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Synch iTunes between OS X and OS 9 Apps
To synchronize your playlists between iTunes for OS X and OS 9, simply replace the OS 9 iTunes library file (found on your OS 9 drive, /Documents/iTunes/iTunes Music Library) with an alias pointing to your OS X iTunes library (/Users/yourname/Documents/iTunes/iTunes Music Library).

[Editor's note: I accomplished the same result by going to the "Advanced" tab in preferences and setting the "Music Folder Location" to point to the same spot in both iTunes X and iTunes 9.]
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Apple's NetInfo Manager documentation Apps
NetInfo Manager (in /Applications/Utilities) is a very powerful utility for dealing with a number of advanced topics in Mac OS X, including moving a user's directory, managing groups, and setting passwords.

Until now, documentation has been hard to find. The X4U mailing list, however, contained a pointer to a 1.9mb Apple PDF file called "Understanding and Using NetInfo". There's a ton of information in this document that you may find useful and/or interesting if you'd like to more about the inner workings of OS X. Although it's written relative to OS X Server, it should be generally applicable to the consumer OS X package as well.

I've also added the URL to the permanent OS X links page here.
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Use TinkerTool to access GUI tweak options Apps
It's been mentioned here before, but TinkerTool is one of the nicer GUI-modification applications out there (and it's freeware!). A new version (1.4) was released yesterday, and it's added some nice new features, including:
  • Remembers the dock pinning and orientation setting between restarts
  • The ability to add a subtle drop-shadow to the dock (which looks VERY nice!)
  • More control over anti-aliasing, affecting more areas of the OS
If you haven't checked it out yet, you should take a look at it! It's a great example of wrapping a Mac-friendly GUI around some ugly terminal commands, resulting in a powerful and easy to use application.

If you download it today, use this link to download from the European site - the US mirror has not been updated yet with 1.4.
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Install and use Toast5 Preview without a reboot Apps
In this MacFixIt forum, 'Rosyna' has identified a way to install and use the new Toast5 OS X preview release without quitting all applications and rebooting (which the installer will force you to do).

Check it out if you're a licensed Toast5 owner and want to save application quitting and a reboot prior to burning data CD-R's.
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Sherlock word substitutions file Apps
I wonder if anyone noticed this but Sherlock includes English substitutions for the same words with different tenses.

Check /System/Library/Find/English Substitutions.

Editing this file can further refine your searches if you're particular over tenses.

If you're wondering why Sherlock won't search certain folders (including /System), that's because they're listed in the SkipFolders file in the same directory.

[Editor's note: If you plan on editing this file, I'd recommend making a backup copy first (sudo cp 'English Substitutions' 'English Substitutions.bak')]
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Dave 3.0 for X released as a free preview Apps
Just about everybody working in an NT world under Mac OS X should use Dave. Thursby Software made it available for free, waiting for a commecial release and , IMHO, that's really thinking different!

[Editor's note: Thursby Software has put up a support and download page for DaveX, and the actual file can be downloaded using this link. Just a heads-up that their server is quite busy, and the download may be very slow -- it took about 20 minutes for me to download it earlier this morning.]
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Keep your clock afloat between restarts Apps
I noticed that my preferences for, specifically the setting to have it as a free-floating clock and not in the dock, were lost each time I logged out. I know that this is a much less than ideal solution, but I figured that since I loaded Terminal on login anyway, I would just add a defaults line to my ~/.tcshrc file. Specifically, adding the following line to that file, and having Terminal load first on login, keeps the clock floating:
defaults write InDock "0"
I would more than welcome a reply from anyone who knows the right way to do this!

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Selecting and deleting items in mail Apps
I know some of you know this, but I guess most of you who do know this will get it wrong most of the time.

When you are selecting items in the mailbox in Mail, you drag the mouse downwards or upwards; to drag it to the trash, you drag it sideways until the envelope icon comes up and then drop it on the 'deleted messages' folder.

[Editor's note: There are a multitude of ways to do both of these (select, delete) tasks in mail; these are just two of the more interesting ones. The behavior that seems most unusual to me is the up/down drag select; I keep expecting it to move the item!]
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Tomb Raider Chronicles demo released Apps
Alongside Quake3, Tomb Raider is probably one of the more popular Mac action games. I noticed tonight that Aspyr has released a demo of the new Tomb Raider Chronicles for both OS 9 and OS X. After downloading and playing with the new OS X demo, I have to say I'm impressed. I was never a Tomb Raider fan, but the demo runs very smoothly on my box (admittedly a high-end machine), even at 1024x768 in 32-bit color.

I found the demo for downloading on CNET's new OS X Downloads page. For more info, or to download the demo, visit CNET's Tomb Raider Chronicles page.

Check it out if you're interested in seeing how the latest installment of the Tomb Raider product runs in OS X.
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Revise the date display in Apps
[Editor's note: Submitted by Moldy on July 8th.]

I figured out a way to edit's date and time system. I got pissed off at how it looked, with Month/Day/Year format and 12 hour time, so I decided to change it to how I want it.

Here is how to do it. Note: Later on, I will add in more info on how to change it to even more formats.
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