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Subscribing to Sherlock3 channels in Mozilla Web Browsers
RealBasic Garage has set up a Sherlock 3 channel, but I had a dickens trying to subscribe to it using Mozilla. Then I remembered an earlier hint, and a variation on it does the trick:
  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to Preferences, then Network, then Protocol Helpers.
  3. Add Helper for "sherlock" without the quotes.
  4. Choose Sherlock as the Helper application.
  5. (Re)start Mozilla.
Now you can click on the Sherlock3 link to subscribe the RealBasic Garage (and other channels as they arrive).
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How to make RealPlayer and Chimera coexist Web Browsers
For those of you with both RealPlayer and Chimera, you'll probably get a crash on launch when you try to run both Chimera and RealPlayer. The Chimera mailing list archive site contains the solution in the October archives. It was posted by Reinhold Penner, the generous creator of ChimeraKnight. You can read his solution here; the responding messages (use the "Next message" link at the bottom of the page) are interesting and should be read. This is more than just a tweak. It is a lesson in the use and misuse of aliases.

[Editor's note: As an aside, if you haven't tested Chimera lately, the newest versions are becoming quite usable. There are still many missing features, of course, but it's showing great promise.]
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Partially auto-complete forms in Mozilla Web Browsers
While working on the site recently, I noticed a fairly useful hidden feature in Mozilla. If you've saved form data for auto-completion, you can selectively complete fields on the form. Instead of completing the entire form with Edit -> Fill in Form, just double-click in any of the form's fields. That field only will then be populated with your auto-fill data.
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Chimera supports command-arrow navigation Web Browsers
The latest nightly build of Chimera now uses Command-arrow navigation for back and forward! This was the biggest thing killing my buzz about Chimera but it is fixed now, so go get it! Get it here:

Note that these nightly builds are not in any way guaranteed to be stable, but the Oct 3rd build feels pretty solid.
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Disable pop-up windows in Chimera Web Browsers
By unchecking the "Open unrequested windows" option in Mozilla, you could disable pop-up ads on sites like I also found that this setting in Mozilla was respected in Netscape (even though ability to change this preference setting is not in Netscape). I found out that you can have Chimera do the same thing by placing the following two lines in the "prefs.js" file for Chimera:
  user_pref("dom.disable_open_during_close", true);
user_pref("dom.disable_open_during_load", true);
I pasted them in so they would be in alphebetical order with the existing lines in the file. Worked like a charm!!
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Jump to the defined home page in Mozilla Web Browsers
I do not know if this has been listed before but I thought it was handy. In Netscape Communicator 4.X, you could instantly go to your home page by pressing the Command and home keys. While it is not listed in the menu (as it was with 4.X), this same shortcut works in Mozilla. I do not know if it is in all versions but it is in the latest alpha (1.2a) and most recent stable (1.1) releases.
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Use the Chimera sidebar on a second monitor Web Browsers
If you use Chimera (Navigator) in an extended desktop (multi-monitor) arrangement with the left monitor the main, you can extend the sidebar into the second monitor. Simply option-click the window zoom button (green). The window fills your main screen and the sidebar starts exactly at the left hand edge of the second monitor. It helps if the resolutions are the same on both monitors.

OK, that's pretty obscure but very handy.
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OmniWeb and Age of Empires II potential conflict Web Browsers
Since upgrading to Jaguar, OmniWeb has been running exceptionally slowly for me, especially when using things like Google. The exact symptom is that many pages take a while to load. For exmpale, Google search results took 13 seconds to load instead of 2.

After a lot of troubleshooting, and many e-mails back and forth with Omni Group, I found the problem: If you have Age of Empires II, you probably have a font called "Age of Empires II Fonts" in your ~/Library/Fonts folder. If you remove this font, OmniWeb gets much speedier (on my computer at least), and AoE II still seems to work fine.

I have already notified Omni Group, so we'll see if they manage to find a work around. Until then, you can use mine. :)

[Editor's note: Untested here as I don't have AoE to test with.]
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Force a minimum font size in Chimera Web Browsers
One thing that has always made Chimera unusable for me as a browser has been the lack of an option to specify a minium font sizes, meaning many fonts displayed far too small for my limited eyesight.

On a hunch, I added the following line to the prefs.js file:
  user_pref("font.minimum-size.x-western", 14);
You can change 14 to any font size, and Chimera will never display fonts smaller than that size, regardless of what the page specifies.
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Create a google search sheet in browsers Web Browsers
I picked up this tip from Reinhold Penner in the Chimera mailing list. Basically you can get Chimera (and other browsers as well) to show a sheet with a text field to search in google. Very handy, and it's done by basically just adding a bit of JavaScript in the Apple InternetConfig setting file of OS X.

Just open ~/Library -> Preferences -> in TextEdit (or Property List Editor if you have the developer tools) and look for the WebSearchPagePrefs entry. In TextEdit, this is what my entry looks like:
if(q)break;}if(!q)void(q=prompt('Enter Google Search Keywords:',''));
In Property List Editor, just add the "javascript" bit, which should be one long line, not five as shown here for narrower display (no spaces, no carriage returns, just one long line). Save the changes and quit the editor. Now start Chimera and Select Search Page from the Go menu. Cool, eh?
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