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Use 'Get Info' to change directory permissions System
[Editor's note: See the comments for the solution!]

Try as I might, I just can't get the directory permission concept to stick in my Macified brain. Is there a GUI app out there that can display and edit directory permissions in OSX Final? If not, anybody care to build one?
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USB digital camera and Image Capture app Desktop
I just plugged my Kodak DC260 into a USB socket and switched the camera into "connect" mode. A couple of seconds later the "Image Capture" app fired up automatically to let me download the photos.

Now that's slick.

Dunno if any other cameras are supported yet.
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Sharing files between Macs and PCs with Samba Apps
Samba is a free UNIX program which lets you specify any number of 'shares' which will be visible to PC users on your network. Think of it as a PC/Mac version of Mac OS 9's file sharing. It's a great way to move files back and forth between the two types of machines, and it's actually (somewhat) straightforward to install and configure.

If you're interested in Samba on OS X, read the rest of this article for step-by-step instructions. I wrote it to be as simple to follow as possible, as I had zero UNIX experience the first time I installed it. Please post any questions or comments regarding the installation/configuration process, and I'll try my best to address them.
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Enabling sendmail in OS X final UNIX
'gdif,' who posted the Airport base station emulator page, has put together a little how-to on enabling 'sendmail' in OS X v10.0. You can find the article here:

In addition, there are some other great UNIX tips on that page, including a "renice" command for the Window Manager that may potentially speed up your window redraw. I've added the site to the links section as well.
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Command-click shelf items for new window Desktop
If you command-click on a shelf item (like the HOME folder, if you put it there), OS X will open that folder in a new window.
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Vim editor with syntax highlighting UNIX
I have managed to compile on Mac OS X final the "vim" editor from - version 5.7, but syntax highlighting is working WITHOUT COLORS - syntax elements are highlighted only by "underline" attribute, not by colors. Does anybody know:

a. how to activate colors in vim in Mac OS X?
b. how to run vim as gvim, i.e. in graphical mode?

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Uninstalling a file that modified the apps folder Install
[Editor's note: See the comments for a discussion on how to resolve this issue]

I installed an application that came as a .pkg file. By installing the application it altered something in the application folder where the new application was placed. It locked the folder. And now i'm unable to edit in it. I'm not even able to create new folders in it.
Now i'd like to get trash the installed application but it's locked as everything in that folder. I can open everything in the folder but that's about. For some reason the administrator only gets the "read only" privileges. The application was jCalendar by the way.

I hope someone can help me out.
Thanx Med
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Easter Egg in OS X Desktop
This is totally minor, but you can do the slow motion genie effect that Jobs showed off at the last couple of Macworld keynotes by holding down the shift key while minimizing a window.

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Emulate an Airport Base Station System
"GDIF" has written instructions on how to use your OS X box as a Software Base Station for Airport or ethernet routing.

You can find the page of instructions here:

NOTE: I don't have an Airport, and I have a hardware router, so I have not tested these myself, but they should work as expected...
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Customize the OmniWeb browser nav bar Web Browsers
This probably goes in the category of "How come you didn't know that already?!" but I think it's worthy of a mention. I've started using OmniWeb (as of fc3) as my (nearly) full-time browser, so I'm just starting to learn its subtleties. One thing that bugged me in earlier builds was the layout of the navigation bar.

This morning, by complete accident, I noticed you can move the objects on the bar by dragging them with the "command" key held down -- cool! In addition, as pointed out in the comments, control-click in the nav bar in an empty location, and you'll see a sheet of further customization options. Very impressive!

I now have a layout that I find much more usable. As a general comment, I really like the latest OW, even though it does some not so good things on this page (the "Favorite OS X Apps" box gets muddled pretty badly), and I can't yet use it with my home banking service. It's very fast and stable, and the page rendering is beautiful! They'll be getting a check from me, as I like the idea of supporting Microsoft competition!
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