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Process control within Classic Classic
There is a great utility for OS 9.1 from Clarkwood Software called Peek-a-Boo (PaB). This is the best utility I've seen for monitoring processes that run inside Classic. When xload or ProcessViewer shows that something has pegged the CPU, run PaB and it will tell you WHICH process within Classic is hung, and often/usually succeed in letting you kill the offending process using PaB.

You can read about and download PaB from Clarkwood Software's Peek-a-Boo page.
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Classic startup problems Classic
[Editor's note: See the comments for a discussion and potential solutions to this problem]

I just redid my hard drive configuration on my PowerBook g4. I now have 3 partitions. 1 for OSx - formatted usi ng the UNIX file system, 1 for os 9.1 formatted in HFS+ and a big partition i use for storage which is formatted also using HFS+. I'm in osX and every time i try to start up classic i get a very interesting error message saying:

"This startup disk will not work on this Macintosh model. Use the latest Installer to update this disk for this model." ... and it gives me only one option to click on: restart

What does this mean and how can I fix it.....
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Classic internet apps in OS X over PPP dialup Classic
After struggling for several days trying to get Adobe GoLive and Outlook Express to have internet access in OS X, I was finally told that this is impossible if you are on PPP dial-up, and that you can only do this if you access the internet over your ethernet network.

Not quite! What no one seems to know (at least no one seems to mention it) is that you can use a "Port Reflector" to allow these apps to use your PPP connection. Wickedly Simply Software has created such a program and once it's setup, it's pretty much automatic. The shareware version times out at 10 minutes (then you have to close the program and restart it), so it's definitely a "try" before you buy. But I gladly paid the $10 charge to be able to use GoLive and Express.
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Classic won't launch? Classic
Classic no longer starts stating "no superuser priveleges for trublue environment."
Anyone know how to fix? Already ran X disc and reinstalled.

[Editor's note: Problem solved; see comments!]

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Share Explorer info between Classic and OS X Classic
If you regularly switch back and forth between OS X and Classic, and would like to keep all your bookmark and history information current, it's actually quite simple. This thread on the MacFixit Forums discusses a number of ways to do it, but "Toyin" has the best solution.

Start by making aliases of your Favorites.html and History.html files in OS 9. These are stored in System Folder:Preferences:Explorer. Take the aliases, and move them into /users/username/library/preferences/Explorer/. Replace the existing files (make a backup first if you wish), and (obviously, I hope!) replace username with your OS X user name.

Now whether you surf under OS 9 or OS X, your history and bookmarks will be common between both environments. You could probably reverse the process as well, and make aliases of the OS X files and place them in the OS 9 prefs folder (but I haven't tried that yet to be sure).
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Classic playing nicer Classic
Frequently, the classic environment monopolizes the system. This makes the whole OS feel sluggish, because the the Window manager is trying to tear through all its code while sharing a huge number of resources with Classic. This happens on a lot of Unix platforms, and Windows as well. Unlike Windows, Unix and OS X provide a fine-grained way of alleviating this problem. It is called "renice". This command line tool wll allow you to finely control the priority of every program running on your system, including Classic. Typing "man renice" at the command line can give you detail descriptions of this tool, but I'll walk you through the basics (read the rest for the details...)
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Sound stopping in Classic Classic
User taylore posted on the MacFixIt forums (and gave permission for me to recreate here) a problem he noticed with Classic and sound output. Here's what he wrote:

"As users of Classic may know, you stop hearing sound output by Classic if you are playing sound from OS X simultaneously. This, for example, may explain why you're not hearing Eudora's New E-mail warning--particularly if you are playing MP3's through OS X.

Here's one I just discovered though:

If you have an MP3 selected in the frontmost window of the OS X Finder it will have the same effect!

The MP3 file doesn't have to be playing, the mere fact that it is selected will stop all sound output in Classic. Grrrr. Anyways, if you're having trouble getting sound to play from Classic (and it has been working previously), there's another thing to add to your checklist while troubleshooting."

The glitch has been reported to Apple...
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Multiple OS 9 system folders Classic
I noticed brief article on the Macfixit forums mentioning that you can use OS X's System Disk utility (which runs on OS 9) as a means of running more than one OS 9 version on the same partition.

For example, you could keep a "Work" and a "Games" OS 9 system folder on the same hard drive, and use the System Disk to specify which to use at startup.
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Classic out of control... Classic
If your OS X seems really slow, make sure you don't have a problem with your Classic environment. A couple of times, I've noticed that my machine took seconds (lots of them!) to do basic things like opening a window or an application.

In both cases, a look at the Process Viewer application showed the TrueBlue Environment was taking over 95% of both CPU and memory -- with nothing launched in the environment!

If this happens to you, quit Classic (gracefully via the menu if you can, or use Process Viewer to force it to quit) and logout/login. Also make sure that your Classic environment is running the minimal set necessary to support OS X -- I use "OS 9.04 Base" in the Extensions Manager.
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