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GUI-based SSH1/2 client for OSX UNIX
For a while now I've been hoping someone would come out with a GUI-based SSH terminal app for OSX. MacSSH and NiftyTerm actually seem to work just fine under Classic, but I was hoping for a native solution to turn up. Naturally one can always open shell and start the default OpenSSH client. It's slightly cumbersome but I guess if you're doing remote terminal logins in the first place, you're not exactly adverse to extra typing. =-) Additionally, someone here posted a great hint about making Finder-launchable SSH shell login scripts.

Anyway, there's been a Java-based SSH app out there called Mindterm. I never thought to give it a try until now. The company's webpage states that it's free for non-commercial use and while they don't explicitly say so, I found it runs fine under Mac OSX.

The only hitch is that after you uncompress the archive, you have to launch it from the shell with:
java -jar mindterm.jar
If someone who knows more about Java could figure out a way to launch it from the Finder, that would be great. (The Applet Launcher didn't seem to work)

The program is a bit flaky here and there (the built-in SFTP client stalled whenever I attempted a transfer) but it is useable and seems support the full range of ciphers and authentications usually associated with SSH1&2.
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Check the Apache logs for Nimda worm attacks Network
I realize that readers might be getting tired of the pipe-related tricks, but here's a quick one that may be of use to anyone running a webserver from OSX. As you realize, the Net is in for yet another round of annoyance with the introduction of the nimda worm. Like its CodeRed predecessors, it primarily targets Microsoft IIS servers, not Apache which is installed by default with OSX. While Apache is immune to this PARTICULAR attack**, it is still affected by the fact that an infected Windows system will launch hundreds of attempts to find other vulnerable systems, thereby creating a denial-of-service situation across the Internet.

Anyhow, if you do serve HTTP from your OSX box, here's a quick way to check if a nimda-infected system has contacted yours:
grep -i "_vti_bin" /var/log/httpd/access_log* | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | sort | uniq
to show all the unique IPs of infected systems. Or you could add:
| wc -l
to the end of the above command to just see the total number of different attempts made.

** A gentle reminder that choosing the Mac as our platform doesn't inherently make us more secure from net attacks and exploits -- it's just the fact that more people are using Windows at this time, so that's where most of the blackhats turn their attention towards.
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Installing OS X on Beige G3 Install
It's been alluded to, but never said outright. I'm hoping to save someone some time. When installing OS X on a PowerMac G3 All-in-one, make sure that your first partiton on the hard drive is no larger than 8gb. If it is larger, you won't be able to install OS X. I could actually boot from the OS X CD, but when it came time to choose the hard drive, it would not let me select the drive. I partitioned my 12gb hard drive into two partions, the first at 8gb, the second at 4gb, and VOILA, things worked great. Computer is not too bad for performance.

I spent almost 4 hours figuring this out, so I hope it saves someone some time.

[Editor: Although Apple has a technote on this, it's not entirely clear that OS X must not only reside on a partition that's on the first 8gb of the drive, but that the partition itself must be no larger than 8gb. There are some other tips here for dealing with early G3's; search on "Beige G3" for a couple of different articles...]
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10.1 upgrade preparation System
Once I get my hands on 10.1 I want to re-install to correct some poor partitioning etc.

Does any one know how I can take applications and data across from a backup.

My main concern is to bring across my mail from

What type of preparation work would you suggest and what would be the smallest partition you recommend for 9.2 as I do not particularly need classic apps anymore.

I have a TiPB400 with 20GB HD.

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Mozilla 0.9.4 released Web Browsers
Although this is somewhat old news, I finally got around to downloading and installing the latest Mozilla build (0.9.4) for OS X. Overall, it's a very nice browser. They took care of my biggest complaint about prior releases -- the ability to shrink or grow the text on the page. There are some nice touches, too, like a contextual menu item for "Block images from this host" and the downloadable themes (I'm partial to modern right now, but there's also an "Aqua" available).

There's still a bug that makes Mozilla basically unusable for those on dual processor machines, but the good news is that the bugzilla bug tracking site shows that there is a patch ready for final test and incorporation into the build cycle -- so it shouldn't be too long before Mozilla works just fine on dual processor machines.

It's not perfect, but it renders pages quiclkly and accurately, and seems quite stable in my usage so far. Visit and download the 0.9.4 build if you want to check it out.
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Help with mod_mp3 streaming server UNIX
I have recently tried setting up a MP3 server using mod_mp3, but so far have had trouble streaming my files.

If anyone who has had experience setting this up could please share there experiences and httpd.conf directives, that would be great.
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Multihoming for mulitple network connections Network
I had a devil of a time getting my DSL, LAN, and LW 16/600 to work together on OS 10.0.4. Finally today, thanks to one of the geniuses at the VA Apple store, I have it all working and I thought I would pass along what I did for those suffering the same agony.

Read the rest if you'd like to learn how to have one device (Ethernet) configured to use multiple protocols at the same time...
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New tips and final thoughts on last week... Site News
I've posted a hint and a few help requests which came in over the weekend, and you may have noticed that the stock quote has been replaced with donation information for the Red Cross. This is the only lasting change you'll notice on the site regarding the events of last week, but I will be leaving it up for the forseeable future as a reminder of what has happened and the continuing need for assistance.

As for the comments regarding the picture I posted earlier...first, the photographer (Thomas E. Franklin) is on staff of The Record, and they have a larger image available, although it is still low-res. For higher resolution versions, you'd probably have to contact the paper directly.

As for the comment that political statements of any sort do not belong on this site, and that the image of the American flag being raised in the debris was, in fact, a staged political image ... the image is not staged. Read Thomas Franklin's first-person account of the image capture for yourself, but it was not a 'set shot' of any kind. Second, I am an American citizen, and that particular image grabbed at my heart strings and captured the essence of the American spirit. Yes, I'm aware of the relative importance of thinking globally and non-regionally, but there's no denying my heritage nor my feelings about the events of September 11th. I'm sorry if anyone found the image to be political, but I do not regret deciding to publish it.

Finally, this is not a political site, nor do I have any desire for it to become one, which is why I'm getting back to the business of posting hints and tips on using Mac OS X, while keeping the victims and their relatives in my thoughts. 10.1 is due out shortly, and with it, a whole slate of new and interesting things to work with ... watch this space for new hints and how-to's once 10.1 hits the streets!

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[2,749 views]  View Printable Version and SSH or SSH2 Apps
I am using an AirPort network at home, and want to use a more secure way of sending mail. My mail server accepts connections over SSH, SSH2, TSL and SSL, but I can't find a way to configure to use these protocols.

Does anyone have an idea on how to accomplish a change of protocols in Or is this something that is best done in NetInfo Manager? I'd rather not remap the ports, since I have more than one mail account on different servers, and not all of them accept the secure protocols...
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How to uninstall UNIX packages UNIX
I was having problems with XFree86, where a window manager i installed caused the whole thing to go kablooey and I wanted to un-install it. After reading this site, I found that the standard way of uninstalling doesnt work because of a bug in the installer. Well, I got the installer to list the files that the .pkg included, and I saved it to a text file. I then opened it up and found that besides the first line of the document, every line contained the name of one file and its path.

Now, while I dont know UNIX or scripting, I do know that there are enough smart people out there to figure out how to write something that will take this file listing and delete them all....Maybe a piped rm thing or something? Any thoughts?

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