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Printing to unsupported printers System
'Anonymous' contributed this tip...I haven't been able to test it, as my printer is connected via a USB-to-serial connector which doesn't work in Classic, of course.

"I found a nifty way to print to my supposedly "Unsupported Printer," in OS X native applications. Just press preview to save the printer output to PDF and open the PDF with a Classic application like Acrobat Reader. You can then just print as you usually would in Classic (assuming you have loaded classic with all your old printer driver extensions).

This seems to work for my Epson Photo 750 although it may not work for others."
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Applications folder ownership problem and fix System
My 'Applications' folder has a strange owner. It's simply owned by "", with no name. Every time I try to add an application (by just dragging it to the window) I get this error:

The item "pepper -3.6" could not be moved because "Applications" cannot be modified.

I can get around this by logging in as root and moving files using the command line, but I don't get who this owner "" is, and why it;s there. Any suggestions??

Thank you, Alex Colomb.
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Edit the Apache web server config file UNIX
In the Public Beta, the Apache web server's configuration file lived in:
With the final, Apple has (for some reason) returned to a more standard (I believe) structure. You can now find the config file here:
Sneaky devils, those Apple engineers! I tested it by changing the port assignment, and it worked, so this is indeed the active configuration file.
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What to do about a deleted root account System
I installed the final release of OS X today. I set up my account just as I did with the public beta, except when I am in terminal at the command line, and I try to become superuser, it doesn't let me. It says "sorry" and that is the end of it.

I tried changing the root password in the NetInfo Manager app, but that was unsuccessful. So I deleted the root account! Now I can't do anything with netinfo manager and I can't "su" at the command line, as it says, "su: unknown login root."

What can I do without wiping out my disk and starting from scratch? Is there a way to create a new root user?

Any help would be appreciated.
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ColorSync profiles won't transfer from OS 9 System
In OS 9, I used a ColorSync profile that made my screen look wonderful, but it won't work in OS X. It doesn't show up as a choice in the Monitor control panel as a display profile (in the Color tab). I've tried calibrating my monitor, but I can't get results that are as good as they were with this profile. If anyone could help me get this to work, I'd really appreciate it.

[Later that same day...] Well, I figured out my problem. Apparently, over the months that I've had the profile, it was corrupted through many moves and copies. So I just downloaded it again from xlr8yourmac, and it worked.

So if you're having trouble moving a ColorSync profile from OS 9 to OS X, make sure your profile hasn't become corrupted somehow; start with a fresh copy if you can.
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Move the drawer to the left Apps
In, the default behavior for the drawer (which containsis to appear on the right edge of the window. Coming from Eudora, I much prefer to see it on the left, but there's no preference setting for 'drawer side.'

Solution? Elegant, simple, and (as near as I can tell), undocumented. Simply take a message in the inbox, and drag it towards the left edge of the screen. The drawer will magically switch sides! will remember this setting the next time you launch it, too.

Thanks for this tip go to 'cricket,' who works for Apple on the mail team and hangs out on the 'X4U' mailing list, hosted by The Macintosh Guy (also in Portland, I might add - it's a hotbed of Mac addicts!). See the links area for a direct link to the mailing list subscription page.
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Delete tip in terminal app Apps
When you want to delete a long text string you just entered in the terminal window (instead of pressing the backspace repeatedly), hit ESC and then backspace. This will delete backwards to the previous break in the text string.
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Installing OS X final over the Public Beta Install
[Editor's note: See the comments for evidence as to why a clean install is probably the best way to install the Final...]

Is it safe to install OSX on top of OSX public beta without losing stuff ? Looks like I'll be upgrading on Monday, as Apple UK failed to deliver on the release date.

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It happened at midnight... Site News

There'll be something a bit more interesting there by Monday, I promise!
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'Mac OS X v10.0 Review and Benchmarks' published Site News
Slogan-The Power of TenI have now posted my official review of Mac OS X version 10.0, which includes an extensive page of benchmark test results. You can either read the review, or jump straight to the Benchmark Results page. The review runs four pages, and includes information on installation, performance, bugs, and general observations. Let me know if you find it useful, or if you have any questions about anything I wrote.

On Friday night, we visited PowerMacPac, a local Apple-only dealer. They opened at 11:00pm, providing free cookies and soda, and gave an overview of OS X to about 75 or 80 "Macaholics" for an hour. At 12:01am, they began selling OS X. The first 50 customers received a nice t-shirt with a blue X on the front, and the slogan you see here on the back. The fact that you see a t-shirt picture here means that yes, I now own two copies of OS X (I bought the 40th copy at around 12:15am). The second copy will be going to my father-in-law sometime in the near future, but I'm keeping the t-shirt! They also had Titanium PowerBooks and the 22" Cinema Display in stock, so I guess I got out cheap! :-)
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