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Toast preview #1 expiration workaround Apps
Apparently the Toast preview release from Roxio had some sort of expiration date buried in the code - people are finding themselves suddenly unable to burn with Toast, as of sometime last weekend. From one of the various forums (I can't recall which one), the simple workaround is to set your clock backwards a week or so. Although this will mess up modification and creation dates on other files, the Toast Preview Release will be able to burn again.

Roxio's Toast beta site claims that Preview #2 is "coming soon", so this should be a short-lived workaround.
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Modify Internet Explorer's keyboard shortcuts Apps
Pierre Igot figured out how to modify Internet Explorer's menu shortcut keys, and wrote up a how-to in this thread on the MacFixIt forums.

Pierre's method involves modifying the Localized.rsrc file, which consists of binary data used by the application. Note that his method can be expanded to modify nearly any application by doing the same thing - editing the Localized.rsrc file for the application in question. Be careful, however, as these are binary files. They look like gibberish (for the most part) in your editor, and if you change the length of the file, it may not run when you're done. Work on a copy of the application, just to be safe!

If you'd like to modify IE's menu shortcuts, head over to MacFixIt for the scoop!

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[4,695 views]  View Printable Version and SSH or SSH2 Apps
I am using an AirPort network at home, and want to use a more secure way of sending mail. My mail server accepts connections over SSH, SSH2, TSL and SSL, but I can't find a way to configure to use these protocols.

Does anyone have an idea on how to accomplish a change of protocols in Or is this something that is best done in NetInfo Manager? I'd rather not remap the ports, since I have more than one mail account on different servers, and not all of them accept the secure protocols...
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Fast scroll text windows Apps
this might not be new to OS X, and/or this might be common knowledge - but it suprised the heck out of me... holding down the OPTION key while scrolling through a text window speeds up the scroll considerably (tested in BBEdit + TextEdit). great for code or getting through logs...

[Editor: I'm not sure when this was added, but it was news to me, too! Thanks for the tip, Anonymous!]
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Deleting IE's preferences Apps
Reader Tom Ransom wrote in with a problem and a solution -- how do you delete the Internet Explorer preferences in OS X? He was unable to download from any passive FTP hosts via IE, and thought trashing the preferences might cure the problem.

The typical method would be to trash from ~/Library/Preferences and that should do the trick. Tom tried this, but it had no affect on his problem. Through some detective work in the Terminal (since prefs files are now text-based XML and easily browsable), he determined that IE's prefs are actually stored in the file in your Preferences directory.

So if you're having trouble with passive FTP, try trashing that file (perhaps along with and relaunching IE. It worked for Tom!
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Managing BBEdit backup files Apps
I have long been a fan of BBEdit's backup option, but have loathed cleaning up after it. If you've used it, you know that it doesn't take long for literally thousands of files to accumulate. Fortunately OS X makes this a breeze with the aid cron and a shell script.

I use the following to perform a daily cleanup:
cd /path/to/bbedit_backups
mydate=`date +%Y%m%d`
mkdir $mydate
find . -name "200*" -type d -prune -o -type f -exec mv {} $mydate \;
find /path/to/BBEdit/BBEdit\ Support/FTP\ Temp -type f -exec mv {} $mydate \;
find . -type d -ctime +20 -exec rm -rf {} \;
Basically, this script goes into your backup folder, makes a new (sub)folder, and moves all of the backup files for that day into it. The FTP line moves all of the files in the FTP Temp folder into the newly created folder. Finally, the script removes any subfolder over 20 days old. (Alter to your own preference). Note that you must change the "/path/to" lines to match your setup.

[Editor: Remember that the script must be made executable (chmod 755 name_of_script) to run, and getting it working via 'cron' is left as an exercise for the reader -- there are tips posted elsewhere here on configuring cron. -rob.]
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Hide iMovie while rendering in the background Apps
While working on an iMovie project tonight, I noticed something about the (much much loved!) ability to render transitions and other effects in the background. I started a large number of transitions rendering (probably 10 or so), and then switched back to the Finder. The machine (a G4/733) was usable, but very very jerky. I saw the spinning rainbow occasionally, and switching apps and selecting menus was very slow.

In the interest of trying anything to see if I could regain some speed, I hid the iMovie application. Amazingly enough, this made a huge difference. Although I can still tell there's background work going on (the CPU meter is pegged, for example), I have full control over the machine, the windows don't lag, and I haven't seen the spinning rainbow since hiding iMovie.

This is a very small sample size (one machine!), so I hate to jump to conclusions, but I've repeated the experiment a number of times with the same results. If iMovie is visible in the background while rendering, the machine slows dramatically. If iMovie is hidden while rendering, it's hard to tell there's much out of the usual going on.

If you work in iMovie, give it a shot and let me know if you see similar results...I'm intrigued!

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UNIX GUI admin utility - The Moose's Apprentice Apps
i think i saw a link here about this--cant remember [Editor: I thought I remembered it, too, but can't find it anywhere!]. anyways, here's a really cool UNIX admin application i just downloaded. go to: The Moose's Apprentice page and check it out.

i haven't had time to "battle test" it yet, but the documentation is *excellent.* I'll use it tonight to restrict ftp users to their home app like this is precisely what ive been looking for. hope it lives up to its potential.

[Editor's note: Based on a quick five-minute look, this looks like a very impressive application. It gives you a GUI tool to manage many of the low-level UNIX tasks, such as cron jobs, FTP user access, allowed shells, and authorizing services by user and address. Worth a look-see if you're looking for a way of handling some of the UNIX stuff without diving into the terminal. A note of caution, though - this app will let you change things that you may not fully understand! Make sure you have some concept of what you're changing before you start tweaking the settings...]
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Numerical computation tools Apps
Gaurav Khanna sent me a pointer pointer to his page of heavy-duty numerical computation tools for OS X, including gcc, g77, MPI, and OpenMP. Check out Gaurav's ports here:

This stuff is way over my head, but if this is your field of interest, check out Gaurav's page. If you have feedback for him, just use the email link at the bottom of his page.
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Use regexps on header filters Apps
The default header filters in will fail to filter out headers like "Delivered-To:". To fix this, in the Preferences --> Viewing panel, on the Show Header Detail pop-up, click Custom then double click on the "To" filter, and change it to "^To:".

These filters are Regular Expressions, or regexps. They are patterns that match text. In regexp, a caret (^) at the beginning of the string means "the string starts with".

^To: - matches only strings that start with "To:".

The original pattern "To" happens to match the word "To" at the end of "Delivered-To". That's why you see that extra header line.

[Editor's note: regexps are incredibly powerful, and for those new to UNIX (like myself!), incredibly obtuse and confusing. I've been doing some reading on the web about them, and I found a tutorial written by Jan Borsodi which I found to be thorough and easy to read. Worth a view if you'd like to know more of what you can do with regexps; "^" is just the tip of the (large!) iceberg!]
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