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Trash unusable? Check directory ownership Desktop
After upgrading to 10.1, I could no longer move anything to the trash: I got a message that the items would be deleted immediately.

After a couple of days messing around, I solved the problem. The owner of my home folder (/Users/myname) was root; regaining ownership via this command in the terminal:

sudo chown myname myname
Replace 'myname' with your short user name. This changed things back to normal.

[Editor's note: Make sure you're in your home directory first if you haven't just launched the Terminal -- type cd and hit enter, then execute the above command.]
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Hierarchical volumes in 10.1's dock Desktop
Previously in 10.04, you had to do some tricky terminal things to do this, but with 10.1 this is easier than pie. here is a step by step to put a hierarchical volume menu on your dock:
  1. in your documents folder, create a new folder, call it "volumes" or "drives" or whatever. You can also assign a custom icon to this folder using get info.

  2. open the folder and open a separate finder window (command-N). Select the "computer" icon at the top of the toolbar to open up the hard drive icons for each drive or partition.

  3. select a drive icon and then holding down option-command (apple), drag to create an alias in the "volumes" folder. Do this for each partition/volume.

  4. Drag the folder to the dock. Voila! now you have a hierarchical menu of each drive.
you can do the same for classic applications or frequently used folders or files. Simply opt-cmd drag the item into a folder in your documents folder, then move that folder to the dock. I presently have one for volumes, classic apps, and folder

Sparky the wonderpig
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Dock pop-ups function in the background Desktop
This is a quick and simple observation (hey, it's early on Saturday morning!), but still useful to know. When you use the contextual menus in the dock, they don't change the active appliation. This means, for example, that you can quit any application while remaining in whatever app you're working in - just control-click on the app to quit in the dock and select "Quit". That application will exit without first becoming active.

Where I find this most useful is if I'm working in a Classic app that likes to use the whole screen (Quicken or Photoshop, for example) and I want to change the current iTunes song - a quick control-click on the iTunes dock icon folloed by a click on "Next song" and I don't have to watch the entire screen switch from Classic to Aqua and back for a simple song change.

As more robust dock contextual menus become common (with the elimination of docklings), this should become even more useful.
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Finder 'amnesia' and German 10.1 Desktop
After installing 10.1 on my German system, I was unable to change the trash warning prefs (it would change but not stick).

I have discovered that it seems to be a problem of the German localization of 10.1. The GUI workaround that I found is to switch to English as a system language and uncheck the trash warning box. When you change back your original language setting, your Finder settings will stick.

A terminal session with the line "defaults write WarnOnEmptyTrash false" should do the same (although I did not test!).
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Disable the column-view preview panel Desktop
I've been following OSX since beta and I haven't seen this tip anywhere. If you edit the file in /Users/username/Library/Preferences, you can disable the preview pane in column view.

NOTE: All angle brackets are shown as square brackets in the following examples -- do not change them from angle brackets!

Open the file in TexEdit or some other text editor and scroll to the following area:
Within that [clmv] section, look for:
Change the "true" to "false" (leave the "/"!) and then relaunch (via force-quit) the Finder. Now when you open column view, you will no longer get the preview pane! I found this out simply by looking at the preferences in the terminal using the "defaults" command and testing different values.

Editor's addition: There are a couple of other keys that do interesting things as well. Changing ColumnShowFolderArrow to 'false' removes the right-facing arrow that lets you drill down; changing ColumnShowIcons to 'false' removes the icons in front of the object names.

On my work machine, the entire [clmv] section was missing from finder.plist. I got a copy of the entire file from kaboom, and inserted the [clmv] key into my finder.plist file. If you're missing this section, too, read the rest of the article for a how-to on what you need to insert.
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Use 'Show Info' on multiple files Desktop
not a great hint but useful nonetheless, the show info menu in Get Info (command-I) now allows you to change more than one file at a time and if you wish to change the 'open with app' type it gives you a list of all possible apps, so you dont have to go find the right one. you can also change all 'other' types too, so all your .img files can be set to open with diskcopy or .sit files with stuffit.
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Change monitor brightness from the keyboard Desktop
To change the brightness of your screen, hit F14 or F15. This may not work on all hardware, it does work on a cube w. flatpanel display and X 10.1


[Editor: This had no effect on my third-party monitor ... which is not surprising. If it had worked, I would have been truly amazed!]
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Open and close the CD tray with the keyboard Desktop
If you have one of the Apple Pro keyboards, the eject key now opens AND closes the CD tray in OS X 10.1. The good news for you non-Apple keyboard users is that the F12 key appears to do the same thing on most every Mac that has a tray-based CD system.
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Quit and hide apps while tab-cycling Desktop
To hide an application while command-tabbing between your open apps, simply hold down "H" while that application is highlighted in the dock. Similarly, hold down "Q" to quit the selected application. This is a great way to hide or quit apps without making them active first.

The only thing to watch is that there's no "undo" for this -- once the app is hidden, it's hidden until selected. And when you release the "Q", the selected application quits immediately.
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Use copy and paste to move files and folders Desktop
You can use contextual menus to copy files in the Finder. Control-click on the file you want to copy, and from the pop-up menu, choose "Copy [filename]". Then, in the folder you'd like to copy the item to, control-click in some whitespace and choose "Paste item." The entire file will be copied. If you choose "Paste" in a text editor, only the name of the file will be pasted.

[Editor's note: This is truly a 'copy' operation; the original files are left untouched. If you are trying to move the files, then remember to delete the originals after you've verified that the 'paste' worked successfully.]
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