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Whine whine whine
Authored by: ash7 on Jun 08, '07 08:54:18AM

Complain that nobody sells music online, then complain that there's DRM on the file, then complain your name is written on the files when the DRM is removed. If Apple abandons this DRM-free stance, I'm going to blame it on your whiners who complain that the files aren't easy enough to pirate.

You DO know that this information was on your DRMed files beforehand, right? People could associate your name with your email address then too! Why not complain when apps you register online have your name attached to the serial number? Couldn't some "malicious whateverware" steal your serial number and post it on the internet making you look like a pirate? Oh noes! For that matter, maybe you should strip your name and address off of every receipt you get in your email, because, you know, malware could read that and send it out, making you look like a doofus for getting spyware on your computer!

It's far more likely that THAT will happen than somebody writing malware that will try and frame you for piracy. Do you really think somebody would care about your name, email address and some stupid music files when they could get your full billing address and other useful information for stealing your identity that you got e-mailed?

Unbelievable... of course you CAN remove the data, but why blog/write articles about it when all that does is make you look like a whiny pirate?

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Whine whine whine
Authored by: mlsmithjr on Jun 08, '07 04:56:17PM

Bravo ash7! Somebody had to say it.

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Whine whine whine
Authored by: frgough on Jun 11, '07 10:58:24AM

What's hilarious to me is this same person will hand his credit card over to a complete stranger at a restaurant without even batting an eye.

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Whine whine whine
Authored by: bugmenot on Dec 03, '07 05:34:07PM

I think you are forgetting a few things.

First, music and video files are different than other files - they are actually worth stealing by everyone (not just identity thieves). You take your computer into Best Buy and the Geek Squad is going to steal all of your music and videos. If you think other computer repair places are any different, I have news for you...

Once someone has stolen them, they are "in the wild", and the RIAA could come after you if they get ahold of one. (Mental note: create an application that randomly adds the emails of the presidents of the RIAA member companies in place of your own.)

You DO know that this information was on your DRMed files beforehand, right?

But it is completely useless unless decrypted! Who is going to share protected files, and who in the RIAA is going to care if you do?

What's with using the word pirate as if that is a BAD thing, anyway? Yarrrrrrrr.... If you haven't shared all of your music with all of your friends, then you aren't doing your civic duty to bring down big music. They are the Honourable East India Company of the 21st century.

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