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A little pretentious
Authored by: Lectrick on Oct 04, '07 12:12:49PM

"I feel that this is a huge waste of electricity, hence a cause of pollution."

Am I the only one who is a little offended by this blanket insinuation that I am wasteful and uncaring? First of all, not all of us just use our internet connection to surf the Web, read email and/or play the occasional game. For some of us it is becoming like a utility secondary only to electric power itself. I have a desktop and laptop hooked up to my router and I (as a gaming, music-loving, P2P'ing web developer) often connect to my home machines from elsewhere. Not to mention the Vonage, Skype, all-night downloads of streaming Protonradio etc., or uploads of new mixes to friends, hosting web work for demoing, etc. etc. that I do.

Plus, I have ALL energy-efficient bulbs in my place (that is, 100%), I shut off all lights or A/C when not in use (energy-efficient hi-tech thermostat for scheduling), and I bike EIGHT MILES TO WORK (and back) whenever the weather cooperates.

I even made inquiries to my condo building and town as to whether I could install a Skystream on the roof that would supplement my electric power with wind power. Unfortunately, they declined due to the apparent noise issue (it's not really meant for populated areas apparently... yet), but not before I spent hours researching the feasibility.

SO... I am just a little bit offended at the holier-than-thou tone of outrage.

One good thing to come of this forum is that I will be purchasing the Kill A Watt device. I didn't even know that existed!

In /dev/null, no one can hear you scream

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A little pretentious
Authored by: frgough on Oct 04, '07 12:25:06PM

These things no longer offend me; I've come to expect them from people who make decisions based on emotion and propaganda.

I leave my internet connection on at night and without any pangs of guilt at destroying the planet because I know human beings are incapable of any such act. Those who whine about pollution have never been to a Communist block country.

The days of the Potomac catching fire are over. The problem has been fixed. Unfortunately, there's no power or money in that, so you will be told forever that the next apocalypse is around the corner, and that you must give power and money to the wise and benevolent who are so much better than you and will save you from yourselves. It's the loving mother tyrant shtick and it works remarkably well.

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