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Describe all Unix apps in current PATH
Authored by: merlyn on Jan 09, '07 08:15:43AM
Oh wait, that's not hella faster, because it still invokes whatis repeatedly (and with a whitespace problem). This is hella faster:

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;

my %commands;
for my $dir (split /:/, $ENV{PATH}) {
  next unless opendir DIR, $dir;
  for my $command (readdir DIR) {
    $commands{$command}++ if -f "$dir/$command" and -x _;

open WHATIS, "-|", "whatis", sort keys %commands or die;
while (<WHATIS>) {
  my ($key, $detail) = split /\s+- / or next;
  next unless $key =~ s/\((1|1m|6|8)\)//g;
  printf "%20s - %s", $key, $detail;

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Describe all Unix apps in current PATH
Authored by: gshenaut on Jan 09, '07 08:57:51AM
Well, formatting helps a little:
echo $PATH \
| sed -e 's/:/ /g' \
| xargs -J % find % -maxdepth 1 \( -type f -or -type l \) \
| xargs basename | sort | uniq \
| xargs whatis 2> /dev/null \
| grep -E '\((1|1m|6|8)\)' \
| perl -ne '($name, $descrip) = m/^(.*?)\s+- (.*)$/; $name =~ s/\((1|1m|6|8)\)//g; printf("%-20s - %s\n", $name, $descrip)'
Greg Shenaut

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Sorry, bash wins.
Authored by: bm on Jan 25, '07 11:46:07PM
That's not faster at all. Even with an added command in bash (see below), 'time' reports:
real    0m44.014s
user    0m11.898s
sys     0m25.316s

real    0m55.462s
user    0m0.302s
sys     0m0.172s
One caveat: that's bash 3.2.9 -- the latest, while perl remains at 5.8.7;
..the bash-code used an additional 'sed' to escape whitespacing in $PATH.

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