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Goodbye For Now
Authored by: tatilsever on Oct 05, '07 05:04:41PM

Don't worry about it Kirk. Some people like to live in denial. If you mess with their delusions, they try to shout you down. There is no reasoning with them, so why worry about them. I enjoyed your reminder that I could save a little electricity and money.

No, I don't bother turning off my router and base station at night, but I also don't feel the need to wash off my "guilt" by trying to find examples of people who use even more electricity for their AC or of cars using more gas than a random SUV. It is easier to slap a "Support Our Troops" sticker on your hulking SUV than sacrificing even a tiny bit in your lifestyle.

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Goodbye For Now
Authored by: FenrisUlf on Oct 05, '07 10:51:17PM

Or people could simply stop looking down their nose at other's choices, respond to what they aspire to when asked, and keep it to themselves when not asked. Speaking in generalities is fine, but pulling out the "SUV" card and all the other divisive buzzwords is pointless as it is childish. Offering enlightened views on how much better you are at conserving energy is about as useful as crap-flavored ice cream. And pointing the "denial" wand at those who simply disagree or at the most don't care is nothing more than the elitism that creates the rift we have now in the whole energy discussion. It serves no useful purpose to goad people, get their venom and step back in "disbelief" at why they'd be pissed at your statements. Simple as pie...

The "SUV driving energy hogs" aren't interested in you preaching to them any more than when Al Gore does it. Frankly, if an SUV makes you happy... you only go around once. Having a person in a Prius wag their self-righteous finger at you while you drive to the Taco Bell doesn't help anything... (and I'm speaking in the royal "you" here, for those who failed English... substitute "yous" or "y'all" where appropriate.) If you enjoy your electric car, solar powered sail bike, or earth-friendly hemp sandals... good for you. That's the great thing about individuality and freedom.. what's good for you isn't always good for the next guy.

If someone leaves their machine on 24/7... and you don't agree... great. Leave it at that. Making blanket assumptions (and unfounded character judgments) based on a few comments serve no purpose other than to polarize the issue further, and we get even _less_ done than if we had worked together. And yet people still feel like they have to tell _others_ to sacrifice... you first.

And yes, I drive a big truck. So what? It serves a purpose. I can't haul bricks and sand in a Prius. But if I drove it because I liked it, why would that make me evil? (As some like to mention...)

I read Kirk's views on it, and yes... he's pedantic about it. Grand show of it all, I must say. If he (or you, or anyone else) doesn't think so, then the speck in your brother's eye is indeed larger than the log in your own.

Who are you that walk across the graves of giants at this late hour?

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