem has occurred before without a fix beyond rebooting the device, and searching for the error on the web also didn't give a solution that worked.

Checking in the Console showed that iTunes couldn't write to a plist file in /var/db/lockdown; the file already existed and belonged to _usbmuxd. A quick Terminal session with:

cd /var/db/lockdown

sudo rm the file name

using the file name of the problem plist followed by a restart cured the problem.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. I hadn't heard of this issue before but searching for it indicates it has affected a number of people, using any kind of iOS device.]
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Keep the Lock Screen lit longer iOS devices
I've found that using the normal backlight of my phone is sufficient for a flashlight. But waking the iPhone (before unlocking it) only keeps it lit for roughly 6 seconds and having to fully unlock it with a passcode takes too much time -- not to mention it requires looking at the phone.

I've always been a bit dumbfounded that flashlight apps exist for the iPhone (actually, not that they exist, but that people download them). The main reason is that whenever I need light, I need it quickly. Having to:
  • wake my phone
  • unlock it
  • input a passcode
  • locate and launch an app
takes way too much time. Another reason is that for the average dark situation, simply having the screen lit (even if it's not pure white) generally suffices.

Unfortunately, when waking the iPhone, it only remains awake for a few seconds before going dark again. However, if you slide the slider to unlock it (even if you are prompted to input a passcode), it stays lit for a whole minute before sleeping.

So I've found that the fastest and most convenient way to use the iPhone as a flashlight (albeit a simple one) is to:
  • Click the 'sleep/wake' button
  • Slide the slider
This is half the steps required if you were to use an app, not to mention they can be done super quickly and without looking at the screen. And on top of all of that, as a bonus the Lock Screen ignores any Auto-Brightness setting making it shine more brightly than if you were to proceed to the Home Screen.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. It's good if you need the lighting briefly. The obvious reason for the flashlight apps is that sometimes one needs the light for more than a minute. And sometimes they operate as tethering proxies. (That's a joke, folks.)]
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Shake to undo in iOS iOS devices
I haven't been able to find this documented in the iOS manual, but it appears that you can 'shake' to undo following actions: typing text, cut, copy or paste.

It can only undo the immediate most recent action, and doesn't allow 'multiple undo.'

This works in Safari, Mail, Notes, and various apps.

[crarko adds: This has been around since iPhone 3.0, and I was surprised to see we didn't have a previous hint about it. So I'm running it mostly for the sake of completeness.]
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Screenshots in iOS can capture a video frame iOS devices
As is well-known for iOS devices, if you press and hold the Home button and then immediately press the Sleep/Wake button, a screenshot of the current screen will be taken. The screenshot is saved to the 'Saved photos' album in the Photo app.

What may not be obvious is that this even works when playing a video; the current frame is saved without interrupting the videostream. This works for videos playing in the iTunes app and also in the YouTube app, so it appears to be available globally.

[crarko adds: I tested this on my iPhone, and it works as described. The author used it with an iPad.]
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Run AppleScripts on a Mac using iOS devices
While the iTunes Remote for iPhone app from Apple is very cool many of us are still waiting for a script editor to make it's appearance on iOS. This AppleScript will allow you to run specific pre-written scripts on your Mac from your iPhone, using iTunes as an intermediary.
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Prevent iTunes from updating jailbroken devices iOS devices
This is a simple bash script I made that will prevent iTunes from updating any device. To update after you use this script you just manually download the firmware and do option restore. I made it because I was hearing about a lot of people who 'accidentally' upgraded to a non-jailbreakable firmware.
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Fix Bluetooth volume problems in iOS 4.1 iOS devices
The release of iOS 4.1 fixed many Bluetooth connection problems from iOS 4.0. However it introduced a significant problem with volume over Bluetooth. Any audio from the iPhone over Bluetooth is very low, to the point of being inaudible, even with volume turned to max on the Bluetooth device and the Bluetooth volume on maximum on the iPhone.

After much discussion over many threads at the Apple support boards, a number of 'fixes' were found but most of them resulted in temporary resolution. These includes resetting iPhone settings and/or deleting the Bluetooth device from the iPhone and re-adding it. This thread discusses the actual fix, and I have pasted the contents below.
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