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Resize open/save dialogs Apps
Hopefully everyone has realized you can resize the Open/Save dialogs in all OS X apps (including Classic, but it's not as useful there). Set the column width view to three or four columns to make navigating the dialogs easier.

What's interesting is that the settings for the Open/Save dialog are saved with each app, so you can (for example) have a wider width on BBedit than you do on I use a three or four column view in most places; this makes navigating much easier.

Thanks to Wilson N. for reminding me about the resize features!
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Fix for Software Update 'Unable to Connect' error System
According to a tip from Macworld, if you get an error about not being able to connect to the Internet when trying to run Software Update (or Sherlock or Mac Help), you should first open a browser and point it to Once you've done this, you should be able to run your update (or Sherlock or Mac Help).

Apparently it's related to an error in certain DNS servers (must include mine, as I've seen this error on occasion).

This hint courtesy of Mac911
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Mega-large desktop icons! Desktop
Not sure how I missed this one, but MacAddict published a hack to change the maximum desktop icon size - check it out; they have a pretty funny screen shot! So if 128 pixels simply isn't big enough for you, edit:


Find the DesktopView Options section, and then the IconSize key; below that is a single number; replace it with something much larger and save your changes. Logout/login to see the effects ... the MacAddict article has much greater detail, so check it out!
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OmniWeb and IE favorites import - caution! Web Browsers
Tonight I decided to import my IE favorites into OmniWeb 4.0 (final candidate 1). The import went smoothly; much better than it had in previous beta builds. All the folder structures were recognized and everything went into the proper spot.

However, when I relaunched IE, I found that my favorites had been 'flattened'. All the folders were really folders, not bookmark folders, which meant that the structure was seriously messed up. I've written OmniWeb letting them know there seems to be a problem, but in the interim, you might want to back up your IE preferences before you import them into OmniWeb. They're located in /Users/username/Library/Preferences/Explorer/Favorites.html. One complication on my end that may have caused the problem is the fact that I use an alias in that location which points to my favorites on my OS 9 disk.

I recreated the structure by opening the now-flattened file (using IE's File->Open), and then dragging each link into a new bookmark folder that matched my old structure. Took a while, but everything's back to normal now.

Moral of the story? The obvious one ... back up before you do anything!
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Keyboard application switching Desktop
[Editor's note: I'm certain I published something along these lines before, but I can't seem to find it! Yes, I know, with nearly 500 tips, I need a better indexing system. That's on the ever-growing list of things I'd like to do!]

I haven't read about this anywhere but i have just discovered it.

With multiple apps running in 10.0.2, press and hold command-tab and the dock will appear. Now while still holding command press tab (or shift-tab) and you'll be able to move forward (or backward) through your current running apps.
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Deleting locked files System
So, how many of you reboot into OS 9 just so you can empty the trash when you've got Finder Locked files in there?

How often does rm -rf fail on you with "Operation not permitted"?

You too can work around these problems with the terminal command:

chflags -R nouchg,noschg *

See the Man page for more info.

[Editor's note: I did this after doing a "cd ~/.Trash" in the terminal, to make sure I was in my trash folder. I haven't had the locked file problem, but for those that have, this could be a huge timesaver. If you'd like to see what it does first, put "echo " in front of the command.]
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OS X Benchmarks updated Site News
I have updated the benchmark results for the G4/733 running 10.0.2. I think my system needs a bit of prebinding tweaking, as my application launch times were mostly slower than 10.0.1, which doesn't seem right -- I'll experiment this weekend and see if I can't improve things a bit. Classic, however, is notably faster in task execution and (not benchmarked, but obvious) in application launching. And iTunes ripping speeds have increased from 4-5x on average to 6-7x on average, plus (of course) the burning ability. Overall, I'm quite happy with the update.

I've also added a permanent link to my introductory OS X Guide in the right-hand box, including a version number (currently 1.0). When a new version is uploaded, I'll update the version number in the box; this should make keeping track of updates easier. With any luck, version 1.1 should be out this weekend. I've added quite a bit, and thanks to all who contributed their suggestions!
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Audio CDs not recognized on 10.0.2 System
I've had three separate people report the same problem with Audio CD's following the 10.0.2 and iTunes update. Here's a typical story:

"I just encountered a very strange problem. I inserted an audio cd in my drive under OSX and got a dialog box that said "this disc conatins data unrecognized by OSX" and gave me 3 options...eject (default), initialize and continue.

eject is obvious.
continue makes the cd inacessable (although the tracks show up in the Audio CD player dockling, but it will not play nor eject)
initialize has virtually the same affect as continue only the songs don't appear in the dockling "

If anyone can shed light on this (somewhat widespread?) problem, I'm sure there a number of users who would be quite grateful. My machine has continued to work just fine, so I can't add any personal experience to this issue...
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Open hidden folders from the finder Desktop
If you'd like to occasionally access the hidden UNIX folders from the Finder, it's actually quite simple. There's a tip posted elsewhere here that discusses how to show all the hidden files all the time, but there's also a nice "as needed" tool. Gorgonzola pointed this out to me in an email, and I'd actually never tried it!

Under the Go menu item is "Go to folder", complete with a keyboard shortcut (Command + ~). To get to any of the hidden folders, you just need to know the path to that folder. Remember that OS X uses a "/private" directory for some of the hidden folders, so to go to "/etc", for example, you'd enter /private/etc in the Go To Folder box.

Once you've entered your destination, the Finder will switch and display that folder's contents. This makes it quite easy to use a visual editor on System files, if you combine it with Brian Hill's Pseudo for "su" editing.
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Fix for 10.0.2 'Optimizing' failure System
There have been some reports that the "Optimizing" step of the 10.0.2 update is failing for some people. It starts, but then just sits in the same spot for literally hours. A couple of different spots on the web are now reporting one possible source of trouble - an invisible file from Aladdin Systems. If your optimization fails, try this:

Boot into 9.1, and use Sherlock to find invisible files in the 9.1 System Folder that contain the word "Transaction". You may find one or two files named "Aladdin Transaction Info" or some variation on that name. If you do, delete them. Now reboot into X and try the update again; it should work fine, at least according to the reports I've seen.
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