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Power button changes in Mavericks Laptop Macs
Apple changed the behavior of the Power button in 10.9 Mavericks.

Press the button once, and it puts your display to sleep. Press and hold it for a second or two, and the Shutdown / Restart / Sleep dialog appears. Press and hold it for even longer, and your Mac gets completely powered off.
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Mavericks - Finally a service to open a terminal from a specific folder System 10.9
Right mouse click and choose Services > New Terminal at Folder

I've tried different apps to be able to open a Terminal shell from a specific folder. Finally in Mavericks you can add a Service to do that. In System Preferences choose Keyboard and then Shortcuts. From the left side nav, choose Services. Then from the main area under Files and Folders, choose New Terminal at Folder and/or New Terminal Tab at Folder. Now you can right mouse click or control click on a folder and choose Services > New Terminal at Folder.
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Sync the current loginwindow text to the FileVault unlock screen System
You can use the following command to sync the current loginwindow text to the FDE loginwindow:

sudo touch /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/EFILogin.framework/Resources/EFIResourceBuilder.bundle/Contents/Resources
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Workaround GateKeeper for Non-Apps Apps
GateKeeper will block files from opening that it thinks are command line apps.

I was trying to open in TextWrangler sample .ncx and .opf files that I had downloaded from an Amazon forum. The Mac saw them as command line apps, and when dragging them onto TextWrangler's icon, I got an alert from GateKeeper. Since they're files, the contextual menu "Open" command didn't work. When I went into the Security preference pane to temporarily disable GateKeeper, I noticed that it had a message about the last thing that was prevented from opening, with a button to open anyway, and the file opened right away in TextWrangler. (Note that I didn't try changing the "open in" app using Get Info, which may have worked also.)
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Trimming Apple Mail to prevent iCloud storage from getting full
So, as a paid user of MobileMe, Apple provided you with 20 GB of iCloud storage. Suddenly, in October ’13, Apple removed 15 GB of that, and you’re getting messages from Apple that your iCloud storage is getting full, or even the dreaded message, “Your iCloud storage is full… You can no longer send or receive messages with your iCloud email address…” Apple is strongly encouraging you to buy more storage. Do you have any other options?

As Apple suggests, go to System Preferences > iCloud > Manage > Mail. At that point, Apple recommends, “To free up storage used by Mail, erase messages in the Junk and Trash folders.”

That’s a good start, but that’s not nearly enough. If that shows that Mail really is the culprit in hogging your iCloud storage, try deleting the attachments from your received and sent mail! That can reduce your iCloud storage tremendously. (That alone cut mine down from about 4.8 GB to 1.2 GB).

To find your mail with attachments, in Apple Mail, you can go to View > Sort by Attachments. Make certain the files are shown in descending size, so you can easily find your mail with attachments. Alternatively, you can create a Smart Mailbox by going to Mailbox > New Smart Mailbox. Name your Smart Mailbox “Has Attachments” and set the condition to “Contains Attachments.” Select “Include messages from Sent” but deselect “Include messages from Trash.”

Once you’ve found your mail with attachments, save any attachments that you want to keep (one way to do is is to go to File > Save Attachments). After you’ve saved any desired attachments, select the messages with attachments, and go to Message > Remove Attachments. If you want, delete those messages too. You may have cleared gigabytes of iCloud storage.
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Drag Finder Window's Proxy Icon to add tab System 10.9
A new tab can be added to a Finder window that already has tabs by dragging a folder's proxy icon to the plus sign that appears in the tabbed window.

You probably know you can drag the proxy icon of a Mavericks Finder window to another Finder window's tab to move or copy it to the tab's folder. You can add the folder as a tab to a Finder window that already has tabs if you drag its proxy icon to the plus (+) icon next to the right-most tab of the tabbed window.
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Mavericks: Zooming images and PDFs in Quick Look is back System 10.9
In Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the functionality to zoom in and out of PDFs in Quick Look is back: Press and hold the Option key while scrolling with two fingers.

Moreover, the images in Quick Look can be zoomed in to actual size by just pressing the option key.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to select text from text files in Quick Look.
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Free iLife and iWork apps also available for your older iOS devices iOS devices
As you probably know the brandnew iOS devices like the iPad Air enable you to download the iWork and iLife apps for free. What I didn’t know is that once you downloaded them to your new device, they will also be available for free on your older devices.

In my case I bought an iPad Air and also got the apps for free on my older iPhone 5. It makes kinda sense, since the download is tied to your Apple ID, but I still didn’t think about that until I noticed them downloading on my iPhone. In my case Automatic Downlods were enabled. So if you have this unchecked you just need to download the apps manually. The will show the Cloud icon instead of a price.

No great hint, but maybe someone else didn’t think about that, too.
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Tweak the scrubbing speed in iOS 7's Music app Apps
When you're playing music in the Music app in iOS 7, there's a thin red playhead that you can drag to adjust the song's playback position. Tap and drag it around for what Apple calls "Hi-Speed Scrubbing." (Why it's not "high," I can't say. Maybe the programmers were hi.)

Here's the hint: You can adjust the speed at which you're scrubbing through the song, if you need finer-grained control: Tap and hold on the red line, and then drag your finger upwards.

As you drag up the screen, you'll note that there three other gradations of scrubbing speed: Half-Speed Scrubbing, Quarter-Speed Scrubbing, and finally Fine Scrubbing; that last mode lets you scrub through the song second by second.
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Open QuickLook previews in other apps System
In Mavericks, when you QuickLook files, there's an Open In button at the upper right, which lets you open the previewed document in the default app associated with the file in question.

But what if you want to open the document in a different app? For example, you're previewing a Microsoft Word document, but would prefer to open the file in Preview instead.

Just click and hold on the Open In Microsoft Word button, and a list of other, compatible apps appears. Choose the one you're after, and you're good to go.
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