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Entourage X modem dialing bug fix Apps
I love Entourage X, but I have had one constant problem since I have been using it, which has been driving me to distraction, until now.

Whenever I launched Entourage and I didn't have an active internet connection, Entourage would automatically dial my Powerbook's internal modem. Only problem is, I have an ADSL connection using my Ethernet port! I would have to cancel the modem's dial attempt, and then activate the PPPoE connection via the menubar manually. I figured it was an Entourage bug, until now.

I was recently playing with the Location settings in the Apple Menu, and stumbled across a section of the Network Preference Pane I had completely missed, up until now.

Simply launch the Network Preference Pane, and under the "Show" drop-down menu, select Active Network Ports. In my case, I only use the Built-in Ethernet port for my connection, so I moved that port to the top of the list, and deselected the rest. I saved my changes, and launched Entourage without an active internet connection, and to my great satisfaction found that Entourage automatically connected via my ADSL Built-in Ethernet connection!

I hope this is as helpful to someone else as it was to me....
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Use the mouse to switch DVD Player modes Apps
I found this simple little trick a few days ago, and was shocked that no one had posted it yet.

While a DVD is playing (in DVD player), double click on the DVD window and it will go full screen. Double click again, and the DVD will go back to "windowed" mode.
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Auto-backup of the Stickies database Apps
This AppleScript maintains three backups of the Stickies file to compensate for the occasional lost Stickies problem in MacOS X.

Save this script as an application (from ScriptEditor) and use it to start-up Stickies in your Login items. It will rotate the backups before starting. I maintain multiple backups in case you log in more than once before noticing that your stickies file has been swiped clean.

Read the rest of the article for the script.
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A Quake3 launcher script for GameRanger Apps
I got sick of trying to join a Quake3 game from GameRanger and having to have Quake3 open up, quit it, open the GameRanger.cfg file, get the IP, etc so I made up a shell script to pretty much do that for me. This script will search your HD for your Quake3 folder and the GameRanger.cfg file, load in your settings, and launch Q3 with those settings while killing any other open copies. Enjoy!

Read the rest of the article for the script...
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Palm Background app and the system log Apps
I just realized that two lines of this kind are added every two seconds in my system.log (/var/log/system.log). They are shown on two lines each below to narrow the story width:
Jan 21 01:16:28 localhost mach_kernel: USB:  262.604: AppleUSBOHCI(0x188F000)::
ReturnOneTransaction - found the end of the transaction(0x97C73F0)!
Jan 21 01:16:28 localhost mach_kernel: USB: 262.604: -AppleUSBOHCI(0x188F000)::
ReturnOneTransaction - done, new queue head (L0x97C8180, P0x80F1E801) V0x1E8F180
It stops if I kill background palm application...

[Editor's note: Strangely enough, I do not have this entry in my log file on either machine that runs the Palm Background app. It's probably worth a quick look to see if yours is filling up quickly, though -- command-tilde then /var/log and check the size of system.log.]
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Convert PostScript to PDF with a double-click Apps
I was searching for printing solutions under Classic, and had just created a Postscript file (.ps).

I was pleasantly surprised to find that double-clicking the postscript file opened TeXShop (see below) which automagically converted the file to PDF and displayed it. The .pdf file is stored in the same directory as the original .ps file.

Checking the details, I found that TeXShop 1.13, a very good and free front-end for teTeX on MacOS X, also acts as a perfect front-end to Ghostscript. Ghostscript can convert both .eps and .ps files to PDF. Complete installation instructions for TeXShop and teTeX (including Ghostscript) can be found at the TeXShop site.

Kudos to the authors of TeXShop!
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Make iPhoto imported pictures usable in iMovie Apps
Several sites have noted that once you've imported a JPEG into iPhoto, the image is no longer usable in iMovie. After a bit of testing, I verified that this was indeed true - no image in my new 1,000-image library was importable in iMovie. Knowing that the files were still, in fact, JPEG images, I figured it couldn't be too hard to find out what was preventing iMovie from seeing the image files as importable. As it turns out, my hunch was correct ... remember, you saw it here first! :-)

The Answer: If you want to import an iPhoto-captured JPEG into iMovie, all you need to do is set the TYPE attribute for the image in question to "JPEG". You can do this in Classic with ResEdit. There should be a way to do it using the "XFiles" utility in OS X, but the attributes section was greyed out on my machine. Once you've set the "JPEG" type code, you should be able to import the image into iMovie. It appears that iPhoto strips the "JPEG" type code, and iMovie only sees images that have this type code set.

I tested relatively extensively with iPhoto, and it appears there are no downsides within iPhoto. All of the images I tweaked are still functional in iPhoto, and yet they are also now usable in iMovie. Still, make these changes at your own risk (but it's easy to change them back if something doesn't work right!). I guess this is a limitation on iMovie more than iPhoto - it appears iMovie ignores any image that doesn't have it's TYPE set to JPEG (this is conjecture on my part, though).

Of course, changing one image at a time is a bit of a pain, so read the rest of the article if you'd like to know how to change a large number of images at once using the Terminal (requires the Developer Tools as well).
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A shell script to improve Quake3 performance Apps
I just updated my copy of Quake III to go with Mac OS X on my TiBook (odd that it was installed for six months but not for OS X...), and I wanted to get better performance out of it. So I made the following shell script. i used this tip to make it launchable under the finder and this tip to make it renice without prompting for a password. Lastly, to put finishing touches on it, I put the Quake III icon on to my shell script, called "run Quake III.command�
cd /path/to/
ps -ax | grep Quake3 | grep -v grep
sudo renice -20 -p `ps -ax | grep Quake3 | grep -v grep | cut -c1-5`
Read the rest of the article for a sample Quake3 config file that may help further increase your framerates...
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Activating audio in MyTV X Apps
If you aren't getting an audio with the alpha version of MyTV X, it may be that your Mac isn't activating the external microphone jack. With MyTV, video is transmitted to the Mac via USB, but audio is sent separately to the audio input jack.

Under OS 9, audio input sources were selected in the "Sound" Control Panel. But, under OS X, the "Sound" System Preference application does not provide this functionality. The input selection is found hidden away in the "Speech" System Preference application, under the "Listening" tab. Change the "Microphone" selection from "Internal Microphone" to "External Microphone/Line In".

Also remember that you may need to "enable" audio in the MyTV application itself. There is a check box for this under the "audio" tab.
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Print iPhoto books using PDF files Apps
For those of us in the unfortunate parts of the world that cannot order the gorgeous iPhoto books, we can still print those books on our own printers, or make them into equally gorgeous PDF's for sharing. It's easy to do, just choose "Print" in the 'Book' mode (not the preview view in Book mode, though), then hit the "Preview" button in the print dialog, and "Save as PDF" in Preview.

[Editor's note: It's actually even easier than this if you don't want to see the preview of the PDF file first. Just select "Output Options" from the print dialog box, click on "Save as File" and then select PDF as the file format.]
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