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Access your OS X box from anywhere Network
If you want to access your OS X computer from remote locations, you've probably encountered some of the same frustrations I did in easily connecting from anywhere. I've tracked down Java software that allows (more or less) secure, easy access from any computer with a web browser.

The built-in SSH server, and the VNC server compiled for OS X, are invaluable tools for complete remote control, but have a weakness: both require specialized client software at your remote location, which is difficult to find at a typical internet cafe, corporate, or educational computer.

Fortunately, smart people have written Java SSH, VNC, and FTP clients: so read the rest for my advice on setting up your built-in Apache server for full remote access.
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Compiling snort for OS X UNIX
It may just be paranoia, but I've ahd a rash of anon FTP and other attempts on my systems here after the attack. I've got Brickhouse installed (still new to the use of it) but I wanted to add in some alert security.

SNORT ( is highly recommended from what I hear, but I'm having some trouble getting it to work. I've installed the devTools have tried to compile it (after chaninging the HOST info to "localhost" in the configure file) but I'm getting a make error after the compile...

Read the rest of the article for the error output if you think you can help debug this issue...
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There's more important news... Desktop
Although some of America's icons may have been damaged in the terrorist attack of September 11th, our spirit is intact, as shown in this photo by Thomas E. Franklin (AP Photo/The Record). My thoughts go out to all those directly impacted by this tragedy, and to those working in critical public service roles -- firefighters, police officers, doctors and nurses, volunteers, etc. May you all be safe and successful with your respective assisgnments. has set up a Red Cross Donation Page, and they are waiving ALL their fees and giving 100% of the funds to the Red Cross. So far, they've collected in excess of $1,000,000. This is but one small way you can help with the relief efforts, even if you're not local to the affected areas.

In the now-trivial category of site-related information, I have emptied out the 'pending' queue from the last 36 hours. Due to a bug in Geeklog, these will not show as "new articles", but there is new stuff posted. Make sure you read the rest of the home page for all the new stories. After today, I will be out of town through Sunday evening without web access, which means that site updates will not return to a normal schedule until Monday the 17th.

Take care and be safe, and please, donate what you can (blood, money, supplies, time, thoughts) to help those who have been affected by the events of September 11th.

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Fast scroll text windows Apps
this might not be new to OS X, and/or this might be common knowledge - but it suprised the heck out of me... holding down the OPTION key while scrolling through a text window speeds up the scroll considerably (tested in BBEdit + TextEdit). great for code or getting through logs...

[Editor: I'm not sure when this was added, but it was news to me, too! Thanks for the tip, Anonymous!]
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Integrating OS X with LDAP server Network
Is there any way to have OS X or OS X server import user directory imformation from a windows 2000 LDAP server. If so, how in the world is it done?

It would be wonderful to have mac log in with the same usernames and passwords as the pee cee's. I have seen many people asking about the same issue in the apple support pages but no one answers.

What information do I get from active directory? As far as I know it involves having a format like the one in OS X in the LDAP server. Or the other way around I just don't know what.

I have tried to read everything possible and I have heard that this is supposed to work. But I can't no matter what I try.
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Another way to see hidden folders in the Finder System
Did you ever get annoyed when you cannot see the same files in the GUI as you do in terminal. Here is a quick and easy fix to enable just those folders you would like to see. Tools such as TinkerTool let you turn on all invisibles, but this method enables each folder on a case by case basis.

Read the rest of the article for step-by-step directions.
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Another method of changing your hostname UNIX
We all know you can change the host name in OS X through /etc/hostconfig, but that can have problems, such as Apache not working right.

In the Terminal type:
% sudo open -a /Applications/ /usr/share/init/tcsh/rc
In TextEdit look for a line:
set host = `hostname`
change `hostname` to anything you like:
set host = "Big Papa"
There you go, new host name without the hassle of hostconfig.

[Editor: I have not tested this myself, but the rc file does contain the hostname reference. I don't know the implications of changing it here versus editing hostconfig or using NetInfo Manager...anyone have any thoughts?]
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Enabling the root user TIL article System
Further to the existing posting about enabling the root user (three ways to enable the root user) Apple has posted an updated Netinfo manager method on the KnowledgeBase (you know, I much preferred the term TIL). It is Article # 106290.


[Editor: I tried to get a URL for pasting here, but the newfangled KnowledgeBase appears to be having technical difficulties. I don't know what this article discusses, but it's probably worth a read if you use your root account.]
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Help with CVS on new machine UNIX
I've just bought my new PowerBook G4, throwing away the corporate Intel machine. Working with CVS on my old machine I wanted to continue doing so with my Mac, but... CVS isn't there?

And even if it is there, is it possible to use my old keys, since I use ssh to authenticate, in an easy way?

Or would I have to go back to my Wintel§ on which everything works just fine?

Thankful for any responses.

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Unlock locked files from the terminal UNIX
In response to a newsgroup request for a way to unlock files from the command line I wrote this script. Note that it uses developer tools SetFile and GetFileInfo (so you'll need the Dev Tools installed for this to work).

Read the rest of the article for the cut-and-paste script and instructions.
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