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OmniWeb and the Verdana font Web Browsers
If you're wondering why OmniWeb 4.0.X displays Arial instead of Verdana when Verdana is selected as the proportional font (very annoying and ugly IMO), I've been told by tech support at OmniGroup that there is a problem with the font metrics for Verdana under Cocoa and they are waiting for Apple to fix it before they re-enable Verdana in OmniWeb.

(Can anyone suggest a good non-serif replacement for Verdana until this is sorted out. I can't live with Arial or Helvetica so I've gone back to Geneva for the moment.)

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OmniWeb UI slowness in Graphite theme Web Browsers
Ken at Omni Group just posted a quick note in this MacNN forum thread to let everyone know that OmniWeb's UI is much slower than expected when using the Graphite OS X theme. Switching to the Aqua theme will resolve the issue in the current release, and Ken writes that he's fixed the bug in the next release.
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Opera browser Technology Preview released Web Browsers
I noticed today that Opera has released the technology preview of their Opera browser for OS X. I haven't had a chance to try this one yet, but the Classic version is incredibly fast at page rendering! Check it out and send them your feedback if you want to see another good browser developed for OS X.
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Using autofill to save typing in OmniWeb Web Browsers
OmniWeb has a forms autofill feature which can auto-complete form data on various web pages. I had previously published a long, drawn out method of making it work, but 'vgz' pointed out the incredibly obvious method for doing my apologies for missing the easy way out! I made the incredibly simple seem complicated!

Once you've completed an on-screen form in OmniWeb, but before you submit it, simply select "Save Form for AutoFill" under the Browser menu, and you will now be able to re-complete the form quickly and easily in the future - by selecting "AutoFill Form" under the Browser menu.

To make it even easier, put the AutoFill button on the customized toolbar (I didn't see a button for "Save as AutoFill", which would also be nice to have on the toolbar).
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OmniWeb and IE favorites import - caution! Web Browsers
Tonight I decided to import my IE favorites into OmniWeb 4.0 (final candidate 1). The import went smoothly; much better than it had in previous beta builds. All the folder structures were recognized and everything went into the proper spot.

However, when I relaunched IE, I found that my favorites had been 'flattened'. All the folders were really folders, not bookmark folders, which meant that the structure was seriously messed up. I've written OmniWeb letting them know there seems to be a problem, but in the interim, you might want to back up your IE preferences before you import them into OmniWeb. They're located in /Users/username/Library/Preferences/Explorer/Favorites.html. One complication on my end that may have caused the problem is the fact that I use an alias in that location which points to my favorites on my OS 9 disk.

I recreated the structure by opening the now-flattened file (using IE's File->Open), and then dragging each link into a new bookmark folder that matched my old structure. Took a while, but everything's back to normal now.

Moral of the story? The obvious one ... back up before you do anything!
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Share your Omniweb bookmarks across the net Web Browsers
You can easily share your Omniweb bookmarks with others across your network.

Omniweb stores bookmarks in a standard HTML file, which can be read by any browser on any OS. In Omniweb, choose Omniweb::Preferences::Bookmark on the menu and change the location of your bookmarksfile to file:///~/sites/bookmarks.html

Provided of course that you have switched on the Apache webserver, your bookmarks can now be accessed at http://yourmachine/~yourname/bookmarks.html. If you haven't yet built any HTML pages, you might even name the file index.html and it becomes the default file, so http://yourmachine/~yourname brings it up. You can still edit the file by simply maintaining your bookmarks in Omniweb, no HTML required.

I use this trick to access my bookmarks from Opera on NT4.

P.S. would love to login here, but can't, probably because I have switched off cookies. Oh well .Cubist

[Editor's note - yes, cookies are required for a login ID. Sorry!]

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Scroll by page in Omniweb with Intellimouse Web Browsers
I learned by accident that the Microsoft Intellimouse's scroll wheel will scroll one PAGE at a time in OmniWeb if you "press-scroll" the wheel.

Ironically, Microsoft Explorer (v5.1b1) doesn't exploit this feature.
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Learn HTML with OmniWeb Web Browsers
Another great reason to use OmniWeb -- OmniWeb's View Source is also an HTML editor!

The source pane is fully editable. Save will save over a local file and will make a new local file if it the page was serverd from a web server. Additionally, Store will store it back onto the server using WebDAV.

The kicker is that you can play around with remote files that are not your own VERY quickly.
Find any page on the web, View Source, make a few changes, and hit the Redisplay button. Voila! You will see your changes back in the browser in context with the rest of the original page. Pick apart layouts tricks at light speed...
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Retaining OmniWeb as the default browser Web Browsers
OS X lets you specify any browser you'd like to use as your default (the browser that's used when you click on a URL) in the Internet system prefs panel. I prefer OmniWeb, and have told OS X so on several occasions. Unfortunately, for many people (myself included), this setting is lost between restarts.

A workaround was snipped from Resexcellence and sent to me, but I can't find the original on Resexcellence, so I can't provide a direct reference. However, if you'd like to make it at least a bit easier to get OmniWeb back as the default, read the rest of this article for the how-to.
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Run Mozilla on Mac OS X Web Browsers
Since it seems to be a little known tidbit, Mozilla actually has been carbonized and ported to OS X - the port is called "Fizzilla" and can be found here: So far, it's working pretty nicely - though its rendering is not as good nor as fast as that of Internet Explorer.
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