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iOS 5.0.1 and iTunes Match kill Genius list button iOS devices
Not sure if anyone else has seen this problem, but the atomic symbol for generating Genius lists disappeared from song titles on my iPhone 4 (in the Music app) after upgrading to iTunes Match.

Another weird behavior is that Genius lists I create on my MacBook Pro using iTunes do transfer to my iPhone via iTunes Match, but can't be refreshed on the iPhone.

[crarko adds: I don't use iTunes Match, so I can't test this. Please confirm (or deny) this odd behavior in the comments section. I haven't noticed a lot of other reports on this, so it's quite possible it's a unique situation with the hint's author. If so, anyone with an idea of what would cause this please chime in as well.]
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iOS 5: Save some Home button clicks iOS devices
We all know that the Home button is heavily used in iOS multi-tasking and app management. But at least some clicks can be saved under iOS 5.x.

With iOS 5 and its Notification Center, you'll be able to perform fewer Home button clicks.

Once you're satisfied with the multitask bar management or and icon moves or rearranging in the SpringBoard, there is no need to push the Home button as a last step. Just start to open (not completely) the Notification Drawer and let it go back to the top of the screen, and the edit mode will end.

Not a major hint, but maybe a longer lifespan for the Home button.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. That button is one of the few moving parts of an iOS device, so it's subject to wearing out eventually. I haven't heard of one doing so, but I'm sure it must have happened to somebody.]
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iOS 5: Weather forecast in the Notification Center iOS devices
This hint shows how to switch between daily and weekly forecasts in the iOS 5 Weather app.

When in the Notification Center you can switch between the daily and the weekly forecast by simply swiping left or right.

You can even switch the city displayed in the Weather app: in daily forecast mode tap on the city name, and the Weather app will open. Swipe to the city you want to have shown in the Notification Center. That's it. This only works if you have set 'Local weather' to off and you have at least two cities set up in the Weather app.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described.]
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iOS 5: Siri and iTunes Match iOS devices
With the advent of iTunes Match and the iPhone's intelligent assistant, Siri, comes an interesting twist on the familiar.

Siri can play music for you from your Music app. That makes sense. What is more interesting, though, is that it can initiate a download for a song if it is only in the cloud, but not on your device.

I deleted my whole music library from my iPhone (having switched to Spotify) and wondered what Siri would do if I asked it to play me a song. I had iTunes Match turned on, and Siri started playing my iTunes Match library like it was on the iPhone. I tried throwing it off by asking it to play an artist that hadn't been downloaded, and it was able to pull down the track. How nifty!

[crarko adds: It does indeed sound quite nifty. Slightly, off-topic, when editing this hint I found the author continually using the pronoun 'she' when referring to Siri. Apple consistently uses 'it,' and I've edited this accordingly. My question to you all is, do you think of Siri as an 'it,' or a 'she?' There may be another poll coming about that, since I find it very interesting (and actually pretty cool) how we anthropomorphize these technologies.]
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iOS 5: Cable Releases for Photography iOS devices
If you're a photographer, then you know that a cable release is a tool to take a picture without touching your camera. Now, the iPhone can do this, too.

iOS 5 introduced many new features for photographers. Among these is the ability to use the Volume up button to take photos. As a result, the Volume up button on your headphones also works to take photos! It seems perfectly obvious that it should after the fact, but it's not something most of us are likely to try.

This means, every iPhone includes a free cable realease. This is huge for an iPhone photographer because the current shutter buttons aren't very good for keeping your phone steady. Interestingly, I've found that it's often much easier to get burst shots when using my headphones compared to just the volume up key.

Perhaps the best part is that this can be paired with Bluetooth devices! I'm not sure if every headset with volume controls will work (as the buttons need to map correctly to the iPhone), but if a Bluetooth headset can increase the iPhone's volume it should work.

What I have been able to confirm so far is that a Bluetooth keyboard is perfectly capable of acting as a remote. In addition, Joseph Linaschke over at has said that his Bluetooth headset works as well, but I'm not sure which model.

Using a wireless remote opens up even more possibilites, especially when considering that the remote will start and stop video capture, or take self portraits which don't have your arm in the photo.

Hope someone else will make use of this for their iPhone photos.

[crarko adds: This is a great find. Please share the results of your device testing in the comments.]
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Send direct links to iOS pref panes via email iOS devices
Here's how to add links to iPhone/iPad preference panes within an email, that'll work even on non-jailbroken iOS devices. This way you can help newbie users quickly go straight to a setting -- ideal if using iOS devices in a corporate setting.

