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Poll: How Often Do You Turn Off the Power to Your Internet Connection?
Authored by: corsa on Oct 04, '07 09:02:48AM

My Internet connection and iMac are also on 24/7.

Sometimes it is uploading or downloading data, and when I am away, I need remote access to my machine for work reasons.

Also, since OS X is Unix-based, I like to keep it running 24/7 so it does all those nightly/weekly/monthly crons that Unix systems do to keep themselves maintained. Also, I have automated backup scripts that run each night to back data up to external hard drives and to do remote backups for critical data.

I do have the screen set to sleep after 5 minutes, and have all my external hard drives set to spin down when not in use.

Strange thing to: I did this from 1990 to 1999 with my Commodore Amiga 3000; from 1999 to 2005 with my PowerMac G4; and from 2005 to present with my iMac G5, and I've never had a single hardware failure (apart from a floppy drive on the Amiga), hard drive failure, and I've never had to reinstall the OS on any machine. I often wonder if constant powering on and off shortens the life of hardware/hard drives, and not allowing the nightly maintenace to always run on OS's gets those out of whack too.

As far as lights and other things go, I am very adament about shutting off lights, turning off items like the TV or stereo when not in use, etc. It is basically just the computer and Internet that goes 24/7.

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Poll: How Often Do You Turn Off the Power to Your Internet Connection?
Authored by: lar3ry on Oct 04, '07 09:54:16AM
Constant turning on and off raises havoc with ncandescent bulbs and other analog devices, so you have a point there.

However, unless you are powering down your computers with the hard disks spinning, hitting the "off" button does little to affect your hard disks' life because modern design allows them to spin down for Energy Saver reasons (that icon means a LOT for government purchases). In addition, most modern power supplies will absorb any momentary surge that the initial "power on" will put on, unlike the light bulbs previously mentioned.

I, myself, keep my machines powered on for a few reasons:

  • I schedule many maintenance scripts to happen between 2am and 6am, when I'm not likely to be online.
  • I never power down the internet connection, because every time I recycle the cable box, there is a chance that it will be renumbered. I have three domains that I host, not all of them automatically reassign to the new IP address.
  • Biggest reason: I have web pages being served 24/7 that are accessed from all around the world. (And yes, one of the web sites I host is that popular...)

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