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Instantly reveal long filenames Desktop
When you use a filename that's too long for the Finder to display, OS X replaces the middle portion of the name with "...". You can make the full name show up by hovering over the name for a second, or editing the filename with a click and mouse movement.

A much much quicker method is to simply browse the file list wth the option key held down. Every filename will instantly expand as you mouse over it's position in the list. Cool!

I read this on one of the 10,000 different web pages I visited this weekend ... sorry I can't remember the source!
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Soundsticks work just fine in OS X retail System
I would just like to say that you don't need to remove any files to get soundsticks to work, as was required in the beta. I plugged mine into my Cube 450 and they didn't work at first, but after I downloaded iTunes I noticed they worked, just not loud enough (system was set at max volume) ... so I lowered the volume, and the actual volume jumped up. Apparently, X does work with soundsticks, just not right away.

I got X on my system on the 24th, and now it's two days later and I haven't restarted yet!
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Installing SSH on OS X release version UNIX
I've purchased and installed Mac OS X on my Blue & White G3. Now I'm looking for ssh. Is it missing from this release? It was present in the Public Beta and I need secure telnet to be able to work from home.

Typing 'ssh' in a terminal session results in the shell trying to resolve my unknown command to 'sh' instead.

I have installed everything available on both the Mac OS X Installation CD and the Developer Tools CD. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Steven M. Fish

[Editor's Note: See the comments for a couple of methods for installing SSH. The URL for the Stepwise how-to is:

I haven't done this yet, but it's on today's project list!]
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Import into Apple's Apps
Apple has provided scripts to import your mail from your current mail program to the It even has a script for Entourage and it works flawlessly! Just don't click on the Apple Script icon in the dock while it's working because it'll give you a funny error. Just let it do its thing, continue surfing (gotta love multi-tasking) and it'll tell you when it's finished. Too bad it doesn't import rules as well. Here's the link:

Mail import script
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A discussion on running multiple finders System
Ok. The finder is not threaded and it can be slowed down by processes (like accessing your iDisk). Sure, the rest of the system is not slowed down, but what if I want to navigate my hard drive? Is there some way to launch multiple finders? A while back, someone made the suggestion of having multiple desktops in the beta to be able to be root sometimes, but not others. I tried his suggestions and they don't seem to work anymore.

Here's what I did:
  1. Logged in as root.
  2. Found (located in /system/library/coreservices)
  3. Made a copy of (the application, not the fake finder)
  4. Moved it to /Applications and renamed it
  5. Logged out and in as my normal account
  6. Tried to launch the new app and I got an error that the items are used by the finder and cannot be opened
The reason I did this is to get around times when the finder is busy. There's got to be a way (I think that SJ hinted at it when he said that there may be one day when we have multiple finders at MWSF). Let's get this working!
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Apple's OS X feedback page System
I put this up in the links section, but I figure it's worth repeating in the main body. Apple has put their feedback page online again, so we all have a chance to send in our rants and raves. Let them know what's important to you and what you really need to see before you can head to X-land full time, and before OS X is pre-installed this summer. Here's the URL:

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Relocating the 'Users' directory UNIX
[Editor's note: See the comments for a walk-through on how to successfully move your 'Users' folder to another hard drive.]

I'm interested in relocating my Users directory to seperate partition on my hard drive, to make sure there's plenty of room for all my users files. Knowing that Unix requires certain folders/files to be in certain locations, is this possible? If so, what other files/prefs will I have to change in order to make sure the system understands this? (BTW, I'm a total unix newbie, but very keen to learn!)
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Carbonized SimpleText Apps

dunno if y'all know, but there's a carbonized simple text version in the "extras" folder on the developer cd. though no big deal, it always helps to have one more native x-app ... and everyone suffering from classic starting up when doubleclicking a simple "read me" might appreciate this. :)
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Keyboard modifiers and drag-to-dock behaviors Desktop
i just saw a nice feature of the dock : when you drag an object (file or folder) onto the right side, it tries to move other items to let you drop the object into an empty space.

if you want to quickly drop "into" a folder, just press the command key, and the empty space will disappear....

[Editor: This is pretty slick; hit the command key, watch the open space disappear. You can also hold down command before you drag the object, and the space will never open up in the first place!]

NEW INFO: You can also hold down CMD-OPTION while dragging, and this will force the system to use the app you are hovering over to open the file you are dropping.
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UK daylight savings time System
For UK users...

I you find that your OSX is still showing GMT instead of BST (British Summer Time) after this morning's changeover, go into the system prefs, date & time, time zone, and then change the pulldown menu setting from "United Kingdom" to "England, London".

Apple will probably get a few bug reports about this one because the current behaviour is far from being intuitive.
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