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Navigate your hard drive with a browser Web Browsers
Try typing //Volumes/ in a browser window (I used OmniWeb, but they all should work). Pretty cool, it brings up the local filesystem so that you can navigate through it.

I don't know how useful it is, but sorta cool.
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Customize the OmniWeb browser nav bar Web Browsers
This probably goes in the category of "How come you didn't know that already?!" but I think it's worthy of a mention. I've started using OmniWeb (as of fc3) as my (nearly) full-time browser, so I'm just starting to learn its subtleties. One thing that bugged me in earlier builds was the layout of the navigation bar.

This morning, by complete accident, I noticed you can move the objects on the bar by dragging them with the "command" key held down -- cool! In addition, as pointed out in the comments, control-click in the nav bar in an empty location, and you'll see a sheet of further customization options. Very impressive!

I now have a layout that I find much more usable. As a general comment, I really like the latest OW, even though it does some not so good things on this page (the "Favorite OS X Apps" box gets muddled pretty badly), and I can't yet use it with my home banking service. It's very fast and stable, and the page rendering is beautiful! They'll be getting a check from me, as I like the idea of supporting Microsoft competition!
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