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Forward email to a mobile phone Apps
So I just read the Knowledge Base article about iCal and the Address Book and wondered if one could do the same type of thing in different programs. Sure enough you can! I went to the Mail application in 10.2 and set a new rule for my incoming mail. The rule should read like this:

If ANY of the following conditions are met: EVERY MESSAGE CONTAINS [your email address], perform the following actions: FORWARD MESSAGE to [your mobile email address] and hit OK. Now whenever you recieve an email in your inbox, you will get the message on your phone. You can tweak the EVERY MESSAGE to be anything you want so you can be more specific if you would like.
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Open documents in X11 apps from the Finder Apps
There's a thread in the macosxhints forums discussing a way of opening a document in an X11 application by simply double-clicking on it in the Finder. The following is taken from the forum, as written by the author of the solution:
Problem solved!
Well here is a solution to the problem, maybe not the best one but it WORKS and you can double-click documents associated with an X11 application and have them open!
The solution is a program called XL. XL can open, by default, documents with .ps, .xpm, .tex, and .lyx extensions, but you can (taken from the info on the site) "map any document type to any application by simply double-clicking on the XL icon and selecting preferences from the XL menu."

This is free (email-ware) alpha-level software, but it works. There are some glitches (such as launching multiple occurrences of an X11 app for each document double-clicked), but it's about the only thing I've seen that allows a Finder double-click to open a document in an X11 application.
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Stuck iCal calendar updates can impact CPU usage Apps
Over the past few days, when I get up I have noticed my CPU utilization going through the roof. So, I take a closer look via top in my terminal window and I see iCal sucking down 106% CPU utilization of my Dual 867 (2GB RAM). I leave iCal running all the time, so I expand its window from my dock and it appears to be updating my subscriptions. Well, almost everyday it gets stuck updating one of my calendars (seemingly a different one every time). I have a total of 16 calendars with 12 "Daily" subscriptions.

By unchecking and rechecking the display calendar box, the update stops. Now, saying all that, my tip is to check your CPU utilization if you leave iCal running and potentially reclaim your CPU cycles! I know this is more a bug than a tip but ... cycles are cycles!
Hope this helps!
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Watch a semi-transparent QuickTime movie Apps
Drag a quicktime movie to note in Stickies and then set the note to translucent (Shift-Command-T). The movie becomes translucent as well and can be played within the note. Useless but cool.

[Editor's note: Stickies asked me if I wanted to copy the contents or simply alias them; I chose alias and it worked fine. Resize the note until you can see the QuickTime control bar (or Control-click for a pop-up controller menu). It was fairly impressive to see how smoothly the transparent movie played while dragging it around the screen.]
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Organize radio stations like songs in iTunes Apps
The iTunes radio stations can be dragged into the Library and playlists just like MP3 files. Once you've done this, you can edit the tags to organize them however you like. I set the Artist to "Radio Station," and the genre to whatever applies. Then I have a smart playlist of all songs which contain the artist "Radio Station." Turn browsing on, and you're no longer limited to Apple's categories. You can also download .pls files from a shoutcast server and drag it to iTunes to add stations that aren't in Apple's list.

I would recommend though, that you uncheck radio stations that are in your library. I haven't tried it, but I suspect that if you were playing your library on random and iTunes landed on a station that it would be stuck on it till you hit stop.

Because you can have radio stations in playlists you can use this hint to wake up to your favorite station via iCal.
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Mail remembers minimized windows and more Apps
In OS X v10.2, Apple's Mail application remembers minimized windows through multiple quits/login sessions:
  1. Double click a message to open it in a new window.
  2. Scroll some
  3. Minimize message window
  4. Quit
  5. Relaunch
The minimized windows are still in the Dock, at the same position (in the text) where you left them!

I discovered this by logging out (so Mail quit) and logging back in. I don't know if this works in other applications, I suspect it to be application specific, rather than a systemwide feature.
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Possible iTunes mini Easter Egg Apps
This is an Easter Egg (or who knows, maybe it's a "feature") that has, as far as I know, been in iTunes since 1.0. I tested it again today with 3.0.1, and it's still there. As far as I know, this is completely undocumented.

Open iTunes and then select "About iTunes..." from the application menu. The text scrolls upwards, but if you hold the Option key, the text will scroll backwards. You can even tap the Option key if you like, to "scratch" the text along with your music, like a DJ would a record.

[Editor's note: This has absolutely no effect on my iTunes 3.01 installation in 10.2.1 on my G4/733 with the Apple keyboard. But it worked as described on our iBook. Odd!]
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A workaround for Retrospect launch bug in 10.2 Apps
I was getting very frustrated with Retrospect not launching automatically in 10.2 Turning on the console confirms that retrorun crashes everytime it tries to launch. I thought I was doing something wrong, but after checking the Dantz website, it turns out that this is a known bug.

The workaround is simple. Use Cronnix (freeware) to create a crontab that launches Retrospect at a specified time. Here is an example of my cron entry for Retrospect:
Min 0 Hour 1 MDay * Month * WDay * 
Command /usr/bin/open "/Applications/Utilities/
Retrospect 5.0/Retrospect"
Note: shown on three lines, needs to be one line ... this launches Retrospect every day at 1:00AM, which is perfect since my backup script launches at 2:00AM.

BTW, now that you know about Cronnix, you may find it useful for other tasks. I also have it launch my Calendar every morning at 6:00AM, so when I get up it's the first thing I see on my screen.
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A fix for OroborOSX hang at startup Apps
I had OroborOSX (XDarwin's nice window manager and launcher) constantly hanging at startup since installing Jaguar. I checked the various sources of help and finally found the solution in this thread on the SourceForge forums (go to the end of the thread...).

Basically, it comes from a conflict between Unsanity's APE (Application Enhancer, used for FruitMenu, WindowShade, etc.) and XDarwin. Excluding OroborOSX from the applications that are "enhanced" by FruitMenu, WindowShade or any of the Unsanity's PrefPanels restores OroborOSX functionality.

Hope they get this thing fixed soon!
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Change print output by changing window size Apps
I just found out that you can adjust the zoom while printing in TextEdit by changing the window size (at least for .txt files). For example, if you make your window big, the resulting printed page will have really small text, allowing more on the page (ideally to have the print out look like the current on screen display).

[Editor's note: This exact same thing also happens in, but those are the only two Cocoa apps I tested it in. It seems wrong to me that a document with a fixed size font will vary its output size based on the size of the display window. After all, it's still a 12 point Verdana, even if the page is now drawn larger. Can anyone explain why this is either the expected or correct behavior??]
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