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Sherlock and the 'Unexpected error' message Apps
On occasion, for no apparent reason, Sherlock will get stuck in an infinite loop of error messages reading "An unexpected error occurred. If you continue to encounter problems, quit and start again." If you click "OK", you get the same error message again and again and again. The only way I found to resolve the problem was to restart.

A new Apple TIL article points out the actual cause and provides a workaround. The error can occur when you have a graphic file on the clipboard. The solution is to copy something else (plain text) to the clipboard before trying to use Sherlock.

I hope we get a better solution than "copy some text first" in the 10.1 release!
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Enabling meta-key Emacs shortcuts in Cocoa apps System
Notice how Cocoa apps actually have emacs bindings? At least on the control-key anyway (try control-A in a text field in OmniWeb). How would you like to have those meta (option) key bindings available as well? It's simple enough to do. Just copy this file to your ~/Library/KeyBindings directory (make one if you don't have it).

For more info check out this page on

[Editor's note: You may wish to visit the page first to make sure of what you're downloading. And if you don't use Emacs and/or like their keyboard-editing shortcuts, then you probably won't be interested in this hack all that much!]

[Submitted by semios on Thu Jul 26.]
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Fun with the UNIX command interpreter UNIX
This is probably one of the oldest ones in the book, but for the new UNIX users out a terminal and type "Bill Gates" (without the quotes) and read the response for OS X's opinion of what you're trying to do.

This friendly advice is due to the shell trying to 'correct' what it thought you might have typed incorrectly. There are probably hundreds of others like this, but this one seems to get the most notoriety, for obvious reasons.

[Submited by macgeek007 on Thu Jul 26.]
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Open new Explorer windows through Sherlock Apps
I'm not sure if this feature was also available in Mac OS 9, but when you doubleclick on a search result from the internet in Sherlock with the command key pressed, Explorer will open a new window instead of loading the page in the frontmost window.

[Editor: Yes, it was also available in OS 9, but it's still a good tip! If you use OmniWeb instead of IE, this is the default behavior. Submitted by marcelv on Wed Jul 25]

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Resolving generic folder issues System
[Editor: Submitted by 'nikon' last week]

If you ever get generic folders in the dock and filesystem, there are three things that normally cause this:
  1. Corrupted prefs.
  2. Corrupted NetInfo database.
  3. No privilieges on home folder.
For a solution to the generic folder problem, read the rest of the article.
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Making movies with Snapz Pro for OS X Desktop
In case you missed it, Snapz Pro for OS X has been released by Ambrosia Software.

If you don't own an LCD monitor and a video camera and have been looking for a way to make OS X movies, Snapz Pro is one solution. Making movies is quite straightforward - after installing the software (no restart required, of course), hitting shift-command-3 will activate Snapz Pro from any application.

Once activated, simply click on the large MOVIE button, and then move the highlighted area to the portion of the screen you'd like to film. Drag the corners to expand or shrink the area to be filmed. You can also set a 'camera type' and target FPS in the bottom of the dialog box prior to starting.

Once you're ready to film, double-click inside the region. You'll hear "Action!" and your mouse actions are now being recorded. When you're done, hit shift-command-3 again and you'll hear "That's a wrap!" and recording will cease. Set the quality level you desire and save your QuickTime movie (by default, it goes in your Pictures directory).

Although the frame rates for large screen movies will not match what you can achieve with a separate video camera and LCD monitor, Snapz Pro does an admirable job with a heck of a lot less effort.

In addition, Snapz Pro makes taking pictures of the entire screen, a region of the screen, or (very cool) objects on the screen completely trivial. Ambrosia has written a very solid OS X application, and they'll be getting my shareware fee shortly!
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Solution for CD/DMG mounting problems! System
Eric Poelzl found the solution for those of us that can't mount CDs or DMG files. He has posted it in Apple Discussions. Open NetInfo Manager (in Applications/Utiltiies) and see if there is a Unknown User (click on 'Users' in the Directory Browser area). If not, you have to add it back in. Create a new entry with the following settings:

realname: Unknown User
expire: 0
name: unknown
uid: 99
passwd: *
home: /dev/null
change: 0
shell: /dev/null
gid: 99

Save your changes and you should be able to mount your CD's and DMG files again.

[Editor's note: I have not tried this myself, and be careful working in NetInfo; if you mess something up, you could make your system unusable.]
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Enable 'Change Application' button Desktop
If you go to change the default application to launch a file with a specific filename extension, say ".jpg", and you find that the "Change Application" button is disabled, you can fix this from the terminal as follows.

Note: you'll need the developer tools installed.

Let's say you have a directory of .jpg files that you want to fix.
cd my_jpeg_directory
foreach filename (*.jpg)
/Developer/Tools/SetFile -c "" $filename
This removes the "Creator" attribute from the file and this enables the "Change Application" button in the Finder's "Show Info" panel (command-I). To fix just one file use...
/Developer/Tools/SetFile -c "" filename
[Editor's note: There are also GUI apps that can delete creator codes; check macosxapps or versiontracker and search on 'creator']
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Setting up OSX - An instruction list Install
I have been using OS X from the moment it was in beta and have acquired quite a bit of experience dealing with the many intricacies of this multifaceted operating system. Recently, I had to do a complete reinstall after a hard drive failure. I grabbed this opportunity (always look at the bright side...) to set up a quick "from OS X to custom geek toy" list. A step-by-step walkthrough is given at:

Thought this might be useful to y'all.

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Synch iTunes between OS X and OS 9 Apps
To synchronize your playlists between iTunes for OS X and OS 9, simply replace the OS 9 iTunes library file (found on your OS 9 drive, /Documents/iTunes/iTunes Music Library) with an alias pointing to your OS X iTunes library (/Users/yourname/Documents/iTunes/iTunes Music Library).

[Editor's note: I accomplished the same result by going to the "Advanced" tab in preferences and setting the "Music Folder Location" to point to the same spot in both iTunes X and iTunes 9.]
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