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So does this really work?
Authored by: sublinear on Jul 12, '02 02:53:06PM

I was just thinking of buying a new Radeon to play Warcraft 3 with (and to better OS X.2 when it comes out) but I'm afraid this... sounds... fishy...

Do y'all still think this 'hack' will work in say, 10.2.1, 10.3, etc.? It may be worth the extra cash just to buy a Radeon that ~will always work~...

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Driver Update Link is wrong.
Authored by: klmay65 on Jul 12, '02 03:24:31PM

The link above for the nVidia update is wrong. It goes to the 3.0 update which does not have the Flasher in it. You need the 2.1.1 update.

The link at "" is correct.

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....YES it does.
Authored by: kerouassady on Jul 13, '02 11:40:40AM

The whole reason this works is that you are taking an card manufactured to Nvidia's specs and replacing the ROM on it with one that goes on an Apple manufactured Nvidia card. As far as the OS and Mac are concerned at that point, its an Apple Nvidia card. This is a pretty old, tested thing to do. People on XLR8yourmac have been doing it for a year and a half, pretty much since Apple first switched from ATI to Nvidia for their video cards. In fact, Visiontek is the company that makes the cards for Apple. The only way they would stop working is if Apple decided to switch video card chipsets (back to ATI or to Matrox or someone as yet unknown) and no longer support their own older cards. Considering they still support ATI Rage Pros and will continue to do so (even though Quartz Extreme will not work, you can still use your card), I seriously doubt any situation as described above would happen. The PC and Mac ATI/Nvidia cards are using exactly the same chipset and are manufactured pretty much the same way with only minor differences (fan/heatsink, SDRAM/DDR, DVI or no) so the only thing that makes them different is the software used to run it and the firmware on the ROM chip.

It may take some experimentation and some research to pick the right card to buy and do it right, but, as I've posted the relevant links, its not really that hard. You take some chances when you do this but paying $60 for a card from Visiontek as opposed to $270 for a card from Apple from Visiontek is worth a little extra work to me.

This is pretty old hat, people. This is not new information. Its been done and verified a dozen times over and I actually can't believe most of you people aren't aware of it.

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Maybe Not
Authored by: jasonxz on Jul 15, '02 01:13:02AM

I bought a Pine Excalibur GeForce2 MX400 64MB, and after flashing it per the instructions, the card did not fully work; I could boot into 9.2, but there were a lot of screen artifacts, which made it fairly unusuable. Interestingly, in the Apple System Profiler, the card's ROM version was 1028F - not 1045 like in the article.

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Maybe Not
Authored by: Gwyrrdin on Jul 15, '02 03:22:01PM

Did the screen turn black for 5-10 seconds?
If so..the card was flashed...if not the card wasn't...

You could also try after running the applescript to run the 2.1.1 updater itself...

Otherwise feel free to email me....

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Maybe Not
Authored by: jasonxz on Jul 15, '02 05:31:14PM

When I ran the Applescript, the screen did not turn black - so I guess it never was completely flashed. I tried the 2.1.1 updater, but it returned the error "this program cannot run on your computer." I don't understand why the Applescript refused to completely flash my card because I even checked the syntax. Perhaps the chipset is somehow different the one Apple uses?

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Maybe Not
Authored by: Ledrage on Jul 19, '02 01:15:02PM

I had exactly the same outcome. My screen also did not go black, but Profiler shows it to have Mac Rom but with a different rom number 1027F I think. Same garbage screen etc. Any tips would be appreciated.

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Maybe Not
Authored by: p4m on Sep 04, '02 05:22:10AM

I've tried the solutions published at
with two different videocards:
1 Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra 64 (Geforce2 Ultra) and
1 Asus V7100M-LP/32M( T ) (Geforce2 MX 32)
on a PowerMac G4 'sawtooth' 400 mHz
and when I ran the Applescript the screen did not turn black
so I think that I've flashed no cards
Have you found a solution that work in the meantime?

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Maybe Not
Authored by: kadams9181 on Sep 15, '02 12:55:57PM

No I've not been able to get it to work either. But I checked the AppleScript dictionary for 'AENV MacFlash [1045-MRS]' and the command 'FlashRom' and one of the results (which I get) is '4200: generic error.' Any AppleScript gurus out there who know what that means and how to fix it?

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