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Set a minimum font size in Safari Web Browsers
As someone with very bad eyes, I was quite angry that Safari did not include a minimum font size option, meaning that many fonts appeared too small for me to see.

Taking a wild guess, I added the following lines to the file located in the User preferences folder:
To my surprise, it worked, and Safari will no longer display fonts at any sizes lower than those specified.
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Searching Google from Chimera ... revisited Web Browsers
For those who would like to search Google and other websites from the address bar in Chimera, try this excellent tip from According to the site, it only works with the latest builds, and the Chimera team recommends that the Dec 20th, 2002 nightly build should supercede earlier versions. This is a direct quote from eFritz:
Make a new bookmark, give it a name, and change the URL [to] in the Bookmarks Sidebar. Type a keyword like 'g' or 'google' into the keyword field. Now you can search Google by typing in 'g [search terms]' or 'Google [search terms]' or whatever.
In other words, select the bookmark you want in the bookmarks drawer and name it something descriptive (like "Search Google"), press command-I, and in the "Location" field of the Get Info panel, append the search string "/search?q=%s" (without quotation marks) to the URL, so "" now reads "". Enter any keyword you like in the "Keyword" field, now when you type that keyword, followed by a search term in the address bar, you'll be auto-magically transported to the Google results page for that term, without first having to go to the Google page. For instance, I can type "goog Macintosh" to search for Mac-related stuff. Very cool.

[Editor's note: There's a previous hint on Google and Chimera, but this hint offers a different method, and expands on it, as you can see if you read the rest of the article, so I felt it was worth posting on its own merits.]
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Enable Safari's Rendezvous bookmarks Web Browsers
While playing with Safari, I was disappointed that the promising-sounding "Rendezvous Bookmarks" (in the Bookmarks window) didn't find websites on my local network. Happily, there's no need to wait for updates as Eric Christopher Seidel has whipped up an apache module, mod_rendezvous, that enables this feature. It is distributed as a .pkg and takes about 30 seconds to get running.

[Editor's note: I haven't installed this package yet, but will look at it this weekend. Note that any time you're modifying your Apache installation, you could be compromising your security (although I have no bad reports about this package); the installer automatically backs up your existing httpd.conf, which is a nice touch.]
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Removed underlined links in Safari Web Browsers
I wanted to remove the underlined links from Safari and found that if you go to /Applications -> -> Contents -> Frameworks -> WebCore.framework -> Versions -> A -> Resources -> html4.css, then you can edit the stylesheet near the bottom where the CSS Selectors are located. For instance, here's what mine looks like:
a:link { color: blue; text-decoration: none; }
a:link:active { color: black; outline: gray 1px dotted; }
a:visited { color: navy; text-decoration: none; }
a:visited:active { color: black; outline: gray 1px dotted; }
a:hover { color: red; text-decoration: underline; }
Of course, you can edit it how you want to, or use your own.

[Editor's note: I haven't tested this myself, but it seems like it might be easier and/or safer to just create your own style sheet, and then set that as the default using the Appearance section of Safari's preferences. This way, you won't be changing something that's likely to get overwritten when Safari is upgraded ... after I catch up a bit this weekend, I'll try to test this theory!]
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Prevent accidental folder dragging in Safari Web Browsers
I saw a complaint over on VersionTracker that when you put a folder in the bookmarks bar, and then try to access it quickly by clicking and then dragging down, Safari thinks you want to drag the folder off the Bookmarks bar instead of accessing one of the items inside the folder.

I wasn't having that problem, and here's why: if you actually click on the arrow to the right of the folder name, Safari will always assume that you want to access an item inside the folder. But if you click on any other place on the button, you'll have to wait for about half a second for the menu to open before dragging to an item in the list.
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Enable the Safari debug menu Web Browsers
While I look around Safari binary code, I found there is a hidden Debug menu. Type the following command in Terminal (while Safari is NOT running):
 % defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1
Then launch Safari, and enjoy the new Debug menu.

[Editor's note: The debug menu has some useful options on it, so you may find this a very useful hack. If you ever wish to disable it again, just repeat the command with a "0" instead of a "1".]
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Safari solves the 'Default browser' problem Web Browsers
Many of us have wondered what the heck is going on with "default browser" on OS X. I have tried just about every hint on this site, with varying degrees of success, and still after all that I get IE popping up as the "default browser" from time to time. Who knows how or why this is, but then Safari comes along and fixes it. Instantly. With no "backsliding." All I can say is, "yahoo!"

Coupled with the new "scriptability" of Safari, this is an awesome advance.
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Mail the current webpage in Safari Web Browsers
Safari may be missing some IE features like "Send Page" in the Mail menu, but these are compensated for by the fact that Services now work.

So, for example, you can mail the current selection (i.e., the URL of the page you are on, which you can highlight by pressing Command-L) by choosing Services -> Mail -> Send Selection in the Safari menu.
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Drag toolbar links from other browsers to Safari Web Browsers
If you're like me, and you like your toolbar links, just drag them from Chimera to Safari, and you get a plus sign and drop. It will drop a sheet and add it to your toolbar in Safari.

[Editor's note: This also works with IE, Mozilla, and OmniWeb (and probably Opera and iCab as well). Note that you cannot drag folders you keep on the toolbar, just individual links ... the toolbar might also be called the favorites bar or the URL bar, etc.]
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Block Flash ads in Safari Web Browsers
You can use the hint Disable Flash ads in Mozilla-based browsers in Safari as well! Just set the default style sheet in Safari (Safari -> Preferences, Appearance section, Style Sheet pop-up) to your userContent.css file. Voila! No more flash ads!
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