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Wacom tablet driver (sort of) available Apps
I had been getting really sick of my puck mouse when I downloaded Toon Boom Studio, and found it came with a Wacom tablet driver that isn't available, as far as I could tell, from Wacom. Be warned though. This driver proves that OS X isn't entirely crash proof, it can and probably will bring down the whole OS a couple times.
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Order of operation for mail rules Apps
Reader 'brodie' sent this one in a couple of days ago, and I missed it in the queue...

If you have mail rules which conflict with one another (for example, anything that doesn't contain '' in the "To:" field gets moved to a "spam" folder, but you also want to move everything to '' into a "pending" folder), then all you need to do is drag the rules into the proper order within mail's rules panel. In this example, you'd drag the "doesn't contain my username" rule to the top, followed by the "move to pending folder" second. This way, your spam would get filtered first, and then remaining mail would get moved to the "pending" folder.

Rules are created and managed in the Mail -> Preferences menu item.
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LaunchBar launcher app Apps
I recently stumbled upon a very nice minimalist launcher app for OS X. It seems to be from the OPENSTEP days and has now made its way to Apple's latest consumer OS. It's set up so that you just hit command-space and then start typing in the name of what you want to launch, then press retrun when it's selecting what you want. Very fast, very minimal. It's called LaunchBar and can be found at:
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Use the Console app to monitor other system logs Apps
I didn't realize just how useful the Console app is until I noticed the Open Log... item in the File menu. This allows you to choose the log file for any running service and monitor it in real time. (This is just like running 'tail logname' from the command line, but the Console app does the work for you. In fact it uses tail to do its thing.)

For example:
  1. Turn on FTP access in the Sharing Pane of System Preferences.
  2. Open the Console (in Applications/Utilities).
  3. Choose File - Open Log... (It should take you to /var/log automatically, but if it doesn't, enter /var/log in the Go to field.) Select ftp.log.
  4. Open the Terminal (also in Applications/Utilities).
  5. Type ftp localhost at the prompt.
  6. Watch the messages which appear in the console window. Very cool!
The really nice thing is you can monitor any number of logs in this manner, as each will open in its own window.

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Save your Stickies database... Apps
The Stickies note database lives in ~/Library/.StickiesDatabase. Since the database is named with a dot as the first character of its name, its invisible in the GUI. So if you're using the Finder to move pieces of your home directory around (say in preparation for a new hard drive), make sure you grab the Stickies database in the terminal in order to save your notes. From the terminal, simply:
cd ~/Library
cp .StickiesDatabase /path/to/new/location/.StickiesDatabase
This will copy your Stickies database to its new home. As you use OS X, there may be other "dot files" placed in your home directory, so it may be worth an occasional glance in the terminal if you're planning on moving stuff around. Use ls -al to show the dot files in a terminal directory listing.
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Floating desktop calendar Apps
Although I usually only post usability tips within applications, if I find a particular application I think is interesting, I'll post about the actual program.

DesktopCalendar, freeware by Takashi T. Hamada, is just such a program. It doesn't do all that much, but what it does, it does very well. It simply places a fully configurable floating calendar anywhere on your desktop that you want it. You control the font sizes and colors, placement of the month, year, and calendar, and the degree of transparency.

Although you can use the included Clock application, DesktopCalendar seems much more elegant in its functionality. And since I keep a clean desktop in X, there's plenty of room for it (I have it just below the menu bar, at screen top right).

Worth a look-see if you're interested in having a calendar floating about on your desktop!
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Mail List/Preview window toggle Apps
Just a little quickie (but the little ones are usually the nicest!)...double click on the square just above the scrollbars but to the right of the message header titles (e.g. Date & Time on my std install), and Mail toggles from Preview Message to List view (or I guess more accurately, toggles preview off and on). Same happens if you double click on the separator bar between the lists and the preview.

Still a little light on functionality, and a bit slow when you have more than one mailbox (try 6+), but hey it's only a Beta oops i mean 1.0 release.
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Default start-up commands in custom terminals Apps
Not sure if anyone has posted this hack, but...

If you use custom Terminals for various tasks such as one terminal to telnet or ssh, and one terminal to tail a log file, etc. you can edit the .term file for each custom terminal to keep the shell you'd like to use -and- to also start up any default program or script you'd like.

If you'd like to set custom terminals with custom commands and still use your default shell, read the rest of this hint.

[Editor's note: This is similar to a tip that has been previously published, but it's a nicer wayto accomplish the same objective, so I've published it as a new hint]
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iTunes, burn speed, and wasted CDs Apps
Over the last few days, I've been trying to burn my first CD's with iTunes for X on my G4/733 with the Superdrive. On my first attempt, I accidentally left the screensaver and drive sleep enabled, and continued to browse web sites, download files, and play with mySQL while the disc burned. I wound up with a coaster, and wrote it off to my failure to set things up correctly.

On the second attempt, I remembered to turn everything off, and left iTunes in the foreground while it worked. When it was done, I stuck the disc in the PC (as it's the most finicky machine about reading homebrew CD's), and it didn't read. On the Mac, it read, but wouldn't play at all. Coaster #2, but this time, I didn't know why.

Before the third attempt, on a hunch I went into iTunes' prefs, and set the burn speed to 1x instead of 8x. I had already set the buffer to "large", so I left that alone. Again, I left iTunes in the foreground while it worked. The play list was about an hour long, and I left for about 45 minutes. I was surprised to find the disc done when I returned, so I can't really say it burned at 1x -- I need to do some further testing to see how fast it actually burns. When I tried this disc in the PC, it worked great ... it also works in all the players I've tried it in, so it appears I had a successful burn.

Pending further investigation, I plan on burning all my CD's in iTunes at 1x; it may be worthwhile (at least for those with G4/733 Superdrive machines) for others to do the same. Anyone else had similar or different experiences on similar or different hardware?
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I just discovered (a colleague of mine) that when you double click on the rotating arrows in the main window in the, the activity window appears. That's a bit easier than selecting it in the Window menu.

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