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Fix Java crashes in Mozilla 1.1 on 10.2 Web Browsers
There was an excellent hint to solve the Java-crashes in Mozilla 1.1 on one of the discussion-boards in Germany:
  1. Download MRJPluginCarbon-1.0.1 (make sure you get the OS X version)
  2. Open the folder and copy the MRJPlugInCarbon to /Library -> Internet Plug-Ins and/or ~/Library -> Internet Plug-Ins
  3. Now for the new part: Control click on Mozilla 1.1, select Show Package-contents, drill down to Contents -> MacOS -> Plug-Ins, and replace the MRJPlugin with the new version. Mozilla must not be running when you do this step.
Thats it! No crashes since then!
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Subscribe to iCal events using Mozilla Web Browsers
One of the most interesting parts of the new iCal app is the ability to subscribe to event calendars. Unfortunately, when I tried clicking on the subscription links on the Apple site while using the Mozilla browser (my current favorite), nothing happened. I had to drag and drop the url into the subscribe screen. This operation worked perfectly when I switched back to Internet Explorer.

While doing some digging around in the weblog world, I happened upon a solution to the problem at the Disobey Nonsense Network, one of the weblog sites I found. Here's how to do it:
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Open Preferences
  3. Go to Network -> Protocol Helpers and click "Add"
  4. Call the new helper "webcal" (use lowercase text only!!)
  5. Click on the Helper App button and select your iCal application
  6. Check the box to "use current application if possible.
Now shut down and restart Mozilla. Go to the Apple iCal site and click on one of the subscription links. It should work fine. Evidently, changing the preference in IE also affected the operation of Mozilla. Go Figure!

[Editor's note: This data gets written into in your ~/Library/Preferences folder, but it appears to be encoded in some manner which would prevent manually editing the file. So if you've trashed IE from your drive, I'm not sure how you'd go about setting this helper. But it definitely works as described if you do have IE.]
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Open a new window on current site with OmniWeb Web Browsers
I just found out by accident. If you use OmniWeb 4.1 (not tested with earlier versions) and want to open a new window containing the current website you are viewing, it's very easy to do. Simply double click on the blue link icon (next to the name of the page) in the window title bar (the one where the close, minimize etc. buttons are). Not that cool, but hey, maybe someone finds it useful :-)
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Enable Favicons in Chimera Web Browsers
A lot of websites include Favicons in their code (examples include google, altavista, cnet, cnn, ebay, macosxhints). If you've got Mozilla, then you can see them already (as far as I'm aware). Chimera also supports them, but for some reason, the folks over there have disabled them for the time being. Well, have no fear!! A few steps and you can have them back:
  1. Control-click on Chimera and choose 'show package contents'.
  2. Open Contents -> MacOS -> Defaults -> pref; you should see a file called either chimera.js or all.js; open it using TextEdit.
  3. Hit Control-F to find and search for "".
  4. Hopefully, you should now see the required pref, and can change the value from false to true.
Another great tip i just came across (thanks Altric22) is to delete the text associated with a bookmark that has a Favicon. If you do this, your bookmark toolbar could look like this.
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Option scroll to page forward and back in Chimera Web Browsers
I've been quite disappointed with the standardization of command-] for forward and command-[ as back for web browsers and the Jaguar help menu, as I enjoyed the quick keyboard access to the command-arrow keys (I have an older, smaller Apple keyboard from the original iMac days). Today I noticed holding down the option key while scrolling in Chimera will similarly move the current browser window forward or back through the history of visited pages.
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Quick fix for error in ChimeraKnight Web Browsers
Users of ChimeraKnight, the automatic updater for the Chimera web browser may get the following error message:: "Died at -e line2. (2)".

This error occurs when you force quit ChimeraKnight and it fails to delete a file called tmp.txt2 (located inside the ChimeraKnight Backups folder). Delete that file and you should be okay. This minor bug will be corrected in the next ChimeraKnight update.
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Add a google search shortcut to Chimera Web Browsers
Here is an old tip that finally works with my new favourite browser Chimera (Navigator). If you want to have quick access for searching google from your bookmark toolbar here is what you have to do.

First, we need to create empty bookmark. Chimera does not allow to create totally new bookmark, only those already existing in the window. Workaround is to simply open new empty window (or tab) and bookmark that (with meaningful name, like Google Search or whatever). I recommend bookmarking that in your Toolbar for easy access.

Now open Bookmark Sidebar and command-I that new bookmark. Look at the Location textfield, if it's anything there remove it and enter the following:
[Editor's note:I had to break the command into two rows for each line due to browser width limitations. The commands should be entered as two lines, not four, with no additional spaces between any of the parts.]

Done! Now when you click on the bookmark nice little sheet would greet you with the instructions how to perform search. This also works in IE, Mozilla, and Netscape.
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Quick view of any folder's contents via a browser Web Browsers
I'm not sure if this tip has been submitted a hundred times already, but just in case it hasn't, here it is. A really simple and fast way of viewing the contents of a folder sitting on your desktop or shown in the finder is to drag the folder onto an open browser window. As far as I know this works with all X browsers.

[Editor's note: I found this hint regarding navigating your hard drive with a browser, but nothing about dragging and dropping a folder...]
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Change the search engine in Chimera Web Browsers
I like to use Google to do my web searches, but never read anything about how to change it in Chimera. It is surprisingly simple.

In the Finder, open (control-click and "Show Package Contents") and then navigate to Contents -> Resources -> WebsiteDefaults.strings and open it in your favorite pure text editor (I use BBEdit). Change SearchPageDefault = ""; to whatever search page you would like to use.

Now, when you click on the search button, it will go to that page. Now you have yet another reason to use Chimera!
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Display favorites in OmniWeb's dock menu Web Browsers
If you don't use OmniWeb's "Check for updated bookmarks" feature, you can use OmniWeb's dock icon contextual menu for quick access for your favorite bookmarks.

Read the rest of the article for the how-to...
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