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Bringing all application windows forward Desktop
This was written into another tip a few days back, but it's worth repeating. If you have an application with multiple open windows (such as Explorer), there's an easy way to bring all of the windows into the foreground -- simply click on the application in the dock.

If you just click on one of the application's open windows, only that one will be brought forward, possibly leaving the rest obscured behind other windows. A quick click in the dock, however, will force all the open windows to the foreground.

This is a basic functionality of the dock, but it doesn't seem to be documented anywhere that I can find.
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URLs in the Dock Desktop
[Editor's note: I've revised the below hint to reflect the really easy way to place URL's in the dock (as described in the comments), but I've left the contributed hint in the body for context and the truly adventurous!]

Ever wonder how to put a URL in the dock, like Apple's Mac OS X Feedback URL? Here's the easy way - drag them to the right side of the dock from any of the OS X browsers. Read the rest of the message for a method of creating them with an editor.
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Force an App to open a File Desktop
If you drag a file from the OSX Finder to the various icon on the Dock, you'll notice that only certain apps will highlight to show that they will accept that type of file. However, sometimes you want to force an application to open a type of file, even if it doesn't "know" about it. To do this. hold down command and option when you drag the file. You should be able to drop the file on any application.
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How to make Aqua-esque buttons Desktop
So you want to get in on the latest Aqua craze and liquify your life? There are a few ways to create Aqua buttons, ranging from hard but rewarding (Photoshop files from scratch) to somewhat easier (copy/edit an existing Apple button). However, this is by far the easiest way I've found to do it.

A Japanese author, whose home page only hints at what his/her name might be ("Hide's Room"?), has developed Liquid Buttons. The button in this posting was created in about 10 seconds in Liquid Buttons.

You can download the program from "hshioura's" page on and try it out for yourself.

The biggest problem with the program (for us English speakers!) is that it's in Japanese, and you'll either get gibberish or Japanese text in the dialogs and menus. However, it's very simple to use, and trial and error will quickly lead you to the right way to create and save your buttons. A quick hint to get you started: design the words and colors you want, click the lower-left button, and then click the lower-right button to save your work.

Quite fun! If anyone knows more about the author, I'd love to provide more details...
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Additional screensavers Desktop
If you don't like the basic screensaver that's included with OS X PB, epicware has made a number of additional modules available. These are free and easily installable, and you can find them all, along with installation instructions, over on Epicware's site.
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Remove the 'minor problem' message Desktop
There seems to be a recurring bug in the PB wherein you'll see a message which reads:

The System has detected a minor problem and corrected it - some of your preferences may be lost

Once you've seen this message once, you may see it over and over and over again. On the MacNN forums, "absmiths" found a solution to the problem. Do the following from a terminal to eliminate the message:
cd ~/Library/Preferences
su root
If you now logout/login, the error message should have vanished.

As with all things beta, however, the effect of this on your system is neither known nor guaranteed!

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