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Authored by: psandiford on Jul 04, '07 10:36:41AM

The corporate culture at AT&T does not understand the importance of customer care. They seem fanatical to a flaw about the short term "what is good for the company is good enough for the customer;" they don't understand that, in the long run, customer loyalty is better than company policy. (Especially when the company's policies cause so much customer dissatisfaction)

It seems they thought they could buy Apple's loyal customers, and it may have worked so far, but those customers will bail on AT&T at the first chance unless AT&T changes the very genetic code it is built from.

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Authored by: FenrisUlf on Jul 05, '07 01:47:28PM

Indeed. I hated Cingular's arrogant predatory practices, SBC's insistence on trying to force antiquated phone setups on most of their customers because they didn't want "competition".... and their "award winning" customer service is like a Soviet Gulag, without the scenic view. (And fewest dropped calls? My eye. They obviously haven't been 3 feet outside of any major city...or IN some of them...)

The insistence by Apple on going with AT&T has made the iPhone a no-go for me. Sorry. I don't care if the thing makes toast and predicts the future, when Jobs & Co. chose AT&T, that was the last I cared about the iPhone.

Not that other wireless services are any better, but they could've at least picked a carrier that wasn't actively trying to revive the old monopoly! :)

Who are you that walk across the graves of giants at this late hour?

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Authored by: mpress25 on Jul 06, '07 08:05:05AM

From what I've read, Jobs & Co. went to Verizon first. Verizon turned them down. (Verizon is, afterall, tied to the MSNetwork which tries to inhibit Mac user experience on their websites.)

AT&T was not a first choice.

I am wary about AT&T, but I have to say -- this phone is just too AMAZING!

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Authored by: johnsawyercjs on Aug 02, '07 08:36:19PM

From what I understand, ATT was the only company that allowed Apple near total control over what the iPhone's interface was going to look like. I hope it doesn't turn out that was the only bargaining chip they had to offer.

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