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Tab to all form elements in Mozilla Web Browsers
Here's a useful tip to keyboard enthusiasts who use Mozilla. If you've used Windows versions of Mozilla (and most other browsers for that matter), you know that you can tab through all of the input elements on a web page - links, forms, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. With the Mac version of Mozilla, though, you can only tab through text entry fields on a form - drop down lists, buttons, links, etc are all inaccessible via the keyboard. Even if you set "Any control" in the Keyboard Preferences pane, you still can't access these other fields. Fortunately, there is an answer - if you add the following to your user.js file:
  // Enable tabbing to all fields in a form,
// as well as links.
user_pref("accessibility.tabfocus", 7) ;
Restart Mozilla, and you will now be able to access all links and form controls by just tabbing through the selections. The user.js file can be found in ~/Library -> Mozilla -> Profiles -> LOGIN -> RANDOM.slt, where LOGIN is your profile name, and RANDOM is a random string of 8 characters assigned by Mozilla.

[Editor's note: You may not have a user.js file if you haven't added any of your own customizations yet; just create it if it doesn't exist. This hint worked perfectly on Mozilla 1.2b when I tested it.]
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Install a Chimera image blocking preference panel Web Browsers
On the same subject as the image blocking hint that was just recently posted, quite a while ago I opened an enhancement request for Chimera to support image blocking (bug report here).

It seems to have stalled a bit, but luckily a very industrious fellow named Prachi Gauriar created a preference panel for Chimera that allows you to add and subtract servers to block, as well as toggle GIF animations and block 3rd party image requests completely. I've been using it for over a month with the nightly builds and it's worked great!
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Installing MultiZilla for Mozilla revisited Web Browsers
MultiZilla is a Mozilla enhancement group who originally came up with the tabbed browsing concept now seen in Mozilla. It was mentioned on this site way back in 2001, but you may wish to check it out again.

What it is:
Multizilla is a toolbar and preferences pane that allows you quick access to things like changing user-agent strings and turning off referrer headers. It also has a lot of customization options for tabbed windows, such as "Close other tabs," "Show LED status lights on tabs," and "Show tab bar at bottom of window," among others.

Just click on the installation tab of the above site and then on the install link for the Mac version. You need to have a recent version of Mozilla (I'm using 1.2b and it worked fine). Warning: Don't Install the "Google" thing.

Follow these directions on the MultiZilla FAQ page

Additional Info:
More on how to set up user agent spoofing.
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Select and copy individual table cells in Chimera Web Browsers
While holding down the Apple (Command) key, you can select table cells in Chimera. Just click on any non-link portion of the cell. You can select multiple cells (using the Shift key) if they are in the same table. Once selected, you can use copy and paste just like you would on a text selection.

[Editor's note: As with most Chimera hints, this also works in Mozilla and should work in Netscape.]
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Disable Flash ads in Mozilla-based browsers Web Browsers
I received the following hint via email from Dan, which repeats a hint he posted on his blog. Here's how Dan removed Flash banner ads in Chimera (and Mozilla and probably Netscape as well). Please note that "I" in the following section refers to Dan, not me!

I managed to disable those annoying Flash banner ads in Chimera (I most often see them on Since you probably don't have one, create a file called userContent.css in your Chimera user chrome directory, which is located at ~/Library -> Application Support -> Chimera -> Profiles -> default -> random -> chrome. Replace 'random' with the name of the directory, which is usually a string of random characters followed by '.slt'. In the new userContent.css file, enter the following:
/* this hides the usual 468x60 Flash banner ads */
embed[type="application/x-shockwave-flash"][width="468"][height="60"] {
display: none !important;
visibility: hidden !important;
/* this hides the not so usual but very annoying 728x90 Flash banner ads */
embed[type="application/x-shockwave-flash"][width="728"][height="90"] {
display: none !important;
visibility: hidden !important;
Now restart Chimera and it should work.

I (Rob again now) have shortened and slightly edited Dan's email; you can read the full text of the original post on his blog site. I tested this hint with Chimera and, which runs a highly annoying vertical Flash ad down the side of the main page, and it worked perfectly! Thanks Dan!
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Open Chimera downloads automatically Web Browsers
Aranor mentions this hint off of the ChimeraChanga application's Version Trackerinformation panel. Just add the following line to your prefs.js file:
user_pref("", true);
Works for me, but I'm using the 11/22 nightly build. Might work for straight v0.6.
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Implement selective image blocking in Chimera Web Browsers
I love Mozilla's preferences for blocking images. On a whim, I copied the line of code written to Mozilla user's prefs.js file that, in my case, accepts images from the originating server only:
serveruser_pref("network.image.imageBehavior", 1);
and pasted it into my Chimera prefs.js file. Sure enough - blocking worked! The downside is that this blocks images on sites like Apple. A better alternative is, as you know, Mozilla's ability to selectively choose an image on a page and block all images from that image's server.

Well, you can duplicate that functionality in Chimera by creating a file called cookperm.text in your [random.slt] folder inside ~/Library -> Application Support -> Chimera -> Profiles -> Default. The file should contain the URL(s) of the server(s) you want to blocl. In this example, the servers are and those from
# HTTP Permission File
# This is a generated file! Do not edit. 1F 1F
@@@@ 0F 1F 2F
Hopefully this helps those of us still using dial-up, at least until Chimera builds this functionality into its preferences.

[Editor's note: I just took my fully developed Mozilla cookperm.txt file and copied it into the specified folder in the Chimera prefs structure, and it worked like a charm!]
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Disable cascading windows in OmniWeb Web Browsers
I don't know if anyone else has been bothered by this, or has even seen it happen, but I was sick of having my windows in OmniWeb cascade every time I opened a new browser window. If you wish to disable window cascading in OmniWeb, simply open up the terminal and enter:
 % defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniWeb
OAWindowCascadeDisabled -bool YES
[Enter this on one line, with a space before the "OAWindowCasc..." bit].

Next time you launch OmniWeb, your windows should no longer cascade. Solution was given to me by Brian W., Support Engineer, OmniGroup.
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Load page source only in Chimera Web Browsers
If you're using Chimera and you want to view the source of a page immediately (for instance, if it keeps crashing your browser like a page is doing for the latest nightly build for me), go to the URL bar and type:
This will load the source in the browser window without attempting to load images or render the page. Very quick, very easy.
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Force Mozilla to open external pages in the same tab Web Browsers
I love Mozilla's (and it's kin) ability for tabbed browsing. What I really miss is the ability to load externally requested pages in a new tab rather than opening a new window. Chimera offers this ability, and I love Chimera but because of some proxy irregularities, it's more cumbersome to use than Mozilla (which isn't much better for changing proxy configs).

However, browsing the Chimera prefs.js file I noticed a particular user_pref line:
  user_pref("browser.always_reuse_window", true);
I added that line to my Mozilla:user.js file (in the same directory as the prefs.js file, ~/Library -> Mozilla -> Profiles -> Username -> [random].slt), restarted Mozilla and woila! External requests now load in the active tab. Mozilla doesn't create a new tab but hey, at least it doesn't create a new window!

Now if I could only figure out what the setting for opening a new tab with an external request is instead, I'd be in hog heaven!
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