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Possible Safari fix for misbehaving websites Web Browsers
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View image dimensions from Safari Web Browsers
Today I found out how to get an image file's dimensions from within Safari, and I thought I'd share. You'll need the Debug menu enabled.
  1. Load the image into its own window (or tab). If the image is embedded in within a document, control- (or right-) click on it and choose "Open Image in New Window."

  2. Go to the Debug menu and select "Show View Tree." Option-click on the disclosure triangle next to the only visible line.

  3. The last row of the "Width" and "Height" columns should tell you the image's dimensions.
If all you need are the dimensions of a current image, this will save some time over the "drag to desktop, open in photo application" process.
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Edit the default window size of new Explorer windows Web Browsers
For the last couple of months, all new windows I opened in Internet Explorer were really small, with a width of about one quarter of the screen, and showed up on the right side of the screen. Trashing Explorer preferences did not fix it since, as I found out today, the default window size for the Explorer is stored in found in ~/Library -> Preferences. Instead of just trashing this file, which would have required resetting of a lot of preferences, I tried to find the relevant line and just change it.

To do this, first quit Explorer, open the .plist file with the PropertyList Editor (should be the default if you have the Dev Tools installed), open the first three triangles, scroll down to 'InternetExplorerWindowPosition' and open its triangle. The second block of numbers sets the window size; in my case they looked like: 031c045a, 31 sets the height of the window, 45 the width. Change the numbers, save the file, restart Explorer.

Now if someone could find out where the size of windows resized with the green button is set, I would be happy!
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Calculate values in Safari courtesy of Google Web Browsers
... well kind of! Google has launched a calculator function (Google calculator) which also works very nicely from the Google search field built into Safari.

Fire up Safari and type an expression into the Google search field. Hit enter and Google gives you the result. As well as simple arithmetic (eg 5+2*2), it can also do more complex stuff like sine(30 degrees) or e^(i pi)+1. It knows about physical constants and can also handle conversions for example, 100 miles in kilometers or 160 pounds * 4000 feet in Calories.

[robg adds: Obviously, you can do this from any application that accesses Google; it works really well with the pop-up search engine front-ends such as Searchling and Huevos.]
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Save text snippets as bookmarks in Mozilla Firebird Web Browsers
I just realized that you can save small pieces of text as bookmarks in Phoenix (Mozilla Firebird).

I have a folder in my bookmarks bar, by accident I drag'n'dropped a pieces of text from webpage to this folder (I intended to release the mouse button over the desktop to create a clipping) and interesting enough, a "bookmark" was created with all text in the first paragraph of the text dragged. Of course, this is not a valid bookmark, however it can be very useful to store small snippets of text from webpages (e.g., phone numbers).

[robg adds: This only works for short text snippets, as you can't load the clipping -- it seems to display the first 30 to 40 characters or so.]
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Filter site content in Omniweb using regular expressions Web Browsers
Omniweb can use regular expressions to filter banner ads, or even whole web pages. You can find it in the Preferences, in the Privacy section. There are a few examples to work from, but the gist of it is:
The above will match any URL that has /ads/ in it. This should match a lot of advertisements. The .* means "anything." The \/ will match a "/", because just using a "/" has a special meaning for the regular expression. Be careful, though. You could block normal web pages with this feature.

You can read more about regular expressions on the web.

[robg adds: Regular expressions, or regex, are complex but extremely powerful ... here's a Google URL to get you started with some tutorials if you're interested in learning more. You can also use regex on Mail headers, as explained in this hint.]
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Open new tabs from bookmarks toolbar in Camino Web Browsers
Just as you can open a link in a new tab with a command-click, you can do the same with links in the Bookmarks Toolbar. Found this by accident today; saves doing Cmd-T and then clicking the link.
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Create a web page validation shortcut in OmniWeb Web Browsers
Using OmniWeb 4.5, you can set up a shortcut in the Preferences to easily validate the HTML of web pages. Go to the Preferences and select Shortcuts. Add a new shortcut (click the "+" sign) and then double-click the "somewhere" name and rename it to validate@. For the "Destination URL," enter

To use the shortcut, just type validate, hit return, and watch it use the w3c validator to validate the page.

[robg adds: A cool trick, but please, don't flood my inbox telling me how badly the macosxhints' page fails the validation check ... I know, and there's not a lot I can do about most of it myself! For fun, check!]
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Use the Home button in Safari to open a new tab Web Browsers
I personally don't like to use File -> New Tab, right click and select New Tab or Command-T to open a new tab. I prefer one click of a button to open a new tab. If you don't use the Home button you can use it to open a new tab (you'll need to have the Dev Tools installed, too).

First, back up Safari. Then control-click on Safari, select Show Package Contents. Open Contents -> Resources -> English.lproj -> Browser.nib in Interface Builder. Click on the third button from the left in the browser window. Press Command-Shift-I. In the NSButton Info window that opens, select Connections from the pulldown menu. Click on "target" under Source, then click the Disconnect button. Select "newTab" from the list of Actions and click the Connect button. Save and close.

Now the Home button will open a new tab.

[robg adds: I haven't tried this one myself; command-T is my preferred method of adding a new tab.]
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Merge two Safari bookmark files together Web Browsers
So you know that the Safari bookmarks are kept in ~/Library -> Safari -> Bookmarks.plist. And if you move machines, you can always move the file to the new machine. But what if you want to merge the two bookmark lists? Well, there's the .Mac sync option - but quite a few folks don't have the day-to-day need or money for that. So what do you do? The following requires some knowledge of XML ...

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one, so if you're going to do so, make sure you back up your Bookmarks file first!]
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