I'm the author of Mac Kung Fu, and recently stumbled on the following iPhone tip. Create a new email and then, in the body of the mail, click the create link button. In the address field, type any of the links at the bottom of this page. For example, to create a link that'll instantly switch the user to the VPN configuration page of Settings, type:


The catch is that you'll need to use a mail client that doesn't check for the 'http' component in a link. Mail on OS X does this, so can't be used, but Gmail's website works fine.

Send the mail to the friend/colleague you're trying to help, then when they open it on their iPhone/iPad, all they need do is tap the link to switch to that preferences pane.

This technique is adapted from a tip describing how to use the IconProject app to add pref pane links to a user's home screen. However, Apple will likely remove the app when they learn it has this secret power.

It's not possible to create a webclip file and email it to the phone. When an attached webclip file is tapped, Mail simply says 'Mail cannot open this attachment.' Presumably this is for security reasons.

It's possible to edit an iPhone backup file using iBackupBot to swap-out the URL of an existing home screen web link for a preference pane link, but this is complicated and a little risky. However, doing so would allow home screen shortcuts to preference pane links even on locked iOS devices.

[crarko adds: I haven't tried this, although I can certainly see the utility of the hint. Obviously it's smart to verify the source of an e-mail before clicking on some arbitrary link contained within.]

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iOS 5: Scroll quickly to past/future time periods in Calendar iOS devices
In Calendar on iPad, it's possible to quickly move on the timeline of days/weeks/months/years by touching and dragging beyond the right or left end of the visible line.

In the iOS 5 Calendar on the iPad (cannot test iOS 4 or iPhone), touch any of the time periods on the timeline at the bottom of the screen and swipe beyond the end of the visible timeline.

With popovers, Calendar will show past or future time periods that you can go to by releasing when you see the one you want. The time-scrolling will accelerate as you swipe further away from the end of the line. Since the timeline itself doesn't actually change during this scrolling, you can always return to the current frame by swiping back onto the line.

[crarko adds: I looked for this on the iPhone and, unsurprisingly, didn't find it. There's just not enough screen real estate for some of these extra features. Looks good on the iPad, though. I also don't have iOS 4 around anymore to try it there.]
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iPhone 4S Raise to Speak also works for text entry iOS devices
We know Siri has a raise to speak feature, but I discovered that raise to speak also works for text entry.

Whenever a keyboard is on the screen, you can simply raise the phone to your ear. A single tone will confirm that it's listening (as opposed to Siri's double tone). Whatever you say will be transcribed to text when you lower the phone.

This works in any app any time the keyboard is displayed.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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iOS5: Sharing Reminders using iCloud iOS devices
Based on articles I've read on how to share your Reminders in the Reminders app in iOS5, I thought it would be useful to summarize how to do it here.

This tip requires both users to be on iOS 5 or greater, and syncing their accounts through

Apple has allowed the ability to share your Reminders lists used the Reminders app on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 5+, via iCloud. I'm sure future functionality will allow this in the App, but for now you have to use iCloud.

Note: Before starting this tip, you must ensure you are syncing your Reminders using iCloud on your iDevice. Check it in your Settings.

Here's the process:
  • Go into the Reminders app, and create a list to hold your shared Reminders (for example, some Reminders you would like to share with your spouse, kids or secretary). Optionally, this can be done on
  • Log into with the same account you are using to sync your Reminders.
  • Click on the calendar.
  • Identify the Reminders list you would like to share to the left of the calendar, and click the icon on its right (the network icon).
  • Type in an iTunes account name (that is also using iCloud) you would like to share your Reminders list with.
  • Optional: you can select View and Edit, or just View for the sharing option.
  • The other user will have to accept the shared Reminders list before the accounts will be linked to share the information.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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iOS5: Messages Hide Keyboard iOS devices
In previous versions of iOS whenever you looked at an SMS conversation the keyboard would obscure half the screen, and the only way to get it to disappear was to go to another conversation you hadn't responded to for awhile and then back into the one you wanted to read.

In iOS 5 all you have to do is drag the message down so that when your finger drags into the keyboard, the keyboard will drop out of the way.

[crarko adds: I've confirmed the new behavior, but I don't recall how 4.3 handled this. It certainly does seem a more intelligent method than the other.]
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