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Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 09, '01 01:03:15AM

Um, you didn't get 0wned. Your machine crashed. There is a difference.

This command also crashes my machine. If you're logged in with single user mode, you can kill app, which is producing kernel errors. Why does this happen? I'm not sure. But I think it has something to do with having Mac OS X and 9.1 on the same drive. I tried the command a couple of times modifying the "/" to "/System" or "/Applications" and it never gave me a problem.

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RE: owned?
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 10, '01 09:36:32PM

No offense meant, but I didn't give you enough info to tell if I got "owned" or not.
I am quite aware that there is a difference, and chose to use the term anyway.
Perhaps you could provide a definition so that I will not be so careless in the future?

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RE: owned?
Authored by: ascorbic on Apr 11, '01 09:51:14AM

Saying that someone has been 0wn3d is what self-proclaimed 'l33t h6x0r5' (elite hackers) reckon is a big and clevr way of saying that they've been cracked/hacked. Usually in the form "I 0wn j00 - ur h6x0red - i r000LZ!!!" or something equally lame.

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RE: owned?
Authored by: s8ist on Feb 09, '06 01:18:15PM

In leet-speak, "0wn3d" usually refers to someone being hacked-usually a result of the user's machine being insecure, or the user being ignorant of various security flaws. If he meant to say he was tricked, it makes sense. It may not be used in the context you are used to, but it works for me.

When a language consists of brutally mangled English and various ASCII characters being thrown into the mix, language rules and proper use often take a back seat.

That's why I try not to correct people's Ebonics... That and my face would get 0wn3d.

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