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Eject a stuck CD/DVD from a MacBook Pro SuperDrive | sleep then wake
Authored by: zahadum on Oct 13, '07 10:49:23PM

another approach:

* put the laptop to sleep
* let the drive STOP all access to the disc (listen for whirring sounds)
* wake-up the laptop

the eject key should now work.

my circumstance: a D/L disc burned on a pc had a couple of files (when launched) that would cause the dvd drive to grind (endlessly) -- any & all access to machine it would be impossible!

this disc failed on the internal (apple oem) dvd drive drive of TWO different macs - on both a powerpc mini as well as a intel C2D macbook! ...

yet the same (PC burned) disc caused NO such problem when plyaed back from an *external* dvd drive that was _not_ ASAS! (apple shipped/supported) ... in this case, the external dvd drive is an LG GSA-H10N (which otherwise is a totally USELESS drive on a mac becuase it cant burn S/L or D/L ±R ... but strangely the H10N *can* burn +RW eraseables but not -RW eraseables (firmware JL10).

this is a weird example of where 'pc' media will work on a pc harware connected to a mac without a driver! (patchburn doesnt really work on tiger anymore) but will NOT work on mac hardware! (apple oem drives).

Anyways, the sleep/wake seems to decouple the i/o arbitration framework in osx --- which underscores the magnitude of apple's oversight viz not having created any user-based (but low-level) system command to disconnect a device ... or more precisely, a user-level command to OVER-RIDE the "protection" apple (forcibly) offers to users from "accidently" making hardware "errors".

Hopefully, the driver architectute in Leopard cleans up all the crazy anomolies like this - ie incomplete enmeration of use-cases (of course these ever-gowing loose threads represent the price appple pays for not using UML for design and SDL for testing!).

mailto:osxinfo _at_

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Eject a stuck CD/DVD from a MacBook Pro SuperDrive | sleep then wake
Authored by: kipz0r on Sep 12, '10 02:49:05AM

Yet another approach.

Really Short version:
Mount the CD manually, unmount the CD manually, press eject button.

Short version:
open terminal
sudo mkdir /Volumes/CDROM
sudo mount -r -t cd9660 /dev/disk4 /Volumes/CDROM
sudo umount /Volumes/CDROM
press eject button.
Please note: for me my cd is /dev/disk4, for you it could be something else. oh, don't try to mount the s1 or s2 after Disk1/2/3/4 etc. It just won't mount :)
Please note 2: if this doesn't work, you can also try to eject the cd/dvd via the 'drag to bin' way in between the mount and umount commands.

Long version:
I have since a week a macbook pro and found out that my superdrive liked to keep my dvd. I first tried to press eject, but after 17 times or so I gave up doing that.
First I looked here, and tried the '10 minute' approach. I gave up after 2 minutes.
As I have some experience with linux, I wanted to mount the drive manually to see if I could drag it to the bin to eject, I mounted it manually, dragged it to the bin, got the message 'drive is in use, force eject?' I clicked on force eject, osx said nicely 'cd ejected' and nothing happened.
Then I unmounted the drive manually and saw that the link on my desktop was gone, I tried ejecting via the keyboard once more and voila: Stuck DVD unstucked!

Hope this helps.


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