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Downtime this morning... Site News
We were down for a couple hours this morning -- apparently the upgrade (required due to some vulnerabilities in the prior version of the site admin software) has done something to our RAM usage, and the machine decided to call it quits around 6:30am my time this morning.

We think we've got it figured out, but due to the troubleshooting time, I didn't have the normal amount of time for hint editing and research, so there's only a handful this morning...

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Possible server downtime this evening... Site News
We'll be working on some security upgrade this evening, starting anytime after 5:00pm Pacific USA time. I don't anticipate any extended downtime, but then again, I never do, it just seems to happen!

So if you try to reach the site this evening and can't, the maintenance is probably the reason (besides, it's Friday night anyway, what are you doing trying to read hints?!).

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No hints today -- it's moving day! Site News
Have a great weekend everyone, and we'll be back to hints as usual no later than Monday morning (the net connection is up and running at the new place, so that's one less thing to worry about this weekend).

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Low hint counts today through the weekend... Site News
Sorry for the low hint count today, but it's going to be like that for the remainder of the week -- we're moving to a new home (one with fewer stairs for baby (and aging father!) to negotiate) on Friday, and have much to do between now and then ... things should return to normal on Monday morning, assuming the cable modem connection goes well tomorrow afternoon!

I'll try to get a few online at lunch time today and again tomorrow morning, but Friday is probably shot, as we'll be working with the movers and all my gear will be packed (and no, I'm not trusting the movers with the Mac equipment -- it's going in my car!).

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No more '10.3 coded' hints... Site News
Based on the results of the current poll, which shows over 80% of the readers here (at least, of those who voted) running on Panther, I've decided that there's no longer a need to code the "10.3" hints. The Panther meta-hint contains a list of 431 Panther-specific hints posted, updated through yesterday, and that's where it will stop...

From now on, I won't be updating the list, and I won't be coding a hint to be 10.3 only -- in fact, just the opposite will happen. If I receive a hint that fails in my testing (on my 10.3 machine), I'll correspond with the author to find out if they're running a pre-10.3 release, and if so, I'll note that it's a pre-Panther hint. But since I haven't seen a hint that didn't work in Panther in a few months, I don't expect many of those.

The other reason for the change is that more and more apps are coming out with Panther-only versions or features, which makes the "10.3" thing a bit of a misnomer -- technically, every Safari 1.2 hint should also be coded "10.3".

I'm sure this will irk a few people, but the extra time each day that I spend not having to code the hints and update the meta-hint means a few more minutes available for testing and publishing the hints in the queue!

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More hints later today... Site News
I'll be posting more hints later this afternoon and hopefully this evening; due to some late-night 'tech support calls' from our seven-month-old daughter last night, my usual early rise-and-shine routine was seriously interrupted today!

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Weekend [downtime] update... Site News
We had a bunch of related issues this weekend and into this morning. The first was a second hard drive issue, which we resolved (we thought) on Sunday. Then last night, our host swapped our primary hard drive into another machine, ostensibly to fix the already fixed second hard drive issue.

Unfortunately, in doing this, we went from 2gb of RAM to 1gb of RAM, which led to some horrendous slowdowns this morning. It seems that we have everything back to normal now, though -- sorry for all the disappearing acts!

Tomorrow, I'm going to publish a selection of hints on some of the new iLife apps; I noticed there are a few in the queue, so I'll push them out as quickly as I can!

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macosxhints downtime this morning... Site News
We had a hard drive issue that started this morning and lasted for about four hours.

All should be back to normal now, and there are a bunch of new hints for you all to catch up on (thanks to the fact that I work on new hints on my desktop machine!).

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It's Macworld 2004 Keynote day! Site News
Assuming a couple of things (my pass actually gets me into the keynote, and that the wireless network is working there), then I'll be posting live updates from the keynote a bit later this morning.

To make page loading fast and easy, I've set up a very simple plain HTML page for the udpates:

Macworld 2004 Keynote Updates

If I can't get in or online, you'll know it because the above page won't ever change :).

Update: Well, I was there, but there wasn't any wireless connectivity available (except to Steve!), so no updates. My take on the day's news, after having heard it and toured the floor? The G5 XServes are very slick boxes (though still no dual power supplies, from what I can see); Final Cut Express 2 looks like a solid update; and the iLife updates are all appreciated, especially the speed in iPhoto.

Regarding the iPod mini, here's my take on it after spending a few minutes with one. I much prefer the mini's "buttons on scroll wheel" setup -- the "soft" buttons on the main iPod are just too sensitive to the touch; the mini's buttons require a definite click to activate. The brushed aluminum is really nice, and the size is nice draw. However, I think Apple missed the pricing sweet spot by $75 to $100 or so -- using Steve's own "only $50 more" example from the keynote, for only $50 more, you can get a real iPod, and it's now 15gb instead of 10gb -- so that's 4x the storage for $50. At $149, they probably would have sold as many as they could make; at $249, I think they may find them sitting on shelves ... only time will tell, of course.

I asked someone in the Apple booth about iPhoto and free vs. pay availability. Here's what I was told, at least as of today: The new iPhoto will only be available as part of the iLife '04 package; it will not be downloadable. This matches the treatment that Apple gives iMovie and iDVD -- they're both bundled with new Macs, or they're available as part of iLife. So as of today, it appears the only remaining free iApp is iTunes, and I expect (since it sells iPods) that it will remain free for the forseeable future. From my seat, the speed gains and "on the fly" handling of rotation, rating, and deletion of new photos make it worth the $49 all by itself; the other new features in iDVD and iMovie are just icing on the cake.
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Happy New Year ... and we're (nearly) back to normal... Site News
I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday season. In general, we had a great time visiting relatives back in Colorado ... other than a nasty fast-moving flu bug that caught us both by surprise on our last day at home! I'm now back in Oregon (where we have more snow than we saw in Colorado, go figure!), and things should soon return to normal relative to your daily dose of hints. There are a few new ones today, and I'll work on the backlog a bit over the weekend.

Next week, I'll be at Macworld on Tuesday to see the keynote and the show floor. If anyone wants to hook up and say hi, just drop me an email and we'll work something out. If the show floor wireless network is working and access is allowed, I'll post keynote updates during the presentation on Tuesday. Otherwise, daily updates should occur as normal on Monday and Wednesday...

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