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More help to Windows challenged
Authored by: frodoagogo on Oct 07, '06 09:44:58AM

Thanks for this. it was a great help. Thanks to af_weeks for his extra hints. I thought I'd add some more hints to those of us who are windows challanged to get this done.

1) make sure the PC you use to create this disk has a recordable cd driver. It's difficult for us windows challenged to create a bootable cd from an iso file. Let this program do it's job automatically. if you don't have access to a PC w/recordable cd drive, go to an internet cafe that has one.

2) Create a new folder at the main hard drive level, this could be c: or could be named d: Bart uses d: in all instructions, so if your PC's hard drive is c: you have to change all of Bart's d:'s to c:'s

Skip steps 4,5,&6 of Barts instructions. Virtual PC 7 does have the service pack 2 installed so you can skip the instructions for installing that.

af_weeks advice on creating your own file win51ip.sp2 is great, but remember to name it win51ip.sp2 . If you use wordpad to create it - save it as a text file, then after it's saved, remove the extra .txt part - ie wordpad will name it win51ip.sp2.txt - change the name to win51ip.sp2 (again this file is blank - just a space holder.)

To get to the command level, go to the lower left hand side of the screen on the PC click start and select RUN then type in "CMD" this will bring up the Command level that you can put in the step 8. you must change directories to the bcd file you created. To Change Directories (cd) just type "CD .." to back up one level you can continue this until you reach the root (maybe c: or d:) then you can type "cd bcd" to go down to your file - or simply just type "cd c:" +backslash (- can be created by holding down the ALT key while typing 9 then 2 then release the ALT key) +"bcd" (note: for some reason I can't type backslash here in the post section - cd:/bcd but use a backslash instead of forward slash.

Whew. this is how it worked for me. good luck to everyone else

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More re: VPC and Parallels
Authored by: medmagic on Oct 23, '06 10:54:13AM

New here, and would like to make this even more complicated :-)
I own VPC 5.0 with Windows XP Home. I also own VPC 7.0 upgrade version. I now own a new MacBook Pro. I'd love to be able to use my XP Home via Parallels on this machine. Do I need to do anything different to create the usable XP Home CD? I don't have a PC, but I have a Kinko's down the street that does :-)

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More re: VPC and Parallels
Authored by: morespace54 on Nov 13, '06 01:40:32PM

I'm not (totally) sure but I think you need the XP "Pro" version (instead of the "Home" version), at least for Bootcamp... I don't know for Parallel 'tho...

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More help to Windows challenged
Authored by: IowaMac on Nov 13, '06 04:12:04AM

Can anyone tell me exactly which files end up on the CD? I went through the process in VPC7--everything seemed to be going well, except that VPC couldn't seem to find a recordable device to record the cd. So I simply dragged and dropped the bsd.ios file onto a CD in the Mac Finder. This worked, but bootcamp couldn't load the Windows system with only this file on the CD. Does anyone know what other files are needed?

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