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Try this.
Authored by: serversurfer on May 03, '02 03:22:00PM
I wrote a little script to find your Classic Startup and make required mods. It's called FixClassic.zsh and you can grab it here. Then, in the Terminal cd to your download directory and type
The script will ask you for a sudo (administrator) password. After that you should be good to go! If you have any problems with this, drop me an e-mail and I can write you a script that's slower, but more accurate. (It would use find rather that locate.) Hope this helps.

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Try this.
Authored by: SaintStryfe on May 10, '02 10:20:07PM

Mmm.. I'm getitng "./FixClassic.zsh: Permission Denied" on a graphite iBook I'm working on. Any ideas?


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Authored by: serversurfer on May 11, '02 06:05:52PM
A lot of people seem to be having trouble with ./ lately. (Bug in a recent system update?? Hmm, still works for me, but it have . in my path.) Here's the best work-around I have: cd to the directory where FixClassic.zsh is, then
sudo chmod a+x FixClassic.zsh
sudo cp FixClassic.zsh /usr/local/bin
Post back if this still doesn't work so we can come up with a fix that works for everyone.

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one problem after another...
Authored by: curtechguy on May 23, '02 04:10:46AM

after entering sudo chmod a+x FixClassic.zsh
I see this,
sudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0666, should be 0440
Any clues?? I can still only startup classic user root user.

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one problem after another...
Authored by: serversurfer on May 26, '02 04:04:06AM
Wow. It sounds like your permissions are screwed up all over the place. Did you try to change things so you had read-write privs for everything? Don't fight the system, man. The default permissions are set that way for a reason. If you can't modify a file, you really need to think twice about whether or not you should. Also, recursive chmod's are generally a Bad Idea. If you need to modify an unwritable file, it is usually best to use sudo to modify it and just leave the perms alone. (the superuser, su, can do whatever they like)

This "fix" for this problem is, assuming you have enabled the root account:
you% su

Password: [enter your root password]
root# chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers
root# exit
This will repair the sudoers file so you can use the sudo command and follow the steps in the above post. However, it sounds to me like your system is fscked. (No, I'm not talking about the fsck command.) I would strongly recommend that you re-install. If you can't do a clean install, at least re-install the latest system CD you have over the top of your current install and go through the updates to 10.1.4 again. This should fix all/most of your permission problems, including Classic. Good luck.

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It's finally fixed!
Authored by: freudella on Jun 03, '02 04:04:41PM

\0\05{\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0he post...I had exactly the same problems/error messages after I followed the instructions here ( for setting myself up as superuser. I'm not badmouthing those instructions, however! I'm grateful for all the info, instructions, fixes that everyone contributes. Guess I should learn more about unix commands...

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Try this.
Authored by: weeeze on May 24, '02 12:30:33PM

Tried your fix and anons' neither worked. But there is a nother factor. I'm an Idiot and have no Unix experience. What do you mean by "in the Terminal cd to your download directory"? Also do I have to be in root? My original problem was tring to drop a file on my HD from a .dmg. I had read only priviliges. So I read Poge's manual and opened root changed all files to read and write. When I closed root I couldn't run Classic. Also My Epson C80 no longer works in X 10.1.4

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Try this.
Authored by: weeeze on May 25, '02 03:13:34PM

This is what worked for me. After opening the root account.
comes w/ instructions even an idiot (read me) can follow.

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Stupid me
Authored by: serversurfer on May 26, '02 04:29:52AM

I didn't realize this was you, wheeeze.

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Stupid me
Authored by: weeeze on May 27, '02 01:46:59PM

I'm weeze. just joined last week to fix the privilages problem
which I did. thank to all.

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Try this.
Authored by: serversurfer on May 26, '02 04:27:40AM
Sorry, cd is a shell (Terminal) command to set the currentdirectory. Here's how you use it.

Assuming you downloaded the file to your Desktop (the default location for downloads) in the Terminal you would type:
you% cd /Users/you/Desktop
(you% is the shell prompt. Don't type that.) This will set the current directory (the directory with the "focus") to be your Desktop. All the commands executed after the cd command look for their targets in your Desktop until a new cd is issued. Also, since your Desktop is located in your home directory, you can use a UNIX shortcut to refer to it. The ~ character located just above the [TAB] key is UNIX for "/Users/you". That means,
you% cd ~/Desktop
has the same meaning as the above command.

If this doesn't help and neither does the tutorial, email me and we'll see what we can come up with. (I'll need to know the errors you are getting. Just copy and paste your Terminal session in to the email so I can read it.)

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