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This "Good" is the enemy of "Enough"
Authored by: WaltFrench on Oct 05, '07 10:21:06AM you think about the power you waste...?
Howzabout turning those moralizing pieties into some real results?

Let me guess (hard data welcome): My DSL gizmo and WiFi router, between them, use maybe 30 watts, and turning them off 20 hours a day would therefore cut about 4 kWH per week. The latest DOE figures I found ($0.104/kWH) means that I could save about 45 cents per week by making two or four trips down to the basement each day, "earning" less than $2 per hour for the short trips. That's assuming the power cycling doesn't cause my the power supplies to fail sooner or the cords to fray to death, requiring money and energy to produce new ones and recycle the dead ones.

I hope you can serve yourself & the environment more effectively than thru an activity that saves worth one-quarter of the minimum wage rate, by using some elementary social and intellectual skills. The energy / warming issue is too important to trivialize with clutter that gets the world nowhere.

Maybe by organizing a donation drive for your local schools, libraries, non-profits or gov'ts to convert from CRT to flat-screen. Maybe by setting up a campaign to get local companies' IT depts to optimize Energy Star usage on their Windows machines (rather than letting stupid wavy corporate logos burn away 24X7 on hundreds of machines). Maybe in more creative ways. This site is all about creative ideas, no?

But please, don't cite the least efficient activity imaginable as a paragon of efficiency.

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This "Good" is the enemy of "Enough"
Authored by: kirkmc on Oct 05, '07 10:55:30AM

The particular activity was the result of a conversation (well, an iChat) between Rob and I. I raised the question of turning off devices, and asked if he turned off his network access. From there, he suggested I mention it in the hint, then set up the poll. We could have mentioned turning off your Mac insted, though I would assume (or at least hope) that the majority of readers don't leave their Macs on all the time doing nothing. Rob, however, was sure that the majority didn't turn off their network access, hence the poll.

I agree that there are many ways you can save energy beyond turning off your cable/DSL box - more efficient insulation in your home, less AC, lower temperatures in winter, etc. But this was just an example that came up in a conversation. It's a shame that so many poster focused on that as a criticsm rather than address the real question of wasting energy.


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