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International spell checker for Cocoa apps Apps
If you use a language other than English (what, there are Mac users outside of America? ;-), you might want to give ObjectFarmSpell a look. ObjectFarmSpell adds the ability to spellcheck the German, French, Spanish and Italian languages from within most any Cocoa app.

How does it do this? In an example of the benefits of putting a full UNIX core under a consumer OS, ObjectFarmSpell is simply a set of hooks that connects Cocoa apps with ispell, an international spell checker for UNIX that's been around since 1971.

If you want to spell check non-English languages within Cocoa apps, try ObjectFarmSpell. Note that this is still a beta release, and there are more languages and features planned in the future.
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Tomcat 4.0 and 10.1 Apps
Here is a working solution in how to setup Tomcat 4.0 on 10.1 to run locally:

Before you start with the steps below put your current version of Stuffit Expander into the trash can. You can put it back after you are through with the installing. [Editor's note: I think you could also just make sure that you uncheck "tar" and "gz" files in Expander's "Internet" prefs, but haven't tested that myself.]

Read the rest of this article for a step-by-step on getting Tomcat running locally. I am working on a solution to set up Tomcat with Apache at the moment and will post a follow up on this. If anyone has Tomcat 4.0 with Apache on 10.1 running, please post a solution or any helpful comments.
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Remove the Stickies default notes Apps
Are you annoyed by the three default notes that pop up if you don't have any open Stickies when you launch the application? These three default notes come up even if you close them (which deletes typical Stickies notes) and get a little bothersome after a while.

They're easy to remove (and just as easy to restore!). If you'd like Stickies to just come up with a simple blank note if it doesn't have any active content, here's what to do.

First, quit Stickies if it happens to be running. Then, in the Finder, control click on Stickies in the Applications folder. Select "Show Package Contents" from the pop-up menu. When this new window opens, navigate to Contents -> Resources -> English.lproj. Drag the file called "StickiesDefaultDatabase" out of that window and put it somewhere safe - I keep a folder of 'hacked source' files in my Documents folder for future use. Close the package window(s) you've opened.

Now when you launch Stickies with no active notes, you'll just get one blank note. If you ever want the default notes back, just reverse the above instructions - drag the file back into the English.lproj folder.

International users should substitute the correct "language.lproj" for "English.lproj"; it looks like it should work the same way.
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Resending outbound mail in 10.1's Apps
In previous versions of, if you wanted to resend a sent message, it was quite easy. You simply double-clicked the message in the "Sent messages" folder, made any changes you wanted to, and then hit the "Send" button.

In 10.1, when you try this you'll notice there's no "Send" button. To resend a sent message, highlight the message in the "Sent messages" folder and then select File -> Restore from Draft. This works even if you didn't save the message as a draft in the first place. Restore from Draft will bring up the original message and recipient, along with the send button.

Not quite as easy as before, but it is still possible.
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Two ways to pin your 10.1 dock Apps
I don't know if any of the GUI utilities still work in 10.1, but I was able to pin my dock to one side (or top/bottom) by taking the original code for pinning from the 10.0.4 version of DockMenus.plist and adding it to the DockMenus.plist file in 10.1. Refer to the original instructions for editing this file in "Move and Corner your Dock".

The code I added to the 10.1 DockMenus.plist file (~/Library/Preferences/ after the closing [/dict] tag for key 1013 (as this was its original position) is as follows:
Happy pinning!

[Editor's note: The easy way to do this (but what fun is that?) is to get TinkerTool 2.0 Preview Release. Under 10.1, it installs as an additional preference panel - quite slick, actually, and still free!]
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Installing MAYA on OS X.1 Apps
I've been using MAYA for MAC for the past few weeks, and was pretty miffed Saturday when I realized that the install Procedure does not work in X.1 (MAYA is only qualified to work in X.04). So I figured out how to make it work ... here is the install procedure:
  1. Install OS X.04
  2. Follow the MAYA for Mac install procedure.
  3. Install the X.1 upgrade over X.04
You will now have MAYA running in X.1!
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SNAX - a Cocoa Finder replacement Apps
If you haven't had the chance yet, check out SNAX from CocoaTech. SNAX is a shareware Finder-replacement written entirely in Cocoa, and it has a number of interesting features, including:
  • A customizable toolbar
  • Contextual menus
  • Multiple Get Info windows
  • A preview pane which can be shown or hidden
  • Full keyboard navigation
  • Spring-loaded folders
  • A global menu showing running processes
Take a look at this screenshot of the main SNAX window to get an idea of some of SNAX' features. I've played with it for a couple of hours now, and I'm quite impressed. The speed is good, and it seems to offer most of the Finder's features and more without quite so much overhead.

UPDATE: On Friday, 10/5/2001, Snax 1.1 was released. This release is optimized for OS X 10.1, and includes numerous bug fixes, speed tweaks, and a few new features. It's notably faster than the previous version on my 10.1 installation...

If you like SNAX, you can do something even more interesting with it. I snapped this screenshot of my OS X 10.1 box earlier tonight. Notice that Snax is running but the Finder is not. That's because Snax is my Finder. It's relatively trivial to replace the Finder with any program you wish, and I replaced it with SNAX for this screenshot.

Read the rest of this article if you'd like to find out how to make SNAX your permanent Finder...
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Email downloading troubles in Apps
From the X4U mailing list, it appears there's a bug in in 10.1 that only affects some users who run with no rules enabled. In some circumstances, will not delete the messages on the server, leading to repetitive downloads of the same email over and over (even those that have been deleted and emptied from the trash). Cricket (an Apple software engineer) writes to the list with the solution:

"Do you have any Mail rules set up? If not, delete your MessageSorting.plist (from ~/Library/Mail) and restart Mail. That should take care of the problem, which should only affect some POP users that have no rules set up. We plan to fix this in a Software Update."
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DVD screen grabs in 10.1 Apps
[Editor's note: Tickingtimebomb contributed a tip on DVD screen grabs, which I wasn't able to test prior to posting. When I was able to test it, I had trouble replicating the results. In my haste to correct the tip, I chose to delete the posting and replaced it with the following. That was a mistake; I should have left the original posting in place and corrected the information. Sorry for the error in judgement, and credit for the following tip goes to Tickingtimebomb! -rob.]

It IS possible to take screenshots of DVD's, at least on some Macs. I was only successful when using SnapzPro for OS X and a bit of a contrived process on a machine with an NVidia GeForce3. I could not take snapshots on an ATI-equipped G4/350. If you've got an NVidia card, however, here's how it worked for me...

To take a DVD screenshot, launch the DVD player first, and find the image in the film you wish to capture. Pause the DVD player, and make sure the window is positioned such that no Finder windows will cover any portion of the image. Now activate the Finder and launch SnapzPro (even if it's already running) from your Applications folder. Once it's launched, immediately press the SnapzPro activation keys (shift-command-3 by default, but I switched them in 10.1 to shift-command-5). Do NOT click on the DVD player again, or you will have to re-launch SnapzPro. If you've done this right, the SnapzPro window capture menu will come up, and you can then capture a region or the whole screen, and the DVD output will be included.

This worked on the three movies I tried it on, but if anyone knows of an easier method, please let us know via the comments!
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Where to find attachments Apps
I was curious if anyone knows where the OS X Mail App keeps attachments/documents that you are working on when you open them from a mail message? I was working on a Word doc and saved consistently, but soon realized that it was just saving the open Word document to some ether land and not to an actual apparent location.. Is there any way to recover this document?

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