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Authored by: leenoble_uk on Jul 26, '02 04:08:01AM

You could meticulously scour the fake user's library and lock any preferences as root to stop things being tampered with. Set the login items to start stickies. Or write an applescript which displays an alert on bootup about the computer being in the wrong hands.
What would you do with Stick it on an encrypted disk image?
Or how about writing a shell script for the fake user and setting it up as the first thing to do when a terminal window is opened; "exit".
Or do you think the warning thing will just encourage them to wipe the drive?
If we combine a bunch of tips together...
Use NetInfo manager to hide your regular account at the login screen.
Only have the fake user and "Other" as accounts on that screen.
Set up your account with crons running at various times running traceroutes and suchlike and emailing them to yourself [admittedly I haven't looked into this very far yet and I've never got sendmail working yet, presumably because I don't have DNS although I've downloaded a tutorial on DNS setting up and will do this after Jagwire has been installed].
Severely limit the fake user's account so they have no access to folders you don't want them too.
{what's the deal here, can you set up a new group to block access to things like the /Users folder or something? Ideally we don't want them even knowing there are other accounts on the machine. Would chmod o-x stop them opening the /Users folder?
Let them have free reign to connect to the internet. Help them by having a network location which is a dialup account useable from anywhere (and label it clearly)
You could even stick aliases on the desktop for Mail and Explorer or whatever and stick like a tutorial background picture pointing to things to encourage their use (or am I taking it too far now).
Configure their preferences how YOU want them and lock any changes out.
Set the terminal to logout every time [if it's possible] using one of the .files in the home directory.
Stop them seeing other accounts if possible.

Any other ideas?

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Authored by: Hes Nikke on Jul 26, '02 07:37:15AM
i wrote a simple C++ program and set my locked down account to ues that for it's shell :D here is the source code:
#include using namespace std; int main () { cout << "i'm sorry, you don't have shell access. Have a Nice Day" << endl; return 0; }

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Authored by: Hes Nikke on Jul 26, '02 07:40:05AM
the HTML deleted the include tag... here it is fixed:
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main () { cout << "i'm sorry, you don't have shell access. have a nice day." << endl; return 0; }

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