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Block pop-up ads in various browsers Web Browsers
With the recent proliferation of pop-ups (unders, overs, arounds, throughs, etc.) on Mac-related websites, I thought it might be worth a few minutes to let people know how to disable these most annoying of intrusions. I've got nothing against ads in general (although I prefer not to use them here), but the pop-ups and -unders are among the most annoying and intrusive objects on the web.

Read the rest of the article for a few pointers on various means of disabling them...
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Resume partial OmniWeb downloads Web Browsers
OmniWeb seems to lack a "resume download" feature. Instead of re-downloading the first part again, you can use wget with the -c (continue) option to resume the download.
  1. In OmniWeb's Downloads window, click on the file to resume downloading. Then copy its URL.

  2. Open a new window in Terminal.

  3. cd to the directory that contains the partial file. It's probably Desktop.

  4. Type wget -c and paste the URL after it. The download should resume.
[Editor's note: I haven't used OmniWeb's downloading facilities often enough to verify this behavior, but it does make sense that 'wget' would be able to continue, as long as it can find the first portion of the file.]
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Switch Mozilla tabs from the keyboard Web Browsers
After months of using Mozilla and getting hooked on 'tabbing' web pages (as explained in this hint), my biggest frustration was the apparent lack of a keyboard shortcut to switch between tabs.

After numerous web searches and browsing the Bugzilla bug database on, I'd just about given up hope of finding a shortcut. Then tonight, a friend casually mentioned that you can switch tabs using control page-up (previous tab) and control page-down (next tab).

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Chimera: A very fast Mozilla-based browser Web Browsers
Based on the Mozilla browser, Chimera has a Cocoa front-end with a Unix backend. It is still in it's infancy however, with even some of the most basic functionality missing, such as using text boxes.

Keep your eyes on this one, it really could be the best web browser for OS X ever.

You can see screenshots and get the current build here.

[Editor's Note: Even though this application is not really usable yet, I thought it worth mentioning. I for one will be intently watching the progress of this wonderful browser.]
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Share Mozilla settings between user profiles Web Browsers
This tip is primarily for those Mozilla users who switch between different profiles. I use my PowerBook at home and work, but work has a proxy server and home doesn't. So when I first started using Mozilla as my primary browser, I needed to access my preferences each time I launched to configure the proxy settings (it's unfortunate Mozilla doesn't use the System proxy settings, I could just change Location and be done). I was using this method because I didn't want to have 2 separate bookmarks, cookies and mime types files, etc.

Well, I kept forgetting to access preferences and would end up getting a failure accessing a web page so I decided to figure out if it was possible to share these settings between different profile users and found that it was. Read the rest of this article to find out how...
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Browse hidden files with OmniWeb Web Browsers
Viewing hidden system files usually requires Tinker Tools or viewing the file system through the Terminal, but a much easier way to browse the file system for hidden files is using OmniWeb. Simply type "/" as the url and all the files located at root will appear. You can even use OmniWeb as a file browser, albeit a limited feature file browser.
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Mozilla plug-ins fail to work Web Browsers
In this thread on the forums, 'stizz' posts about a problem with Mozilla. Basically, any site requiring a plug-in was failing with a message that read "QuickTime is missing software needed to perform this operation. Unfortunately, the software is not available on the QuickTime server".

After some off-track attempts at help from yours truly, 'skel' came to the rescue with a pointer to the exact same problem (but with a solution) on the front page of ResExcellence. Basically, if you set your disk cache to zero, then plug-ins that need to create temporary files will generate the above error message. QuickTime and Flash are two of the affected plug-ins.

So if you're using Mozilla, do not set the disk cache to zero until this bug is fixed! If you'd like to track the progress of the fix, you can watch bug 116562 on bugzilla.
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Keyboard navigation of Omniweb page links Web Browsers
OmniWeb is my browser of choice, but I've always been envious of Internet Explorer 5's ability to navigate links via the keyboard. Today I stumbled across a similar feature in OmniWeb 4.1sp36 (sneakypeek 36)! It may be in earlier versions as well - I don't know.

Press command-downarrow to move forward through links on a page (the currently selected link is outlined with a box) and command-uparrow to go the other way. Press the return key to "click" the link.

If you don't have it, you can get the latest beta ("sneakypeek") build of OmniWeb 4.1 from Omni's server.
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Save as PDF from the OmniWeb menubar Web Browsers
We all know that we can now save any document as .pdf via Print -> Preview -> Save a Copy as.... In OmniWeb, there's (IMHO) a more elegant way: Hold down Shift-Option-S, go to the FILE menu and choose "SAVE AS PDF" right from the menu.

Note 1: "SAVE TO PDF" only shows up when you press the appropriate key sequence.
Note 2: When you're saving a picture the menu item changes to "SAVE AS TIFF".
Note 3: You can press the keys after activating the file menu.
Note 4: See the comments for a no-menu method of doing the same thing!

Hope this is not a duplicate tip and that some might find it useful.

[Editor's note: You can also save as PDF from any print dialog box by selecting the "Output Options" dialog box, clicking the "Save as File" checkbox, and then selecting PDF (or PostScript) as the format.]
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Check your browser's cache to recover drive space Web Browsers
Just thought I'd pass this on.. I recently was looking into where all the space on my OS X partition had gone.

I looked around and noticed that my ~/Library/Preferences/Explorer folder was around 400 MB (my cache is set to 5 MB). For some reason, the Download Cache was a 390 MB WAFF document. I trashed it, quit and restarted IE, which generated another Download Cache (only 4 KB), while keeping my download history intact.

I also checked my little brother's computer for the same thing, and he also had a relatively large file (~75 MB) there. We're both running 10.1.2, IE v 5.1.

[Editor's note: With the proliferation of browsers, cache can definitely take up a fair bit of drive space in a hurry. If you use multiple browsers, you should check each occasionally to see how much cache space they're each taking up.]
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