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Authored by: Akira on May 19, '08 12:50:02PM

Why would you need another app when almost every power-user has Quicksilver installed?
I often use Quicksilver for mailing and calling contacts.

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Quicksilver/address book plugin
Authored by: Anonymous on May 19, '08 03:38:05PM

Exactly. Install the Quicksilver address book plugin, then:

bring up quicksilver and type "adres" or something (select "Address Book), and right-arrow.
Then you can select a contact, see all stored information (emails/phone numbers etc), right-arrow into a phone-number and you can copy it, display it as huge text on screen, send it in an email, send it to iCal etc

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Quicksilver/address book plugin
Authored by: jcteo on May 19, '08 05:12:32PM
What you described actually sounds like an argument FOR TapDex. :-)

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore Quicksilver and cannot imagine using a Mac without it. Even though I am the author of TapDex, if I have to pick one, I would pick Quicksilver over TapDex (luckily there's no reason I can't have both!).

I use Quicksilver hundreds of times a day, but I don't use it to access my contacts. Following the steps you described, it takes me 14 keystrokes to reach my contact "Melissa". Using TapDex, I am there is 4 keystrokes and there's no need to pause, look at a list and select "Address Book" using the arrow key and then pause again to see if the search string "mel" actually lands me on that contact.

Spotlight finds everything on your Mac, so why do we use Quicksilver to launch apps instead of Spotlight? Because it's made for that purpose and does it better than Spotlight. Similarly, TapDex is made for Address Book contacts and does that better than Quicksilver.

TapDex is not for everyone, but if you look up contacts often enough, do give it a try.

-Jay Teo

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Quicksilver/address book plugin
Authored by: Sevan on May 20, '08 01:45:37AM

I don't know how you use Quicksilver to reach your Address Book's contacts but I need way less keystrokes to reach mine. I'd say 5 or 6 max. And even if Quicksilver wasn't done only to access contacts' information, it's plugin is more powerfull than TapDex IMHO. For example: in TapDex, are you able to select a file in the finder than press a keystroke, find a contact, open an e-mail message in with the previously selected file attached, the subject line and the message pre-formatted? Or even send the mail directly from TapDex?

Well I use Quicksilver to do that about 10 times a day and it saves me so much time! BTW Quicksilver isn't -just- an Application launcher...

I didn't try TapDex, but if it does what I described it may be more suited for the job than Quicksilver. :-)

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Authored by: SeanAhern on May 20, '08 12:30:30PM

14 keystrokes??! I can't think of anything in Quicksilver that takes that many keys.

I hope you know that Quicksilver adjusts to your abbreviations. Getting access to "Mellissa" should be no more than 3, maybe 4, in general. For example, getting access to Address Book is "AB" for me. Getting access to, say, Mark Miller, is "MM". Less frequent people, like, say, Mike Akridge, is "MIA". Always seek to reduce the number of keystrokes you use.

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