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A possible fix for the iOS 5 battery issue iOS devices
It seems the battery issue can be resolved by turning off the automatic detection of timezones switch. See this article, which is in German, so you may need translation software.

[crarko adds: Not having an iPhone 4s, I haven't tested this one. My understanding is that there are bugs in iOS 5 that are responsible for the short battery life and an update is in the works. While waiting for that, this does seem like something very safe and easy to try out. If you do, please let us know if it helped.

Note: as noted in many comments, this is not an iPhone 4s issue specifically, but affects devices running iOS 5 in general. I've changed the title of the hint to reflect this.]
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Siri Reminders syntax iOS devices
After reading Shawn Blanc's great post on how to set up shared Reminders lists using iCloud, I played around with different approaches to the syntax for adding items to the lists, to see if it was possible to avoid the hassle he describes when attempting to add something to your non-default list.

The solution is really simple; here's the syntax to use:

Add [item] to my [listname] list.

So if you've got a list named Shopping, you can say 'Add milk to my Shopping list.'

Siri can't create the lists, it seems, so you have to create all the lists you want ahead of time, but that's pretty easy to do via the Reminders app.

[crarko adds: Sounds pretty handy.]
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iOS 5: Shortcut to viewing photos from Camera app iOS devices
Here's a Camera shortcut which I think is new to iOS 5.

You can swipe to the right on the Camera app to see the last photo you took -- and continue swiping to see the rest. Swipe back to the left and you're back in the Camera.

[crarko adds: Nice touch.]
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Siri Quick Tip: Wikipedia iOS devices
I haven't seen this hint anywhere else, but I've found that in Siri, if you say 'Wikipedia' followed by anything like 'Muppets' or 'Zombies,' it will take you right to the Wikipedia entry for that request. Pretty cool.

[crarko adds: It's going to be a while before I get a 4s, due to my contract. For those who have one, is Siri as amazing as it sounds or is it just a 1.0 version in need of improvement?]
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iOS 5: Repeating Tasks in Reminders iOS devices
This may not be so much a hint as a caveat.

I was thrilled to discover iOS 5.0 now allows repeating reminders until I discovered that while the iOS software (such as that on the iPad) allows repeating reminders, iCal and iCloud still DO NOT.

So, if you create a repeating reminder you need to make sure you check it off on your iOS device and NOT on iCloud or iCal -- doing so checks off the task and removes it. Checking it off on the iOS device marks it as done for that day and then automatically creates the task again at the specified repeat interval.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. The hint submitter didn't mention the version of iCal being used, so if that makes any difference please note so in the comments. I'm certainly willing to believe iCloud is still undergoing improvement, and maybe this is an issue which will be corrected.]
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Getting more information about your iOS device iOS devices
I just came across this today by accident. As we all know we can get the Serial Number of our Macs and the Build number of the version of Mac OS X that we are using in the About This Mac window.

The same trick works in iTunes for iOS devices, and here's how:

In iTunes under the Devices section you will see your iOS Device listed click on the name of the device and make sure you have the Summary tab selected, move your cursor to Software Version and left-click, it will change to Build Version and if you click on Serial Number, you'll get the UDID Number of the device.

Now this trick will only work for the iPhone but if you click on your Phone Number, you'll get the IMEI and ICCID. I think this is useful information to know in case you talk to your wireless provider or Apple tech support.

[crarko adds: This may have been around for a while, but I didn't notice it before. It's more important than before since beginning with iOS 5 the UDID is becoming harder, if not impossible, for 3rd-party developers to fetch. There are cases, like using an ad-hoc install certificate, where that's needed. Unfortunately, it look like iTunes doesn't let you Copy this data out easily.

On my Verizon iPhone, it shows the MEID instead of the IMEI/ICCID.]
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iOS 5: Connect to MS Exchange task lists iOS devices
More a feature observation than a hint, but the Reminder app that comes with iOS 5 will bring in tasks from a MS Exchange server.

I already had my MS Exchange email setup in the Mail app prior to upgrading to iOS 5 and when I went into the Reminder app, I saw all of my tasks from Exchange there. This is something that was really missing for those of us that have to use Exchange and is a welcome addition.

[crarko adds: Are a lot of you using iOS with Exchange out there and has it been a pretty smooth ride for you? My experience has caused me to feel nothing but sympathy for those still using Blackberry with a BES.]
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iOS 5: Send as SMS without waiting for iMessage timeout iOS devices
If you're using an iPhone with iOS 5 to send a text message to another iOS 5 iPhone user and you have iMessage enabled, the phone will always attempt to send your text as an iMessage in the first instance. If your recipient doesn't have a data connection, it will eventually timeout and the iPhone will send your text as a regular SMS/MMS message.

If, however, you already know that the recipient doesn't have a data connection, you can force the iPhone to send it as an SMS immediately without having to disable iMessage.

Compose your iMessage as normal and hit send. Then immediately tap and hold on the sent message; a small bubble will pop up with the option to 'Send as Text Message.' The iMessage will immediately be cancelled and your text will be sent over the regular SMS/MMS cell network.

[crarko adds: I tried testing this, but the messages actually went through with iMessage quickly so I didn't get to confirm this.]
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Upload iPhone contacts to iCloud iOS devices
When transferring my MobileMe account to iCloud, I found that my contacts didn't make it up to iCloud when accessed through the website ( even after repeated syncs through iTunes.

To force my contacts up to iCloud, I did the following:
  • Make sure your iPhone iCloud account is setup. I did mine with a address.
  • Turn off 'Contacts.'
  • When prompted, choose to save the contacts on the iPhone.
  • Turn 'Contacts' back on.
  • When prompted, choose to merge the contacts.
That did it for me. Almost immediately, all my MobileMe contacts were available on iCloud.

[crarko adds: Since I'm not using iCloud (yet), I haven't tried this. It is very similar to a process I've used in the past to correct iOS sync problems with Exchange servers, so I suspect it will work.]
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iOS 5: Visually separate custom alert tones from custom ringtones iOS devices
iOS 5 allows users to set custom ringtones (either those purchased through iTunes or converted to .m4r) for a more comprehensive set of events than before, including new email receipt and email sending.

However, while the built-in alert tones (those that last a few seconds and are suited to single alerts rather than phonecalls) are listed separately from phone ringtones, custom ringtones are listed together. This can make finding alert tones difficult if you have more than a few custom ringtones.

The obvious solution is to use iTunes to add something to the front of the names of alert tones so that they are listed together. The text 'Alert: ' would be functional, but unattractive.

One visually appealing way to list alert tones together is to use Emoji at the start of the tone name. You may browse these in the Edit » Special Characters… menu in most applications, including iTunes for editing these names.

For alert tones, the bell followed by a space works well and moves all such tones to the top of the list. If you prefer to list ringtones first, use an icon such as a speaker, music note, or iPhone at the front of the ringtone names.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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