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Authored by: giulio on Apr 23, '08 07:04:35AM

As a web developer, I know most of the problems that most of web browsers have. I cannot believe how many people like Safari over Firefox. It just drives me nuts sometimes thinking about it.
The world was so upset with Microsoft building a web page rendering engine into the OS. Well, what do we think WebKit is? Safari is just a front end. Another reason I like Firefox better - it's the underdog and it's performance is amazing - and moreso because of the fact that it is being compared to an OS-integrated rendering engine.

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Authored by: PopMcGee on Apr 23, '08 07:12:19AM

giulio, I voted for Safari and I can't see what's wrong with it. Webkit is open source, leading is standards-compliance. Plus most other browsers, including Firefox, just have worse usability. I sometimes use Firefox, but the amount of bad design and just simply bugs always turn me away from it again. Just my 2 cents.

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Authored by: deviantintegral on Apr 23, '08 08:23:00AM

If IE had followed specs and been open source, it wouldn't have garnered most of the criticism of it's integration into the OS. Also, when was the last time an Apple app didn't respect the system default browser? There are still quite a few MS apps which force the use of IE for links and such.


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Authored by: nofutureuk on Apr 23, '08 09:46:59AM

stop talking nonsense.

webkit is a package on its own that is open-source and can be re-used properly within different platforms/operating systems/programs. It is not OS-integrated in any way. It's just like any other .pkg in OS X.

the ff rendering engine on the other hand never made it into an easily re-usable package on its own, which is why it isn't actually very popular these days amongst open-source developers.

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Yes it is...
Authored by: S on Apr 23, '08 10:20:04AM

WebKit is a separate package, but it is also OS-integrated. OS X uses WebKit as it's engine for everything from Help Viewer to Safari, possibly Software Update as well. I imagine WebKit could be replaced within OS X, but I don't know why I'd want to.
OS X relies on the presence of the engine for certain functions, but not the other way round.

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About Microsoft...
Authored by: S on Apr 23, '08 10:15:56AM

Microsoft didn't deserve the trouble it got from building IE into Windows. What it deserved was a heck of a lot more trouble than it got for building Windows into IE.

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Authored by: S on Apr 29, '08 09:17:10AM
Firefox is the underdog? Compared to what? Safari?

Anyway, as I mentioned below, I find I use so many standard OS X services that FF is unusable... if it was a proper application, I might use it.

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