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Not that it matters?
Authored by: elasticimp on Apr 19, '07 08:25:07AM
In response to:

"Not that this matters, but, while option clicking a folder in Finder will open it in a new window, this key combo will open the folder in a new window and close the other window. Kinda pointless, right? This also works with sidebar items."

While it is "pointless" when clicking, I differ when you open Apps using the keyboard for navigation.

Example: You're in Finder and want to open an App that's not in your Dock.

1) Command + Shit + A = Opens the Apps Folder.

2) Start typing the name of the App until Finder selects it.

3) Once the App is selected; Command + Option + O

Now you just opened the App and closed the Finder window left behind, all WITHOUT using the mouse. (Of course if you want to leave the window opened you just "command + O instead" and then "command + tab" fast to go back to Finder) A couple of tries and you'll be hooked. It's faster and easier than using the mouse. I do encourage you all to use the keyboard for navigation. In most circumstances it beats the mouse.

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Not that it matters?
Authored by: ecbtln on Apr 19, '07 09:40:55AM

First of all, I noticed, and actually noted that all you have to do is hold option to open the file, or app. (Anything that Finder recognizes as a file). So to make this a keyboard action all you have to do is navigate to the app and do command-option-down(arrow). I find that easier than the O but that works too. Your way makes finder accept it as a folder (because in reality it is), my way is a file. And, if you are talking about not using the mouse, I find it fastest and easiest to do a quick command space to open spotlight, type the first few letters of the app, like you would in the Applications folder, and then command enter.

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Not that it matters?
Authored by: elasticimp on Apr 19, '07 03:23:33PM

Totally true! I never noticed down arrow worked as well. It does kinda makes the "option + command + o" useless. Of course when typing the app name both hands are at the letter keys, so to bring the right hand all the way down to the arrows is more difficult for me, which is different for the option and command keys since they are bigger and closer to the letters and can be pressed with the thumb and ring finger; but the down arrow key is smaller and I can only sucessfully hit it with either the index or middle finger.

I tried the spotlight method for a while, but stopped using it cuz it tends to get slow when lots of apps are running. Plus, I don't always get the app as the Top Hit. Sometimes I'd have to type the whole thing (since spotlight searches all the files), where as with the "o" method you're only looking for files in the app folder.

hmmmm... still wondering why on earth we can't cut > paste. Now that's screwed up.

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