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Goodbye For Now
Authored by: pub3abn on Oct 05, '07 10:17:33AM

I enjoyed your post. Usually comment-generating (and flame generating) articles are the ones that make people think.

I'm not sure about your figures, though. On your post linked above (to, I wanted to make a comment, but it required a separate registration, so I'll just make it here.

You talk about "gas guzzling SUVs." I hear that phrase so often. I happen to have an SUV (a Jeep Cherokee). And you know what? It gets exactly the same mileage as many of the plain ol' non-SUV cars out there (about 20-some). Even the "energy efficient" cars promoted in magazines often get little more than 25 or so mpg, with a few exceptions such as hybrids that may get 30-50. So please avoid blanket statements about SUVs. Maybe "gas guzzling non-hybrid cars" would be OK. But not everyone can afford them.

Also, in that article you talk about saving "one or two hundred dollars extra" per year. Considering that my electric bill for the year is about $700 (wild guess ... varies between $40 and $80 per month), I doubt that turning off the trickles on devices (many of which have built-in energy saving features) would cut the bill by a third. Maybe your energy costs are much higher. But not everyone stands to gain much by this advice.

Again, why not focus on how people can offset their convenience usage (solar, wind, etc.), rather than doing away with it?

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Goodbye For Now
Authored by: tatilsever on Oct 05, '07 05:07:44PM

My 1.6L engine 4-door non-hybrid Nissan Sentra has a 39mpg EPA highway estimate. An SUV with a similar passanger volume gets almost a third less along with a higher chance of rollover. It does not matter how vainly you try to justify it, SUVs are more wasteful. If it makes you happier to drive an SUV, you are welcome, but in that case why try so hard to show that there are others who are almost as wasteful as you?

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Goodbye For Now
Authored by: pub3abn on Oct 06, '07 08:09:53PM

My point was that SUVs like mine are not worse than many non-SUVs, and therefore the focus on SUVs is misleading; better to focus on actual fuel efficiency. I've been hunting for a more energy efficient vehicle (and still am), but was surprised to learn that many of the vehicles listed as energy efficient by third parties were scarcely better than what I already own.

Here is a government website rating cars by fuel efficiency. If you select the Family Sedan size for the current year 2008, you will see that of the 60-some family sedans listed, only about 5 do significantly better (4 mpg or better) than my Jeep Cherokee SUV. In fact, most of the sedans are in exactly the same range as most of the SUVs. As a matter of fact, there are more SUVs with fuel efficiency >= 25 mpg than family sedans >= 25 mpg.

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